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  1. Had a go at getting the dents out of my pipe today it moved them out abit couldn't get a good seal on the pipe. Pressure would drop slowly still managed to get it to 650psi. Not perfect but better than what it was.
  2. Has anyone owned or own a Honda crm250ar there a pretty strange bike with the active radical system. I just got mine back after over a year in the bikeshop getting a full rebuild.
  3. Husaberg te300 lowered buy 35mm put the Terra-× lowering kit in forks and rear shock done internally. Test ride in the yard it's awesome to able to get a foot down. As for out on the trails we will have to wait for ride in between another lockdown.
  4. Trailz your not that short I don't think you need to lower your bike. But if you think it will help go for it. I am lowering my bike but it is ridiculously tall for me.
  5. Good stuff it's good fun Mt clay abit of everything out there nothing hardcore there but still good fun.
  6. No heat required for the water pressure Kit but dam expensive $400
  7. There a good thing to have in the backpack and cheap as.
  8. I am sure it would be fine as long as I didn't go crazy with the air pressure.
  9. Yeah I have watched the YouTube videos very impressive and look super esay to use.
  10. OK I think I will wait till the water kit is back in stock. My father inlaw is a welder and the shocked look on his face when I told him about the compressed air and blow tourch idea put me off.
  11. So just compressed air in the pipe and heating ? I know you can fix them using compressed water but the kit is sold out.
  12. Anyone on here remove there own dents from there 2 stroke pipe. I was thinking about getting the kit from ebay and giving it a crack. Slightly worried about trying it myself as it looks kinda dangerous. Any advice much appreciated and safety tips.
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