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  1. Bren


    Right there Shane. We start at Zenittis beach then follow the track that follows the river Bank all the way to dead mans.
  2. Bren


    Sorry for the delay bud, that would be awesome I’ve already got a couple of the boys together now we have a couple of issues one campers they interfere with our track by camping on some parts of it and there are heaps of them. Two we tend to head out early to bet the heat on track by 8-8:30 latest so we don’t annoy the campers we tend to do the right thing keep everyone happy. But other than that it’s all good.
  3. Bren


    Awesome I’ll have to show you our tight trails . [emoji1360]
  4. Bren


    Hi guys thanks for the add. My names Brennan, live up on the Murray at yarrawonga have a few kids who love riding too. I ride a trusty old Drz 400e. I just saw a little article on MXTV and had to join, have a couple of mates who I will invite as well who love riding and enjoying the bush the right way with their family. Hope to have great convo’s and some awesome rides in the future with you guys. Brennan