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  1. Hey Seza, I’m also a level 2 to 2.5 - not very fast and equally clumsy! Hit me up if you ever want to ride wesburn/warby/big pats creek etc!
  2. Hey Seza, I live in Warburton and ride most weekend in the immediate area - I’m always on the lookout for new folks to ride with..... if you’re keen let me know!
  3. Hey Adam, Welcome to the forum- I’m based up the hill in Warburton and am know the tracks here pretty well. I ride most weekends so if you’re keen to come up this way for an explore let me know! Cheers Tom
  4. Thanks for such an awesome ride Cruiser - great to be be pushed by someone that actually knows what the hell they're doing, I learnt heaps and good to have a few laughs along the way! Til next time mate! Cheers. To
  5. Nice one Daniel, I'll book in when I get out of work. Looking forward to it!
  6. Holy crap you make it look tiny! If you're ever up for a ride around warburton let me know mate!
  7. Hey mate, I'd be keen- but if I'm honest I'm not sure I'm level 2 plus ready yet and I don't want to slow you fellas down......I need to figure out some more of the tech stuff like getting over decent logs before I slow down those I don't know! Cheers Tom
  8. Hey Key Finance, Yes mate, I'm super keen for this weekend.... I reckon I'll book in to it this weekend. More than happy to share a cabin mate, Always good to save a few dollars and have someone to have beers with!!! If you're keen mate let me know. Cheers! Tom
  9. Hey mate - thanks for all the info...... that's absolutely great!!!!
  10. Hey mate- sorry for the slow reply! I'm heading out for a ride tomorrow (Sunday) if you're keen. Waiting on confirmation, but I think we'd be looking at about a 10am start
  11. Hey folks, Newbie trail rider here looking to try and find a course/coaching to learn some solid basics to move forward with. If anyone can reccomend anything/anywhere specific that would be great. Cheers! Tom
  12. Hey cruiser - that would be awesome mate. I live on the outskirts of warby and have been riding big pats creek/wesburn area so far but it's becoming clear theres a lot to explore! Anyway let me know if you're headed that way- would love to join in for the ride!
  13. Hey folks, Just bought myself an enduro bike and am looking to meet some people to ride with that live locally - I live in Warburton (Victoria). I'm new to dirt bikes so I'm not very good yet- but I hope with a bit of practise I'll be able to transition my downhill Mtb experience and be able to keep up with y'all! Would love people to ride with so if anyone lives in the area and wouldn't mind me tagging along I'd love to hear from you!! Cheers! Tom
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