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  1. watching this thread, the big xr actually impressed me in the tight tracks out past stratford the other week.
  2. For helmet lights look at what the cyclists use, normally as you said a spotty on the helmet with a battery pack mounted remotely. If you're going LED headlight Baja designs have a few bits that use their proper square lights. The difference between the cheap LED gear and proper stuff is huge and we don't really have an abundance of power to run inefficient lights.
  3. i think a mate of my dads has/had a couple but honestly dont know if he still has them. he does vapor blasting and the stuff comes out amazing. when my xr is proven to be reliable i'll be getting him to do some work on it, gotta keep the old girls looking sexy you know.
  4. what years that? 84 ish kx125?
  5. These are the current roadies, only the big ZX is in proper rideable condition, the orange framed KTM has a broken frame (long story, KTM blame it on a low side but I tracked it for a few years after that but anyway) and the all black KTM needs an ECU, so I can fix the nasty fuel map. The XR seems like cheap fun compared with the other money pits.
  6. Yeah for sure! I'll give you a buzz when I've found some skills back. Amazing when you're used to bitumen how it takes to adjust to being all sorts of crossed up. I might try get into a group ride that doesn't look to nasty first up.
  7. haha well i think i might take a while to get used to it again. and this bloody no electric start shit. i've nearly got to stop for a breather just after getting my gear on and starting the bike! first point of call with the XR is some work on the suspension, apparently the forks can actually be made to work and the rear shock should be easy enough once i get a heavy enough spring. its got a little bit of cam chain noise but TBH its like 20 years old so you can't expect it to be perfect. they aren't even that heavy, blows my mind a bit. like my old WR with the steel frame would have been
  8. Ahh great, I couldn't remember the stuff from my old account. Just giving it a bit of a tidy up and might try get out on it Saturday morning and see what I can remember. You still drag knee on these yeah?
  9. Well I think I once had a membership here, had a good couple years off the dirt riding sports bikes and playing with my fourby but a while back I bought a 98 XR600R. Weapon. Based in Traralgon these days and have no mates with dirt bikes anymore so looking for some people to go out with and help me get the skills back. Cheers James