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  1. Hi pepperjack, thanns for the feedback mate. I hear a lot of good reports on the clake products. I actually ended up getting a rekluse LHRB kit and fitted it myself (with a little help from a slightly grumpy girlfriend). Really happy with the rekluse product. Thanks again!
  2. G’day everyone, I currently have the “ox-brake” left hand rear brake on my ‘17 Husky TX300. Its a great mod, but being cable operated, it requires a bit of effort, and lacks the feel and power of a hydraulic set-up. So, now I’ve decided to upgrade and install a proper hydraulic left hand rear brake. I would appreciate some feedback and opinions on which brand to purchase. I have a rekluse clutch, and don’t like the idea of going for a setup where the clutch and brake lever are combined (like on some of the Clake’s). I want to keep the current clutch lever, and install a seperate / indepent left brake lever for the rear brake. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Toby.
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