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  1. Caption This Photo

    Wolf Creek 3 - Son of Mick
  2. Rec Reg.

    Only 6 months late but I finally got it done! [emoji482]
  3. Rec Reg.

    Haha that you did Pete, and that’s why it’s on there now, cheers champion! [emoji482]
  4. Rec Reg.

    So all that piss farting around for a 10 min job, all in and works a treat! And whilst I was feeling handy I checked a new bash plate on! FIGJAM! Haha you’re not wrong there Sabre! Oh shit hot Double! Which branch did you go to?
  5. Rec Reg.

    What an absolute headache! So after 6394729 different answers from dealers, mechanics and stores... the answer is yes I “MUST” have a light, even though there is nothing stopping me from removing it after it’s registered. [emoji848] Luckily enough a certain store have lights for $10 that simply stick on and with a bit of rewiring do the job. Saves having to add the whole bloody factory kit! So that’s this afternoons task as tomorrow is the day of rego! I’ll add some photos of the end result! Cheers fellas [emoji482]
  6. Rec Reg.

    Yeah that’s the one Sabre I called 3 different dealers this morning all said no don’t need so took a chance and waiting at VicRoads now
  7. Rec Reg.

    Haha hate to say it Pete but that leaves me in the same spot I started! The problem I’ve got is that I don’t have to patience to run a full wiring loom, indicators and relay plus the crappy oversized number plate holder that the bike all comes with! Especially seeing as everyone I know just has the number plate screwed in the the rear guard or similar and no number plate light! This is starting to give me grey hairs hahah
  8. Rec Reg.

    G’day all! I’m currently setting my bike up to be rec reg. and on the VicRoads site it mentions having to have a “white number plate lamp” ?? Is this actually the case or are they just creating unnecessary frustration? Cheers in advance! [emoji482][emoji41]
  9. Hydration

    You’re all champions! Cheers heaps [emoji482]
  10. Hydration

    So I've been looking around the last few days for a new hydration pack, the old Thor one has seen better days. I'm kinda leaning towards the Camelbak MULE, due to its 3l water bladder plus 9l of storage room for first aid, spare gloves, snacks etc. What are the rest us out there using? (Sorry about putting this in health, it seemed the most logical spot) Cheers [emoji482]
  11. G'day all!

    Haha yeah doesn't look right ey! Tall life [emoji41] Shall definitely do mate!
  12. G'day all!

    It came, it finally came! Whole new kit of gear too! Day off work tomorrow to smash her about [emoji1307]
  13. G'day all!

    Cheers fellas! Shall do BIGGIE, spoke to salesman today, praying on my life it's tomorrow hahaha
  14. G'day all!

    Gday everyone, So a little about myself... name is Asher or Big Fella (due to being 6'9), from Wandin in the Yarra Valley, 24 years old, drive a truck for a living and 08 SSV ute as the daily and a volunteer firefighter in Wandin. Just bought a '18 500 exc-f, just waiting for the call to pick her up!! It's been a few years since being out bush, but I'm sure you all know just how itchy I'm feeling to get out there. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning from the OGs. Cheers