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  1. I'll take a gunmetal/orange in large thanks
  2. I'd be keen on a hoodie & beanie. and maybe a jacket
  3. Well finally got around to fitting tubliss and 2 new tires to my bike today, all went pretty smoothly. I decided to use slime in mine so just used abit of that as lube to get everything on the rims. Went with a Starcross 5 soft on front and a Battlecross x30r on the back. Thanks for the helpfull comments guys 🖒
  4. Haha thats very true and i plan on gettin some practice fitting these myself so its not realy there concern
  5. Thanks mate, i live just out of Charlton,
  6. Was at a bike shop other day and they also discouraged me from using slime, they said it makes an absolute mess of tire changes and to just carry a a plug kit with me, either on the bike or in the car which i was planing on doing anyway. Geuss its just one of them things, each to there own
  7. Fair drive for me. 373km haha but would be good, always wanted to ride in the high country
  8. That sounds alright. Wat area are u planing on goin?
  9. Sweet, thanks for the reply mate, good info! Wats the problem u have with doin the fronts?
  10. Going to go the TuBliss route on my ktm, just woundering what sealants people are running in there tires and weather u use co2 canisters or compact hand pumps out in the bush. I'll probly also carry a tyre plug kit on the bike aswell
  11. Hey all. Im Tim and i live in north central vic. New to the forum, picked up a new ride about a month ago after being off the bike for around a year. Previous bike was an 08 wr450f, which i sold to a mate. Wasnt going to buy another but the bug to ride wouldnt stop biting haha. Not many mates around here with bikes anymore so im always keen to travel to go riding!
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