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    Geoffro, I’m keen to get one of each.
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    Welcome aboard Abdul. Gerald
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    Welcome aboard Jenko. Catch you on a ride someday perhaps
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    Welcome from one newbie to another. This is such a great sport for you and the kids to do together. Ride safely and perhaps we may meet on a ride someday. Gerald
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    He who dies with the most toys is still dead. It seems a shame to spend all your life collecting crap really.
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    Hi allI understand that it's tradition for new members to introduce themselves via a post so here we go. My name is Gerald, a child of the 60’s, located in North Ringwood. I'm returning to dirt bikes after many, many years of abstinence. I've discovered that being fit isn't quite the same thing as being ride fit, and also I've lost just about every skill I ever had. This means I'm really just a beginner all over again and I'm really enjoying it. A KTM 350 has just taken up residence at my place. Presently I'm focused on getting the hang of the new bike, building ride fitness and maximising the time I spend upright. Riding mid week is of particular interested as it's awesome to have uncrowded riding spots to yourselves. I've just started doing very short bursts at Marginal Road (Tooling State Forest), to run the bike in and get some safe practice. Joining Dirtriderz seemed like a "no-brainer" as I've no mates that ride so I'm short on ride buddies. I'm hoping to join rides and meet people who like to ride just for the pure enjoyment of being able to rider. I like a range of things on the bike, relaxed cruising on a trail, practicing technical stuff, taking in the scenery, and fast trail riding. Gerald
  7. Hi Tanza, I can highly recommend River to Ridge bike hire and guided trail rides. They operate out of Wandiligong which is just near Bright. It’s reasonably inexpensive for a days ride and the trails up there are fantastic. It is however a long drive from Hastings but totally worth it. To find just google River to Ridge. Gerald