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  1. Thanks for let me jump on the ride. Look forward to next.
  2. Thanks for putting on the ride Gypsy and letting me tag along. Great group of blokes. Very soon into the ride I realised I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Have to get the bike sorted and more importantly get more riding in to improve .
  3. Thanks for putting on the ride Pepperjack. Perfect weather topped off with a good ride and great bunch of blokes.
  4. Check to see is if you have damaged the rim tape, installing or removing the tyre with your tyre spoons. It will leak between the spokes, lock nut and valve stem from the outer chamber. Just pump it up and spray soapy water around the rim and spokes.
  5. Thanks heap all the help boys, much appreciated. It just wasn't my day lol. Thanks heaps cruiser for the tow and whoever gave me the master link I owe you.
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