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  1. I have a terrible history of getting burned buying dirtbike. How can you make sure or improve your chances of not getting ripped off. I know buying brand new is one way but that is simply not possible for me.
  2. The ktm350 was a mess I looked at buying 2nd hand bikes is scary potential for getting burned is high.
  3. Rather funny the 4stroke bikes smoking more than the 2 stroke bikes. I think our motors might be a little worn out.
  4. Good stuff sounds like a good bike looking forward to joining team pumpkin.
  5. I didn't get anything as I left my phone at home and waiting on the mounts for my go pro. I think kingdavey Tcutter250 have some go pro videos though.
  6. Me and kingdavey met Tcutter250 at Mt clay the weather was cool with light drizzle about. We headed off and started on some new tracks first up very slippery conditions. The pace was easy keep L2 as I had worn tyres and a hangover. I picked up the pace a little in the sandy stuff. Headed over to huntsman Hill Tcutter250 was abit unsure about riding down the hill so me and kingdavey helped to get his bike down. Had it of been dry it would of been fine wet clay and rocks very slippery indeed. Abit more help needed at switch back hill and the notorious sand hill that many a 1st timer there gets s
  7. Thinking about upgrading to a ktm350 exc-f currently riding drz400e at the moment. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on these bikes with reliability and proformace and any knowledge of potential issues with them.
  8. Yeah definitely agree pulling out of rides last minute is unfair on everyone. Sometimes it can't be helped but looks like it happens way too often on here.
  9. Warrnambool south West vico.
  10. Yeah it's an interesting one that as I lived in Portland years ago a bike group called the DSMRA look after it. From memory they had to fight hard to keep it when they changed area from state forest to a state park. It's definitely a pushing Point though if that tight track is legal why can't we have more like it.
  11. I have been thinking a computer fan as there's bugger all room to get a spal fan in there. Thanks for your information much appreciated.
  12. The crm250ar is fully road rego has all the lights and stuff just no battery has a capacitor instead to run the lights properly.
  13. Hi I am wanting to install a thermo fan to a Honda crm250ar it has no battery so I am wondering if it would even work. The bike boils up in the slow stuff.
  14. Would of been epic love riding at Mt Cole don't think it would be possible to do anything less than 2+ at Mt Cole.
  15. Looks like the do it all drz400 is the weapon of choice. Put the 440 kit in it makes them wheelie good.