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  1. Pookie87

    '12 WR 450F radiators

    Hey I have just replaced my radiators on the 2012 Yamaha wr450f got some off ebay they fit almost perfectly I am still yet to put fairings back on but so far so good
  2. Pookie87

    Replace radiators

    Ok will get in contact with them thanks
  3. Pookie87

    Replace radiators

    It was still holding fluid
  4. Hey Dropped my bike on a log and stuffed my radiator has anyone brought radiators off ebay ? If so did they fit alright? Thanks
  5. Pookie87

    New member

    Have been riding on and off for 4 years really just starting to get back into it.
  6. Pookie87

    New member

    Hi guys New to the forum looking for People to ride more regularly with. From eastern suburbs Ride wr450 Looking forward to doing some of the organised ride Cheers