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  1. I just bought the Airoh twist for $325.00 replacing an Oneal helmet. A lot lighter and more comfortable. I haven't been on a ride with it yet but I can give you my pros and cons after I use it on a ride
  2. Welcome to the forum. I have been running Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes and have never copped a flat. I was looking into tubliss but haven't had an issue with tubes so I just stuck with them. Only my opinion though. A lot of people out there do run tubliss so you should get some pretty good information on here anyway. Good luck
  3. Big thanks to Gypsy for posting up this ride. It was good to go out and have fun on a beautiful sunny day. Track conditions were perfect. Track selection was even better. My highlight was watching everyone hold there bikes pinned in 3rd up a pretty long and steep hill climb. Also want to thank Buzz for all he's hard work putting tracks in and allowing us to enjoy them [emoji106]
  4. GOUGH'S BAY What a place to ride!!! This was the first time needing to carry fuel for a ride so I knew I was up for a big day. 3 litres of water and 2 litres of fuel and some munchies, backpack was pretty heavy. It was my first time at Goughs bay so didn't really know what to expect. I heard the views were amazing and the tracks were even better. That was spot on. Over looking lake Eildon while on a nice flowy track was the best feeling ever. Hills were endless, declines were steep but yet so enjoyable. The tracks were pretty slippery and I experienced them first hand with a nasty tumble only about 30 minutes into the ride. Jumped back on the bike and had to get concentrating. With only about 30 seconds break between each track, my body was feeling definitely feeling it. We then got to Crankcase. Rocky up hill after around 90kms of riding definitely put me in place. Taking whatever energy I had left in the tank. Watching Cluffie come by me through the rocks, just admirring how easy he made it look. Big thanks to Gypsy for riding my bike up crankcase because I exhausted. I was going to say highlight of the day but there were a heap of them. Cluffie coming past me on the rocks and making it look so easy [emoji106] Bubalu doing a 360 degree pivot turn like he was on a bmx [emoji106] Gypsy for smashing every hill climb with ease [emoji106] Crazy riding up there. Definitely be back. Thanks Mick for letting me jump on. Great bunch of blokes and good company around the fire too. Catch up soon....
  5. What a ride.... 8 hours on the bike and loved every minute of it. Weather was great, hills were steep, tracks were wet and the company was perfect. Never thought there could be so many hill climbs in the one forest. Can't wait for the next one. Big thanks to the sweeps, Sabo, Buzz and Mick [emoji106]
  6. Crusty350

    WOMBAT 2+

    Huge thanks to Andy for posting this ride up. There hasn't been many rides on lately so it was good to be able to jump on one this weekend. Great bunch on blokes, heaps of laughs. A lot of slippery logs, a few creek crossings which is always good. Good mix of tracks and we'll put together so smiles all round. Thanks Bad Badger for sweep duties. Looking forward to catching up again for sure [emoji106]
  7. Congrats mate. Top effort
  8. Good luck mate We'll definitely be cheering for you
  9. Nice pics mate. This was my second time at Dindi and absolutely loved it. Biker knew he's way around and leads a good ride. It was a little cold when we got to the unload area with the grass covered with ice. Had a little chat, geared up and that's when BenG pulled up. It has been a while since we rode together and it was good to see you mate. Everything was wet, logs were really slippery and the climbs with tree roots everywhere were fun. A lot of logs. Got caught up on a few with BenG passing me pretty quick. All in all, a great ride. Thanks to Biker for posting up a ride on an amazing day. We'll catch up soon guys
  10. I had the same issue but after updating, works good
  11. I've had the same issue with the grey start buttons. I just replaced mine and everything was back to normal. I leave a spare in my camel back now
  12. Hey mate I pretty much go through the same process. I use the pressure washer straight off the bat, get everything off the bike. The decreased I use is called Dabotex and it is amazing. Gets everything off. I use the compressor to dry off all the spots that hold water and spray the chain. Lube the chain. I used to use a silicone spray called SC1 which is amazing but I semi neglect it now. It shines the whole bike up. Spray the plastics, leave it for about 5mins and just wipe the plastics down with a dry cloth
  13. Left home early so I can allow enough time to get a coffee and fuel up. Met up with Magenta at around 8:15 and not long after receive a phone call off Gypsy asking were we were. Long story short, miss understanding from my side, there was another 4 riders gearing at the same time but different location. My apologize. So magenta and I headed off into the bush. We hit some tight but flowy tracks that lead us into the creek on the Main mountain rd side which was fun. Ended up bumping into Buzz, BenG, Gypsy501 and Brownballs. Always good to catch up with some mates. Buzz definitely took over the ride and he headed out of the creek to climbing some hills [emoji4] We got to a section with 3 to 4 climbs in the one area and away we all went, trying to get to the top with different lines, different speeds, it was a pleasure to watch everyone pinning it up these climbs. After all the fun we had there, we ended up at a very difficult climb, very loose and so steep that it was crazy to think people could actually make it to the top. After a few attempts, Gypsy comes up flying on the 250exc tpi and makes it. Insane. Not long after, BenG on the ktm 150 gets enough momentum to get to the top as well. It is crazy how much skill Buzz, Gypsy, Brownballs and BenG have. It is always a pleasure to ride with you guys. Huge thanks to the boys that came along and a big thanks to Buzz for always leading an absolutely crazy ride mate. Thumps up
  14. Prime conditions for a Saturday ride. Huge thanks to Marko for making this ride happen. I'm still trying to get used to the new bike and I was surprised to learn it had a 12 front sprocket. Good mix of trails, from fast flowy to really tight and the optional hill climb. Thumbs up. Jake's first dirtriderz ride, he rode really well and he has just signed up which is great. Thanks to ghost rider for sweeping and everyone else for bringing a good attitude Top blokes, see you all on the next one!!
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