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  1. Some of them boys are quick in Natural terrain Mx , the Pony tracks are great fun , with usually a big log or old car or something just for the Camera, the dust at Echuca last year was epic (deep) I got a report on the peg deep mud ruts over the weekend from one of my friends, sounds like it was great fun.
  2. Thanks for the report, I was meant to go but as usual “stuff happened” I like Bendigo mcc’s races , there will be another 2 , one at Echuca near the river, and one at Moliagul , there is a night race on the Saturday night before the 3 hr pony on Sunday at the Moliagul round. Dates will come up on the Bmcc FB page.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/29xtnkuz92vdioz/VEAC%20Central%20West%20final%20report%28LR%29.pdf?dl=0
  4. Great ride today after the silliest start on a generally easy hill, thanks to the leader and followers [emoji106]
  5. Gota ask, does the headlight stay on if you crash and the engine is stopped? It looked like that in the video.
  6. Raff

    Mt Cole 3+ arr hmm

    It would have been slick over them logs alright today, I didn’t go riding because my 300 fell on me while loading it for the ride, it’s done something to my back, I was truly pissed off about missing out today.
  7. Thanks PeteV for a challenging day where the “+” was definitely in play , and Lance road like a god to get that Drz through all that [emoji106]
  8. Thanks Barclay for a great little loop , got home to nice cooked meal and my gear washed before I got out of the shower.
  9. Pyrenees and MtCole are on the same boat , Vote for Louise Staley since she is the only one that’s against all this.
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