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  1. Looks like a great trip, it would be very wet up there right now , I think I will head up that way sometime after Easter, I think my 19 Fe501 is finally set up for the longer rides
  2. Got the spokes installed yesterday, (did it myself)not a job I’d like to do again anytime soon, SS excel spokes and 6061 Aloy nipples, the OEM nipples started to fail, after I heard one break when the bike was stationary I thought, what the hell, and after closer inspection 3 more nipples were cracked... so keep an eye on your 19 Fe501 front wheels.
  3. In the immortal words of Consuela from American Dad NO NO...no [emoji23]
  4. What the f$&@ is with that pipe, how could they put a o2 sensor there? And it’s going to get bent way easy.
  5. Try clamping a bit of copper plate under the gap, then once you fill the first part of the bridge across, just layer the rest.
  6. Started riding at 5.5year old , so 46+ years First bike , Coyote 50 Currently 19 Fe501 17 Te300 Bike I’d own again and rebuild Kx500 1990 or a Yz490 5speed 1990 Forum ride , Pyrenees Friends, hell yes I forget the other questions
  7. Just buy a swap bottle from somewhere like Total Tools , zero rental cost and it’s only a one off higher expense and no ongoing $$$
  8. Best thing to weld SS is TIG and use pickling paste to clean your weld
  9. You should use pure Argon on SS and Alumni, blended Gas should be used on normal steel or the weld will be weak , don’t follow a trailer that’s had its hitch welded on using pure Argon , the weld can just pop out of the steel.
  10. Online picture of my TIG and the MIG was in my phone
  11. I use a G 5/2 bottle for MIG and a E Argon bottle for my TIG They cost about $300-$400 the first time with zero rental charges, then $180ish for swap overs , they last ages unless you start welding outdoors.