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  1. It's the first snake I have seen on trails this year. Dave who was riding behind me didn't see it his go pro camera did though. I am thinking the cooler summer we are having they like to get out in the sun to warm up in cooler weather.
  2. Yeah for sure I will keep an eye out for the next ride.
  3. It was shaping up to be an awesome ride for me but the old drz400 let me down with starter motor issues. The 7ks I did was really fun so I am definitely keen to get back to creswick. Thanks for getting me back to the car Cobraone and Bad Badger hopefully I didn't hold the ride up too much. If only Suzuki put a back up Kickstarter on the drz400 I could of finished the ride.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158760654173993&id=675863992&sfnsn=mo&extid=XxLqjFjFoFrjRI6n&d=n&vh=e
  5. Ever thought of running tubliss that would solve it. Or maybe run 15psi instead of 10psi. When I ran tubes 10psi was the absolute minimum and wouldn't run that in Rocky conditions.
  6. Allways wanted an xr400 no leaking radiators or water pumps. If only Honda had put a button start on it.
  7. After riding my Honda crm250ar on a hill at Mt Cole I was struggling like crazy. That same hill my drz400 rides up no problem. I think sometimes the heavy weight of the drz400 is an advantage with traction. That said it's a pain in most other cases. I think we all get sucked into believing we need a ktm300 or whatever just to trail ride in the bush when all we probably need is a ttr250. But it is fun riding a nice light enduro bike and makes riding a more enjoyable experience
  8. Interested in hearing about them too they sound like a modern day drz400 or xr400. My mate worked at a Honda dealer in warrnambool and said hardly sold any.
  9. Yeah that's kinda the point of the post if nothing comes of it I will probably just go for a look there my self.
  10. Looking for new places to ride with in 3hrs drive of warrnambool. Been wondering about Enflield state park and if it's any good for riding. Any information is much appreciated or if someone knows the place post up a ride I would definitely jump on board. I find that there's very few rides posted up with in 3hrs of warrnambool area. The only rides I can really post are at Mt clay as that's about all I know well.
  11. I find soap flakes mixed in a spray bottle good for the lube. The front is definitely a pain to seal. I have put up to 50psi in LP side that seems to get the bead seated with a lot of soapy water and a lot of yelling at the tyre and throwing it around the shed.
  12. Welcome to Dirtriderz where is your location ?