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  1. Hi everyone

    Gday mate. Welcome
  2. Super Wombat Ride Dylan

    A big thumbs up to Dylan for organising a great, following ride. It was a good call starting that 30mins earlier because the heat was felt towards the end of the ride. Well done to Dylan's father for sweeping most of the day and a thanks to ktmSean for the rest. Thanks everyone for a great ride, excellent bunch of blokes, can't wait for the next one
  3. Coggs Dissa and Swamp hill

    Awesome ride yesterday. Thanks for the ride coggs. Looking forward to going out again, great bunch of blokes
  4. Clutch Fluid

    I run the clake one light clutch and that is the oil they specified I use or else it wouldn't operate correctly but never used it on a standard clutch. I'm on the 016 350. I couldn't see the difference
  5. Louey his name is. I can't wait to see how the bike runs now that it has been tuned after putting the akro on. I can't do the tallarook ride, I'm working but i might be taking it out on sunday
  6. Thanks mate. I've taken already to a guy in Eadt Keilor called platinum motorcycles, he tests the air and fuel ratio, the idol and also checks the tps so hopefully it is all good to go for this weekend
  7. I generally take my bikes to a husqvarna dealer in thomastown called Moto gc. Ill see how they go with it, if not, do you recommend anyone?
  8. I might try to richen up the bottom end and see if that does anything. And i do have an akro on it as well. Can any dirtbike shop adjust the tps setting?
  9. New member

    Thanks mate
  10. Hi guys. I sold my 2014 ktm 300 not long ago and decided to go 350 and try it out. It's an amazing bike, same as Marlin running 13-50 but for some reason i keep stalling it over the odd log. Never had any stalling issues on my 300. Cluffie, could you narrow it down to anything?
  11. New member

    They are a good bike. I went out with Wishy and CRZY32 on the weekend to dissa, great ride and excellent blokes. I might jump into that tallarook ride but maybe closer to the date
  12. New member

    Thanks mate. Look forward to meeting some new guys out there. You'll definitely see me out there one day
  13. New member

    I kinda figured it would go quiet because of the warm weather. Ill keep an eye out for any rides if anyone does go out. Looking forward to meeting new riding buddies and ride in areas i haven't ridden before. Thanks for the advice regarding the level 2 ride and go from there. Cheers
  14. New member

    Thanks for welcoming me in. I've got the 2016. I bought it to try out because i wanted to upgrade from my 2014 300 so i said ill give the 350 a crack and it's been nice. Only owned now for like 3months
  15. New member

    Hi guys. Just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. My names Abdul 26years old, live in hadfield and ride a ktm 350