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  1. Another newbie from Melbourne

    I had mine rec reg, then i wanted to go out on it to work on the odd occasion or ride to the servo etc so decided full reg was worth it just to have that option. Is it worth the extra rego costs? Ill decide when its renewal time [emoji23]
  2. Does anyone have a damaged Trailtech display they want to donate to me. I want to pull it apart for a little project im working on Thanks Steve
  3. Seaton L2 Stepup

    [emoji16]awesome ride report, albeit i actually came 175th. Was a great day and I enjoyed it with a great group of people. Sadly my gopro footage was all of my helmet as it was still set to the position I usually skydive at, but a cheeky photo in of everyone looking at the loose chain was obtained All good and thanks for a great day. Steve
  4. Hydration

    I got mine from Kmart, $30 2ltr with shed loads of space inside for extras
  5. Im 163 so you should be ok
  6. Kinglake L2

    Here are a couple of pictures i managed to take
  7. Kinglake L2

    I had an awesome day, very rusty to say the least, and i WILL be sore tomorrow. Thanks to all who helped me when i was looking at the pretty rocks on the floor, and mud and water and every other time i came off, getting the bike on and off the ute too. Looking forward to doing it again. Steve
  8. Is this legal?

    Ive modified the rear plate holder on the wr, I have taken off the road one and replaced it with the off road mounting. I have modified that one to have the indicators on and reflector, so its more slimline. what do we all think, still legal or not?
  9. Your more than welcome to jump on my wr450 see how it fits, mines lowered to suit my height?
  10. 5ft 3 and im in a wr450 and fall off at the lights nearly every time
  11. Now i wonder if your the wr i saw at the servo on the corner of dandy and chapel in Windsor
  12. I'm new here

  13. Im not close but live in rowville, yet to get out on the dirt
  14. Ok so I decided as I did not have the trailer and the bike was road legal i was going to get on the ride on sunday by riding it there. So i get all ready early and off i went 40 mins later after trying to maintain a safe ride I came around the corner a bit too fast and.......... Yes a copper was smiling at me and i was speeding, so delightfully I aquires my self 3 points and 320 dollar fine, decided to go home and cry. Overall not bad for my first real ride out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. Gave her some belly protection and some road rego for the weekend [emoji108]