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  1. TheMightyBigFella


    Spotto this legend on Bulleen rd, hopefully heading to the annual! [emoji482][emoji1360]
  2. TheMightyBigFella

    Wet Day Riding

    Go to Anaconda and get a thermal top and a rain jacket, I bought Cape stuff for memory. It’s cheap so I won’t be too butthurt when it rips. The jacket is just a thin outer shell but it smashes up tiny into your pack and depending on the amount of rain keeps you nice and dry. The thermal under shirt won’t stop you feeling the cold whilst riding at any reasonable amount of speed, but if you’re just putting along or have stopped for a bit it’s awesome at keeping the warmth in, and if you get too hot it easily smashes into your pack as well. Keep it pinned out there brother [emoji1360]
  3. Haha she has seen that one, which is why I bought boots with a “special Kevlar lining” [emoji28][emoji23]
  4. TheMightyBigFella

    KTM 450 XC-F 2015

    Hold the phone MrNoodle! Was Rustyo’s 500 flaming out? If so, you may have just fixed some of my recent frustration!
  5. I’m glad my missus doesn’t see this... she would set fire to my bike!
  6. TheMightyBigFella

    How many kms per tank? 350 Exc-f

    And how we lookin for a 500excf?
  7. TheMightyBigFella


    Cheers Pete! Definitely shall do!
  8. TheMightyBigFella


    So after 9 months of piss farting around I have managed to hit the tracks this week! Took advantage of the midweek break and headed into Bunyip State to have a test... I am in love! Karla (yes I’ve named my bike) was in her element! Followed the transmission lines for a bit then just shot down some track and went with the flow. Went and had my own little ANZAC appreciation moment. Was out there for about 4 hours in the end. Then today I head for Labertouche... and wowee! Was forced to jump up about 3 levels of grading! But Karla just kept pushing on with absolutely no worries! Having a feeling tomorrow will be another big day! [emoji482][emoji1360]
  9. TheMightyBigFella

    Word Association...

  10. TheMightyBigFella

    Something Different - What Was Your First? Thread

    Well this is gonna make me sound young haha What was your first, Car - 2003 Ford Futura... write off 2 months later Motorbike - 1993 XR80... wish I still had it BMX - some crappy yellow thing Fish you caught - pinky in Mordialloc CB radio - an old CFA radio from some old bloke at a garage sale Alcoholic drink - not enough brain cells left to remember [emoji482]
  11. TheMightyBigFella

    Word Association...

  12. TheMightyBigFella

    How Did You Hear About Dirtriderz??

    Finished my L’s today and bike is now registered! Just got to settle into the new job for a couple of weeks and then I’ll be jumping on as many as I can! Cheers Gypsy
  13. TheMightyBigFella

    How Did You Hear About Dirtriderz??

    Following a bloke one night along the Monash and he had a sticker on his toolbox. And it was the afternoon I went on put a deposit on the bike, so cheers champion!
  14. TheMightyBigFella

    Caption This Photo

    Wolf Creek 3 - Son of Mick
  15. TheMightyBigFella

    Rec Reg.

    Only 6 months late but I finally got it done! [emoji482]