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  1. There a place in Derrimut selling the smaller ones quite cheap. No idea of quality though. https://www.radum.com.au/product/14436-136kg-300lb-motorcycle-lift
  2. Sold me on this - Ordered one today from MXstore.
  3. I'll take a Grey please Geoffro
  4. Yep Happy Birthday and congrats to the Admins and Moderators that keep it going.
  5. Great post. I have started riding with my girls recently who are 14 & 16. Other than private property is there any good places to ride bush type trails? Was thinking of going to try out Starglen lodge.
  6. Hill was much harder than looks in the videos
  7. OK...........bit excited again and arrived about 45 min early and Katman already there. Introduced myself and then went for a quick 10 minute blast to blow out the cobwebs. By about 8:50 everyone was there and keen to get going. Quick briefing and off we went. 3-4 km of fire-trail and then we stop for a quick regroup. Eagle has a n issue with the bike idleing and then running rough under power. Pull out a screwdriver to play with the TPS as he thought its might have been loose. When he turned it over I notice a bit of fuel leaking from throttle body. Pulled the seat off and turned the bike over and fuel sprayed out of a split fuel line. Day over. I gave him a lift back to the cars on the back of the 450 and then reture=ned with Eagle to the group. Load bike up and the rest of the group headed off - down to 8. Another 5-6 km of interesting fire trails. One of them a bit wet and slippery in the shadows and I was following Melissa who executed the best 2 wheel powerslide I have seen and road it through. Great riding and I am sure she meant to do this :). Got into some more technical trails and ended up at a very slippery hill climb with a step up near the bottom and deep ruts with tree roots on the way up. 4 had a crack and 3 eventually made it after at least 4 or 5 attempts. First to make was Brenegade - but he cheated. After failing 2 time on his 501 he jumped on a Beta X trainer and was straight up. He did eventually make it up on the 501. BigPete was next to make it on his second attempt and finally the award for most persistent goes to Jason who on his 4-5 attempt had one last go and made it to the top. See some videos to come in separate post. Took a different way up for the rest of us and that was a little sketchy as well. A couple of us ended up off-piste but all made it to the top. Lots of more tech trails and then swung past the cars for some food and lost 1 rider. Down to 7 and back out with BigPete now leading leading. Another hr of riding and Melissa and Andy decided to call it a day. Was a great effort. Down to 5 for another hr of riding and most of us starting to get tired so made a b-line back to the cars. 6 hrs on the bikes (not all moving) in perfect weather with great Dirtriderz - Perfect Day Out. Thanks to Brenegade and BigPete for leading and Andy for sweeping all day.
  8. Well done BenG what a great effort.
  9. Snowman

    3D printing

    Son said m.ender on Reddit is the best forum. Cheers
  10. Great ride yesterday. Arrived at the meeting spot about 40 minutes early only to find 5-6 guys already there. Obviously very keen to get back on the bikes. Said hello, got changed and then rolled bike off trailer only to find no front break. Very odd as bike had been fine previous day. Luckily Macca had some break fluid so gave them a quick bleed and all ready to go. Thanks Macca. Headed off and the first hill climb about 500m into the ride warmed us up as very rocky and cut up. Everyone got up with not too much carnage and then the tracks flowed nicely from there. Obviously I must have been very rusty as on one of the early steep downhills someone pulled up in front of me and I misjudged the the pivot point and went over the handlebars at 1 kmh onto a log and cracked front headlight and bruised knee - Gumby. At least good to see Bushy's video that even the higher level riders have the occasional off Had a great day with some challenging sections and some great flowing tracks. Around 1230 we crossed the main road and I decided that I should pull the pin as getting tired and making some silly mistakes. Thanks PJ for leading, Mess and Ricky for sweeping and Bushy for helping out on some of the challenging sections. Here are a couple of photos.
  11. From the DHS website FAQ - calls out riding a motorbike is OK as a recreational activity. Also calls out National parks, snow sports and hunting all OK as long as a day trip. Can I go for a drive or a motorbike ride as a recreational activity? Under the new directions, you are able to go for a drive. Practice driving is now permitted, as well as attending driving lessons. Victorians are being asked to use common sense when it comes to travelling. If you can walk or exercise near your home, you should.
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