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  1. I just use mine at home. Used it tonight actually. I run tubliss so don’t carry it with me in the bush. Really does make it easier.
  2. Yep I’ve got it. Really like it. I use tubliss and it works great with that.
  3. I try an check mine at least the night before a ride as they will drop in pressure over time. Even over a week mine can drop up to 10 psi. Also each time you check them they lose about 5 psi.
  4. I all so got a high pressure gauge from super cheap auto and low pressure also from super cheap. I use them on my tubliss and they are great. The gauges are under $20 each.
  5. Get your self a push bike track pump. Aldi have them on sale today for $15. Big W or Kmart have them as well. Ive been using these for years. No problem.
  6. Youtube is good. Ive learnt heaps on there about the 64s
  7. I'm using motoz mountain extreme hybrid rear and mountain hybrid front. Set at 10psi front and 6 psi rear. Also with tubliss. Awesome grip and also very stable in the faster sections. Love this set up so far.
  8. If you fit a Rekluse just be careful with the torque setting on the spring bolts. I used a torque wrench increased at small increments and still managed to snap a bolt. Been told since to just nip them up by feel and not to torque them. Love the Rekluse by the way.
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