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  1. Starcross front Shinko 525 rear
  2. Overall I like it. Just the beauty of not having to worry about sharp rocks and pinch flats. Not having to worry about tyre pressures, holding spare tubes etc. That all said, I haven't yet ran them in the peak of winter, so I can't give a complete review. Depending on traction in the winter will determine if I continue running them. The nitro soft front in my opinion is too soft. It feels like 6psi and doesn't handle the way I like. If I had my time again, I would go the standard nitro in the front. I think there like 8-10 psi
  3. There's pretty much no sign of wear on it
  4. Ive just hit 20hours on the nitro soft mousse
  5. Thanks Riles for putting on this ride. It was a great way to finish off the year. Track selection was perfect. Weather was great and having rained during the week, there were quite a few muddy spots which is always good in summer See you all in the new year [emoji106]
  6. That happen to me out at greendale with Kmatts. Ktm definitely need to sort it out
  7. Im pretty sure they'll be able to do it if only the hub is given to them. Off memory, it was like $100 a side or $100 for both
  8. They came out pretty good. I had to take the forks apart and just give him the outter fork tubes only
  9. Welcome Mario Best seat covers going around and a top bloke [emoji106]
  10. Well done BenG. Good effort mate [emoji106]
  11. Have you had a ride on a new 300 2 stroke? Most level 3, level 3+ riders are on strokes because of how light and nimble they are in the tight stuff. They also don't stall as much as a 4stroke. I know the Betas have a low seat height which you would need to consider. I have heard the sherco is a real nice bike but does vibrate a fair bit compared to a ktm or Husqvarna. I'm currently on a ktm 300 tpi and would have to say, it's a very nice bike to ride. Try test riding a few different bikes and make a decision on what you think best suits where you want your riding to head to and take it from
  12. 2018 Husky TE300i. Happy 2019 KTM 250tpi. Happy 2020 KTM 300tpi. Happy [emoji108]
  13. I would go off the one that offers the most protection because the weight is pretty close together. I personally wouldn't worry about a boot that was 200 grams heavier but offered more protection to my ankles. Only my opinion
  14. I tore my ACL playing soccer about 8-10 years ago. The advice I got off an AFL doctor was to get it fixed up as soon as you can becasue it'll only bother you more and more as you get older followed by arthritis. A mate of mine got a knee reco done after about 6-7 years after doing his knee and after his surgery, he got excessive bleeding in the knee and they operated on him again. They said it happen because he took so long to get it fixed. Not cheap getting it done private