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  1. Crusty350

    Word Association...

  2. Crusty350

    Mt Dissa the 'Not’ Gentlemen's Ride

    Always a pleasure. Look what I come across after going over the bike after the ride, lucky it didn't fall out
  3. Crusty350

    Mt Dissa the 'Not’ Gentlemen's Ride

    Thanks Ben for throwing up this ride. A lot of the times on rides you don't have the time to hit thinks 2 or 3 times or attempt something that is off camber but this ride was all about that. I was at the carpark at 8am so gave me a good 30mins to play around on a suspended log which was great. Not long after, Ben and Floody arrived at the same time and we headed off. We put some kickers as Ben said and hit them a few times which was really fun and it was the first I've ever cleaned up the forest which felt good to honest. I had a bone to pick with 3rd gear hill so I couldn't wait to get. I made it up on my first attempt which was good. We had plenty of time so I tried the right line and I got up pretty easily. Made it up about 4 out 8 times. Happy with that [emoji16] My highlight of the ride was watching Ben jump and climb literally everything from obstacles to think that weren't obstacles but he'd jump them anyway Good riding with you boys and some good pics
  4. Huge thanks to Buzz for posting up this ride. I was in 2 minds whether to jump on or not but some encouraging from Gyspsy made me sign up. Had a few nerves on the drive up but they started to disappear when some familiar faces started to show up. There were a great mix of tracks from tight stuff, hill climbs and creeks [emoji16] With 12 riders on this ride, there were breaks on corners and a few breaks to make sure the group was still in tact so enough to get your breathe back. 3rd gear hill got the better of me but managed to get up swamp hill so I'll take that. BUTTERMINGA was insane. Definetly something you'll see only on a level 4 ride. I loved every bit of it. Thanks Riles for the best on ground mate, I'm just glad I made it through with no injuries and energy to spare. Thanks Brownballs for sweep duties and everyone that came along Till next time...
  5. Crusty350

    Hoffs Dissapointment.

    Thanks magenta for leading us on a great ride today and also Riles and Cruiser for sweeping duties. It was good to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while and also meet new people as well. I don't think magenta was expecting 16 guys when he said I'll be at Dissa if anyone is interested but he done well leading us through all the tight, open and incline sections. Thanks to everyone that came along and made it an enjoyable day out on the bikes. Best of luck Hoff with getting the bike sorted mate [emoji106]
  6. Crusty350

    2019 Rides Wish List

    Most definitely gough's bay for me
  7. Crusty350

    Rockin around the Chewton Tracks 22 Dec 18

    Great day out boys. First time at Chewton and really enjoyed it. Big thanks to Central Vic for showing us around and he's knowledge of the area is great. Thanks to all the sweeps for sweeping and I'll definetly be on the next one. Enjoy the holidays, be safe...
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed today's ride. Weather was great, excellent choice of tracks, have heaps of fun. Thanks Barclay for leading us around, also thanks to Riles and Dazz for sweeping. See you guys on the next one
  9. Crusty350

    Bright Last Minute 4.11.18. Massive Epic Ride

    Mate, I will be from now on lol
  10. Crusty350

    Bright Last Minute 4.11.18. Massive Epic Ride

    What a ride mate I must admit it was my first time out there but the day before you come up, me and a few guys went for a ride and the tracks are crazy. Hill climbs go on for days, the descents are awesome. The track Micheal took me down was nice, lots of obstacles which is good. I don't think it hadn't been ridden for a while which added to the fun. When your hands started to cramp up, the battery started playing up, I thought to myself, we better find a way out. Luckily the track split into 2 and started heading out of the valley. It was a good day to be out on the bikes and the weather was perfect. I'll do it again any day mate It was awesome [emoji106]
  11. Crusty350

    Overheating Husky te300

    I run a trail tech fan and that does the job. Pretty sure most bike shops should be able to get there hands on one and it is mounted behind the radiator
  12. Crusty350

    Overheating Husky te300

    I ride a te300. I always install a fan on every bike I own and once it hits 95 degrees, the fan turns on automatically which is great but I also install an override switch just incase the sensor shits it's self. Never had any issues
  13. Crusty350

    What GPS are you using and why

    I use the garmin Montana 680t and it works great. Descent size screen and if you drop your bike, the mount has swivel points so if you drop your bike, it moves on impact which is pretty good. They also take a beating. I wouldn't want to put my phone there I'll tell you that much, but depends on what riding your doing as well. Hope that helps
  14. Crusty350

    Found it Cobaw 3+ with Marko

    First time out at cobaw and most definitely won't be my last. The loop that Marko has put together is top notch. The weather made it that little bit harder but everyone rode really well. Great bunch of blokes. Big thanks to Marko for organising the ride and riles for the photography [emoji106] Best of luck to Nath with the injured hamstring, hope it's nothing serious. Till next time guys
  15. Crusty350

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Just want to give a huge shout out to Gypsy, Buzz, Coggs, Dusty and whoever else was apart of putting the day together. This was my first Grand final ride and had an absolute ball. Thanks to Rider, Hoff, and (can't remember the other bloke that sweeped) for sweeping throughout the ride. Can't wait for the next one. [emoji106]