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  1. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks to kmatts and Marko for an awesome ride. I've ridden greendale plenty of times and I haven't been on 80% of the tracks we hit today. Conditions were brilliant, heaps of traction, lots of fun. I offered to go down a steep gully first with no one knowing what was to come. Really steep up hill, failed the first attempt then hit it again with more speed. Got further but a fallen tree around the bend didn't help, tipped the bike and started running uncontrollably down this hill nearly necking my self, so we turned back and called it quits. Great day out. Thanks guys
  2. Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    What a ride guys. I never thought being so wet at 6 degrees could be so much fun. Great group of blokes, awesome tracks that flowed really well. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to all the guys that came along, huge thanks to Marko for organising the ride and a big thanks to Cujo for sweeping
  3. Help with forks

    I just done my seals on my husky. The video I watched was from rocky mountain ATV mc and they heat the bottom of the outer tube to about 50 degrees which should help release everything. I'd give that a crack
  4. KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    I'd try giving platinum motorcycles a call and speak to Louie. They're down in Kielor and see if he has come across it before. He has a dyno there so he'll be able to run the bike. Hope it all works out it
  5. Anodizing front forks

    I ended up speaking to chads suspension because i had my previous bike's suspensin done by him. He was telling me that coating the inside and outside is what is meant to happen. I'll post up pics once there done
  6. Anodizing front forks

    I wanted to do it on the ktm 350 but it just for looks mate. I got quoted $100+get for the pair. I also wanted to experience tearing apart a set of forks
  7. Anodizing front forks

    Well I've taken them to a place in blackburn who has done quite a few forks and he was saying he hasn't had any issues with seals or anything not going in. I'm kinda taking his word for it.
  8. Anodizing front forks

    Hi everyone. I'm planning on hard anodizing my front forks black on my 2018 husky 300. Just wanted to know if anyone has had there's done and also if they are supposed to coat the inside as well? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone

    Gday mate. Welcome
  10. Super Wombat Ride Dylan

    A big thumbs up to Dylan for organising a great, following ride. It was a good call starting that 30mins earlier because the heat was felt towards the end of the ride. Well done to Dylan's father for sweeping most of the day and a thanks to ktmSean for the rest. Thanks everyone for a great ride, excellent bunch of blokes, can't wait for the next one
  11. Coggs Dissa and Swamp hill

    Awesome ride yesterday. Thanks for the ride coggs. Looking forward to going out again, great bunch of blokes
  12. Clutch Fluid

    I run the clake one light clutch and that is the oil they specified I use or else it wouldn't operate correctly but never used it on a standard clutch. I'm on the 016 350. I couldn't see the difference
  13. Louey his name is. I can't wait to see how the bike runs now that it has been tuned after putting the akro on. I can't do the tallarook ride, I'm working but i might be taking it out on sunday
  14. Thanks mate. I've taken already to a guy in Eadt Keilor called platinum motorcycles, he tests the air and fuel ratio, the idol and also checks the tps so hopefully it is all good to go for this weekend
  15. I generally take my bikes to a husqvarna dealer in thomastown called Moto gc. Ill see how they go with it, if not, do you recommend anyone?