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  1. Hi pepperjack, thanns for the feedback mate. I hear a lot of good reports on the clake products. I actually ended up getting a rekluse LHRB kit and fitted it myself (with a little help from a slightly grumpy girlfriend). Really happy with the rekluse product. Thanks again!
  2. G’day everyone, I currently have the “ox-brake” left hand rear brake on my ‘17 Husky TX300. Its a great mod, but being cable operated, it requires a bit of effort, and lacks the feel and power of a hydraulic set-up. So, now I’ve decided to upgrade and install a proper hydraulic left hand rear brake. I would appreciate some feedback and opinions on which brand to purchase. I have a rekluse clutch, and don’t like the idea of going for a setup where the clutch and brake lever are combined (like on some of the Clake’s). I want to keep the current clutch lever, and install a seperate / indepent left brake lever for the rear brake. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Toby.
  3. Yeah, but if 95 makes your engine run better for what ever reason, then surely you would run 95 instead of 98? From what 1 or 2 people have mentioned here, 95 might be the better choice for certain two strokes
  4. Nah, not yet. I’m not sure if I need to? The bike has plenty of power. I’ve actually started riding it with map switch on the number 2 setting (Less aggressive) – seems to hook up a bit better in loose stuff. Might be placebo though? So by doing the head, it might have more power, but will actually get it to the ground?
  5. I have stock head and never ride sand or desert terrain, so looks like BP 95 is the way of the future for me. Cheers, Toby.
  6. Or any brand of dirt bike - he’s really, really good and knows his stuff.
  7. If you guys want your Ktm or Husky tuned well - call Chris at Moto Repairs. He’s a Jedi master. Let me know if you need his phone number. Cheers
  8. Good info. Looks like 95 is the easy choice. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I will try 95 and see if there’s any noticeable difference.
  10. G’day everyone... I was chatting with a mechanic today and we got talking about fuel and octane ratings. To my surprise, he said that for my bike (2017 Husky TX300) - it would run better with 91 octane fuel, compared with 98 octane His reasoning was that 2 strokes are generally low compression ratio, so having higher octane is not needed because pre-ignition isn’t a factor, and in his experience 91 octane fuel will make most 2 strokes run better and that it’s all marketing hype that 98 octane fuels are cleaner and better quality compared with 91. So I wanted to see what other members thought about this? I’d like to get restponses from members who have personally tested different fuels on recent model 2 strokes - preferably husky’s or ktm’s. Also note- I always use BP fuel Thanks very much, Toby
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