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  1. Camping Avoca or 1 to 2 hrs from Ballarat

    thanks mate cheers mate.
  2. Hi guys. A few blokes from work are organising a weekend away with our bikes. Riders range from L2 to L4. Any one know any good campsites with basic amenities. I was checking out Waterfalls campground (number2 creek). Any one been there? Open to anywhere around 1 to 2 hrs from Ballarat cheers in advance..
  3. Ballarat noob

    cheers guys.
  4. Ballarat noob

    Sooooo, i have sussed out the gradings and i am probably early l2, should i attempt 2+ rides.????? I am all about having a crack but don't want to be ' THAT GUY' who holds everyone up. cheers
  5. Ballarat noob

    Cheers m8
  6. Ballarat noob

    Awesome, can“t wait.
  7. Ballarat noob

    Will do mate. look fwd to it.
  8. Ballarat noob

    Hi guys, Looking for rides around ballarat. Bugger all experience so need to start on the easy runs. cheers chris