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  1. Snowman

    MT Dissa Mon 5th Nov L2

    Well.........ended up with 5 riders meeting at 8.30 on a very warm and humid day. Maccastrewth was there when I arrived and 5 minutes later Floody and ScoTTy rolled up. Was a little worried about Mess but at 8.45 he rolled in and and was ready in a flash. Not a great omen of the day ahead when I was helping Mess get his bike of the ute and it slipped of the ramps. Handlebars did not touch the ground so was not a fall. Weather said 28 and rain but we went all day without a drop. Headed out on some tighter tracks to warm up and within 10 minutes Mess had a small off and broke his brake lever. Amazingly he road the whole rest of the day with about a 2mm brake lever so stopping was a challenge. Headed around through Anderson Gardens and up Quarry road where we stopped for a bite to eat looking over to the back of Hamburgers. After a quick break headed over to Hamburgers for a play. Mess was straight up without any issue or hesitation. The rest of us had mixed results but all needed a couple of trys to get up with one running out of lungs and headed down and then up the chicken track. I ran out of clutch on Hamburgers and struggled fro the rest of the day as could not come to full stop with out stalling. Then battery went flat due to so many restarts and finally ran out of legs after kick starting. Highlight of the day was a very high 360 flip over a log. Bike went about 2M in the air and did a full flip before landing on front wheel and putting the steering out. Decided definately time to head home after that. Thanks to the guys for a great ride and Mess for showing us how it is done. Heres a few photos. Timing with iPhone not great but the one of Floody over the log has to be the pick of the bunch.
  2. Snowman

    Lost and Found

    I’ve got a 2006 450exef bash plate if anyone needs one. Lost it on a ride and replaced it with a b&b one only to then find it on a subsequent ride. Cheers.
  3. Snowman

    What was your first bike ?

    An old Suzuki road bike with a flames painted on the tank. No idea what model is was but went OK for first bike.
  4. Snowman

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    First Dirtriderz ride for me but will not be my last. I enjoyed a great L2 ride lead by Coggs and swept by Dan, 99 percent and Macca. Was a great loop and a great group of 19 riders. Great variety of tracks that flowed well other than a couple of bike issues after short rest breaks. Was great to meet a number of people I have seen on the forum. Thanks to Coggs, 2T4me and Buzz for leading the rides and to everyone involved in organising the great day.