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  1. Hey guys... Thanks for the pics and positive feedback... todays new tracks were pleasantly challenging, with traction being the Achilles heal for the whole group, especially earlier on when it was wet n slippery. I just wonder if I’d been running the golden tyre 232n rear (instead of the shinko) - would life have been easier today? It was a small group of riders, and everyone put on a great show, with some great riding skills witnessed - getting up and down (nearly) everything Tallarook has to offer. Willies track (AKA big red) was the trickiest track of the day, with Bubalu the o
  2. Hi Cluffie... Thanks for the info mate. With me being relatively new to it all - and having done 99.9% of my riding on my 300, the rewards vs the trade-offs of the 150 just don’t stack up. For me - speed and lightness don’t trump the luggable nature of the 300. Sure... my balls wont grow any larger, but hey - at least I’ll get through rides and not be a total wreck - LOL. And from what you mention - there’s a reason we don’t see many small-bores out on the trails... especially blue ones! Cheers, Toby
  3. Thanks Mile! It was a pleasure riding with you all today. It was interesting riding your 150TPI and Nick300’s 300TPI. Even though it was a novelty riding the 150, it made me appreciate how easy the 300 makes riding hard enduro. I’ve been having many conversations with Gypsy lately about different engine sizes. Gypsy was spot-on when he told me my riding style wouldn’t really work with a smaller capacity engine. That 150 made everything twice as difficult... at least for the type of riding I do. Chewton is a lot of fun and a great mix of terrain... the trails go forever. So much
  4. Toby_

    Cruisy Cobaw

    If my Tallarook loop is a 3+, then what we did on the weekend at Cobaw would have to be at least a full level higher. even though there were some parts that were reasonably flowing, it was gruelling and that Sallys hole section was at the upper end of my comfort level. I’m not complaining, and despite being exhausted – I loved the entire ride. I guess Buzz knew everybody that was coming on the ride, so that meant he wasn’t throwing anyone in the deep end without knowing their ability.
  5. Toby_

    Cruisy Cobaw

    So... Buzz puts this ride as a “3+“ - hmmm.... LOL
  6. Toby_

    Cruisy Cobaw

    Great pics BenG - love your work mate!
  7. Toby_

    Cruisy Cobaw

    Thanks to Buzz for putting on one of the most memorable rides I’ve been on - ever. And thanks to Gypsy, BenG, Buzz and others who helped me through the really tough parts - mainly “Sally’s hole” which was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done on 2 wheels. My forearms are still feeling it today. FARK! it was great to ride with so many skilled riders and share the carnage and hard yakka with you all. cheers, Toby
  8. Murdoch, a huge THANK-YOU for putting on one of the most entertaining rides I’ve been on for a while. And a special mention for putting so much effort in to the food and hospitality as well. Your generosity made up for the Xmas ride lunch not going to plan. This was my second time riding at Dissa and your loop there is a perfect mix of slow technical, creeks, hill climbs and faster flowing stuff. It was 100% entertaining and mega fun. I’m still re-living some of the epic hill-climbs and grinning as I think about them. They were the highlight for me! So steep and so litt
  9. Yes... if you want to experience a near death experience, say ‘yes’ when kmatts asks “do you want to swap bikes?” That TX300 needs some major suspension tune changes done. On the flip-side - riding Matt’s bike made me appreciate how nicely mine is set up! Cheers :-)
  10. P.S. - a special thanks to Gypsy for suggesting I lead this ride and for being a great mentor and coach. Mate, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for Dirtbike riding.
  11. G’day everyone, Thanks so much for joining the ride and being great company. With the group size being a bit larger than I’m accustomed to, I didn’t get a chance to properly socialise with everyone. With a lunch-time curfew, I was conscious of keeping it fast paced with minimal stops and minimal chat, so the day was more focused on getting through the ride and having fun on the bikes. The highlight for me was getting up “Willies” track (not the chicken run) for the first time ever. This has been my nemesis for a long time and 6 months ago I thought it was never going to be possible.
  12. A huge thanks to Gypsy, Buzz and all the people involved with organising this epic event. I was part of the 3+ group, and it was the first time I’d ridden at Mt Dissa. I knew there we’re going to be some creeks, and some big hills in the mix, and I’ve never done creeks before, and hill climbs are my Achilles Heel. So as you’d expect, I was kind of pooing my pants before the ride. The creeks were actually good fun, but I think Buzz went easy on us and avoided the hardcore creeks. The hills were really fun and super challenging. Swamp hill sorted me out good and proper. Buzz pointed me towards t
  13. Habs... great video mate - Thanks heaps for posting it. It’s interesting to see things from your perspective. Some great moments in that footage! Your ‘woo hoo’ was the highlight for me! LOL.
  14. Awesome. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it as well. Will be back from Europe at end of August and will be super keen to ride again as soon as the jet-lag is gone. Cheers, Toby.
  15. Habs... mate, I’m really looking forward to seeing the video footage! Cheers, Toby