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  1. Barclay

    Avoca ,big hills and bike issues .

    Few photos. Lindin getting towed[emoji1787]
  2. Barclay

    Avoca ,big hills and bike issues .

    Glorious day up at the Pyrenees. Perfect weather not cold not hot, slightb breeze drifted the dust away...sort of. Plenty of long up hills and downhills. Cobraone you hammered down those hills passing everyone, nice one. There was also nice flowy ttacks that you could really speed through and one track had plenty of logs. Great ride as always, thanks to Simon for dust catching, Hoff for cracking me up, Don for being sensible and of course Bear for organizing and leading
  3. Barclay

    Strathbogie L2+ 15/9th

    Awsome day. Great blokes to ride with and top riding conditions, better than down south. Got home and it was freakin snowing. Variety of tracks made for a fun day. Thanks to Ross and boys. Thanks Andy for sweeping and well done on riding on despite your ill health[emoji6]
  4. Barclay

    Barclay's sailors falls fun

    Thanks to Paul, Jo, Dave and Frank for coming along on a perfect sunny winters day. The tracks had improved heaps in the last few days with the sunshine, but was still slippery on those clay bits. We covered a few more kms than planned and also some tougher terrain as the group was more than capable. Had a great time thanks for following [emoji16][emoji3][emoji4]
  5. Barclay

    Whipsticks Bear Style

    Turned out to be a cracking day with great weather and great folks to ride with. The weather gods were on our side[emoji4]. Plenty of mud and and fun was had. Thanks to Bear and all.
  6. Barclay

    Bear's Foggy Pyrenees

    Was an absolutely fabulous day. Great riders to ride with and an awesome place to ride. Definitely should ride more at the pyrenees. Thanks to Bear and all.
  7. Looking at buying a husqvarna te310 2011 model. If anyone has any experience with these, your thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Barclay

    Anglesea L1+ Monday 12/3

    Had a great ride, perfect weather minus the dust. First time on sand so that was a bit weird. Great group of people. Do it again anytime. Thanks to all especially Bear
  9. Barclay

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Holy hell Chris, something that seem minor was quite serious as it turned out. Hope you get yourself heal up ok. And you didn't hold us up and we went on to have a good days ride. All the best.
  10. Barclay

    Tallarook - Oct 29 - level 2+

    Love it, thanks