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  1. Marlin1

    New Tyre advice KTM 350 Exc-F

    I had the same feeling in the front end on my 350,steering damper fixed that,it was so light in the front on my 350,I didn't trust it till I put the damper on it
  2. Marlin1

    Heavier flywheel

    Thanks sabre,clicked on the link,they have distributors in Australia,chads off road,and mx store,I'll give them a ring,and see if I can one thanks mate
  3. Marlin1

    Heavier flywheel

    Hi iv got a husky Fc 450 2014 model,was wondering where Id get a heavier flywheel from, iv only just got this bike,and want to ride it single track,the way it is atm,it's going to be a handful ,was hoping a heavier flywheel mite make it abit easier thanks for any info
  4. Thanks for the info cluffie,sorta makes sence,the fmf mega bomb dosnt seem to make a great deal of difference at this stage,but iv only been testing the different gearing down the creek and not out on the enduro loops I ride, the 13-52 gearing was the same with the pipe so I started playing with gearing hoping with the pipe I could pull higher gearing, I think it did,the 14-52 was very strong and the front wheel just wanted to lift, I did like this setup,but I'm going to have to test the bike out in the hills silly question but how do I richen up the bottom end, remapping ? thanls again for the all the info
  5. Hi love this 350club im 55 and just got back into riding,iv had 10 years off ,I'm riding a ktm 350exc 16 model and I love it,best bike iv owned, iv had it 5 months,iv put a fmf full system mega bomb on it,Msc steering damper and now playing around with the gearing since iv added the pipe,currently running 13-50,but I did run 14-52,the add ons have made this bike even better and love the steering damper, Technology has come along way in the last 10 years
  6. Marlin1

    The Perfect Bike trailer

    I just brought this enclosed trailer for a good price I think $4.500 I love it and makes life so much easier carting all the gear around,it's hand made from a caravan chassis and can carry 2ton,Im in the process of setting up a 240volt solar system,can't wait for a few over nighters with the bikes
  7. Marlin1

    FMF mega bomb system

    Thanks Mrnoodle that's good to know,,thanks mate
  8. Hi I just brought a full FMFsystem for my ktm 350 exc (2016),just wondering if it will need remapping or not,it's not on the bike yet will be monday, hopefully thanks for any info
  9. Marlin1

    Octane 94-95or 98?

    Thanks trailz and gypsy,iv put a tank of 98 through it,glad I asked the questions thanks boys
  10. Marlin1


    Hope you don't mind bones but I posted these pics of the monster mate,
  11. Marlin1


    Hey bones good to see you on here big boy, me and bones ride together,we both old and fat but can twist the the throttle for about 10 minutes then we go into survival mode,but loving the days out on the bikes, bones has this beautiful Harley that has won every show that it's been entered in,hoping you can post a photo up mate of it and show the boys cya at the pub tonigh Harley
  12. Hi just wondering what octane fuel you fellas are running in your 4ts,iv been using 98,but after reading the ktm manual on line they say use 95 octane,thanks for any feed back
  13. Marlin1

    Bleeding rear break line

    Haha should be easier next time bones
  14. Marlin1

    Bleeding rear break line

    Well we got it done finally,the new brake line is made if rubber and it was bulging so that made it abit more difficult,we had the hand pump set up wrong it was leaking abit of air,that was causing a few dramas aswell,once we worked out how that worked we got pressure but was still a slow process ,thanks again for the help
  15. Marlin1

    Bleeding rear break line

    Thanks for the tips boys,we will try the reverse way,we were talking about trying that last night,the break line has been made up its not a geniun part,it could be a tiny bit bigger, could be why we had trouble yesty,so the reverse way I'm keen to try thanks again