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  1. So i went on a lvl 2 ride and went ok, but what does 2+ ride mean???
  2. Awesome ride, thanks for hanging back CV. Terrain very much different to what i am used to, i had an absolute blast. Thanks Habs, Stef and the rest of the crew.
  3. Saturday and Sunday saw an amazing turnout to the inaugural Tim Coleman Ballarat enduro clinic. The legendary Tim, aided by the talented Sam King, delivered wisdom in bucket loads in a way that was fun and easy to understand and improvements were seen in all riders. Big shout out to all the riders who were all deadset legends and travelled from far and wide to make the weekend something special. Watch this space in the near future for the next exciting chapter for this event.
  4. What a way to pop my Dirtriderz cherry. Awesome day with Awesome people. Massive thanks to Andy, Barclay, Bear and Coggs for organising and catering and to the rest of the crew for just hanging out with 50yr old L plater. ( Can only get better right ) Pics are awesome too by the way.
  5. http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/5307282/riders-say-they-could-be-killed-by-chain-placed-across-track/?cs=62
  6. Yeh its at the drs at the moment
  7. Hi motor, It either revs its tits off or dies at idle. It will idle if i lay the bike to the right. Fuel mixture has no effect one way or another in fact i can lean it right off and it will keep running. Richening just floods up the motor. idle screw was played with but all that did was stop idle altogether. It had JD jet kit put in it 4 months ago and has been awesome til sunday. I heard a rumour that an fcr 39mx go well on the drz IF it can't be fixed
  8. Hi has anyone tried different carb setup? Mine won't play ball and was wondering if there's a better option for replacement. Cheers
  9. Hi guys. A few blokes from work are organising a weekend away with our bikes. Riders range from L2 to L4. Any one know any good campsites with basic amenities. I was checking out Waterfalls campground (number2 creek). Any one been there? Open to anywhere around 1 to 2 hrs from Ballarat cheers in advance..
  10. Sooooo, i have sussed out the gradings and i am probably early l2, should i attempt 2+ rides.????? I am all about having a crack but don't want to be ' THAT GUY' who holds everyone up. cheers
  11. Will do mate. look fwd to it.
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