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  1. Yeah that's kinda the point of the post if nothing comes of it I will probably just go for a look there my self.
  2. Looking for new places to ride with in 3hrs drive of warrnambool. Been wondering about Enflield state park and if it's any good for riding. Any information is much appreciated or if someone knows the place post up a ride I would definitely jump on board. I find that there's very few rides posted up with in 3hrs of warrnambool area. The only rides I can really post are at Mt clay as that's about all I know well.
  3. I find soap flakes mixed in a spray bottle good for the lube. The front is definitely a pain to seal. I have put up to 50psi in LP side that seems to get the bead seated with a lot of soapy water and a lot of yelling at the tyre and throwing it around the shed.
  4. Welcome to Dirtriderz where is your location ?
  5. Some really good info thanks guys. Might try the cap and some Better coolant. The fan sounds like a headache. It has the coolant overflow bottle it still managed to loose nearly all it's coolant even with that on. Might have to stick to my 2+ rides until I get a proper enduro bike.
  6. It doesn't have a battery so not sure if I could fit a fan but will look into thanks.
  7. Ok cool thanks that's definitely worth me trying.
  8. My bike was over heating alot on a ride by over heating I mean steam and coolant coming out. Dose anyone else have this problem with there bike ? And dose it boiling over damage the motor?
  9. I set off early from warrnambool it's a 2hr drive to Mt cole for me.It was raining in warrnambool when left. Got to near Mortlake and the rain had gone. As it became light I could see frost in the paddocks. There was abit of a detour on the way up which I thought might make me late. I got there on time Pete and James were still in bed. Can't say I blame there was frost on the bikes and on James swag. I was a little disappointed that there was only 4 of us all up. But I knew Pete would put on a great ride and we would have a fun day on the bikes. It was my first time riding the Honda crm250ar in what I knew would be very challenging terrain. After a few hills and tracks Pete stopped to see how we were all going. I asked if we were riding huff and puff a really nice hill climb. Pete said we can if you want we head for huff and puff. I found the hill climb alot harder on the crm250 lots of clutch work being a 2banger. I can now really appreciate the name of the track now. We rode alot of tracks that I had never been on before my favorite was the log ride track. I fell off a fair bit, I was not alone. But picking up the crm250 was easy compared to the drz400 so it didn't bother me. I definitely missed having to button start though. My bike overheated a fair bit in the tight stuff which was annoying . Towards the end of the ride I was getting tired Pete swapped bikes with me. I was really struggling up a hill called quarts it had heaps slippery branches on the ground. Pete had to ride mine and his bike up I was so close to making it but was beat. Riding the ktm300 was like Holliday wheelies on tap with heaps of low down torque. At first I was bracing myself over rough terrain but the ktm floats over it. I was buggered after the ride. Farmer Brown and James left when we got back to camp. Just Pete and l camped we got a heap of wood. I lit the fire with 98 octane fuel I wouldn't recommend doing this as it's almost explodes when lit. We had a few beers cooked up some food and a pizza later on in the camp oven. And just hung around the camp fire chatting and listening to music till 1am. In the morning I woke with a splitting headache feeling unwell. I tried having some breakfast and a cuppa but it didn't help. Pete gave me some panadol and I went back to my swag. I heard Pete leave on his ride. Later on I got up and had some lunch and packed up camp. Pete was still out riding so I sent him a message saying I was heading off. It was so good to get out and ride and camp Mt cole has so much to offer. Pete knows the place so well and always puts on a challenging ride thanks again Pete for the awesome ride and camping.
  10. The yz250 has long gone blew up a few times. Then locked the bottom end up. I think I forgot to put oil in my fuel So the bike shop siad. It had not been running any good oiling plugs up.
  11. I thought it was a good watch being in iso and not much else to do.
  12. It's really anoying when your running out of fuel lost in the bush and all your mates are riding 4 stroke with plenty of fuel.
  13. https://youtu.be/IY4bPLwb1Z0 This is a long video but explains why auto lube is better than premix enjoy.
  14. Taking the auto lube system off some bikes can kill them as one oil line runs to the bearings.
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