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  1. For what its worth I had a similar issue with my 2006 KTM after overheating on a big hill climb. Tried bleeding numerous times to no avail. Pulled out clutch plates and a number of the metal ones were warped. Replaced plates refilled with oil and all good again. The weird bit for me was the clutch dragged when the lever pulled fully in but then as I let it out it seemed to slighted disengage and then reengaged as the lever was released. Below is the original thread that had lots of great advice from the helpful members on the forum.
  2. Great photos and thanks for sharing. Some of those rocky hills look bloody challenging.
  3. Great ride and great ride report Greasa. I have to say that today was as wet and cold as I have been for quite a while. At times the trees felt like a car wash as you brushed past and did not take long for my boots to completely fill up with water. But we pushed through and had a great ride. Great bunch of guys who all pulled together to support those that had some issues with the slippery slopes. I was a little worried when we got to the bottom of a very steep and slippery downhill only to find the climb out was going to be very challenging. I think Greasa was very kind suggesting it was at least 30 minutes. I recon it was closure to 45+ from the first up to the last. But we all got up and attached are some short videos of those that I captured. Interesting note was I heard the 1st 4 to the top of the hill unaided were all the more mature riders in the group. Experience does count. Tracks in general were really good with only a couple of challenging hills as Greasa mentioned. I did see a couple Kato 350 boil a couple of times on the first challenging hill and a Husky blow a little steam on the second challenging hill. RichardAndrew had a challenging end to the ride with no brakes. The last steep downhill was very hard with brakes and poor Richard came a cropper about half way down and ended up with the bike on top and body underneath. Lucky not to hurth himself. Thanks to Katoman for sweeping all day and Greasa for leading us around.
  4. Looks like a great ride. Gotta love the dust beards on everyone in the lunch break photo.
  5. Sounds like a great day and I am looking forward to joining the l2+ in a couple of weeks.
  6. I have also riden with Frankie at hazel wood before with AMTRA. Frankie seems to know the area like the back of his hand and spends all of his time with his dog creating great flowing trails. The day I road with him we covered about 80km of which all but 5 were tight trails. I recon Frankie is in his 70s and still outroad me on the day. Sounds like you had a great day.
  7. Sitting on the couch feeling a bit stiff and wishing I had a bit more bike fitness. Got to the United servo about 30 minutes early only to find a couple of the guys already there. Not to long and all 8 of us were there and ready to go. Murdoch lead the way up to black range road well up into Murrindindi. Was very wet and slippery and the trip in and out in the cars was a bit of an adventure. Got to unloading spot and the trailers and bikes already covered in red clay. Quick unload and straight onto a nice little downhill. Was still raining lightly and the tracks very slippery. I was travelling carefully and came around a corner to find bones off bike and facing the wrong way after losing grip. Group travelled well untill we got to a slippery uphill section where a couple of the team found grip difficult. After some help everyone got up but Bones bike was having some issues so he decided to head back to cars and call it a day. So down to 7 for the rest of the day. Murdoch has some great tracks and the group flowed really well. I was struggling with my choice of lines on the slippery uphills and making hard work of them but got up everything. Then he took us on a little track with many wet, slick logs across it. I was starting to struggle at this stage as a bit tired and lack of technique ment that I ended up on my arse way to many times. One of the time I went over handlebars at 45 degrees and knee knocked my fuel cap off and dumped a litre or 2 of fuel everywhere. Came to the next main road and Murdoch informed us it get harder again at which point I decided to head back to cars before I hurt myself. A number of the boys decided to join me and only Murdoch and YZ250WR decided to go on. In fact they may still be going. Had a ball but took 20 minutes at the car wash on the way home to get all that red mud of car, bike and trailer. A big thanks to YZ250WR and (either Pipsta or Chris C cant remember who) for sweeping today and to Murdoch for showing us around and for their patience with the slower speeds.
  8. OK.........thought I would just update this post given all the the support and advice given. Just back from holiday on Thursday and all parts arrived. Spend way longer yesterday replacing the clutch plates. What should have been a relatively simple task got a bit more complicated when I dislodged one of the clutch fingers when removing the old plates and it fell into the motor behind the clutch basket. This was amazing given the bike was upright on a stand. I could see the finger but with all the will in the world I could not get it out so needed to remove the clutch basket. Simple you say. Well first I did not have a 27mm socket on hand as some of my tools are at another property. Got a socket and undid the nut only to find the basket does not fit through the clutch cover opening. The 2006 has a 2 peice cover and needed to remove the whole engine cover so off comes the brake lever and removal of the engine cover about 1 cm and the finger rolls out. So all good. Put all back together and seems to have resolved my problem. Have only run around the street here for 5 minutes as only have Rec Rego but all seems to be good. Looking at the old clutch plates 2 of the metal plates are very warped and con-caved. Odometer has 11,000 km and was amazed by how good the internals look. Not the original owner so not sure what is original but the bike has been very reliable so far. Thanks all for the great advice and MrNoodles for his template idea which was very handy.
  9. Clutch pack delayed until next week and then away for a bit so won't get to swap this out for a couple of weeks. I had a bit more of a play with the bike and clutch today and some very weird behaviour. I started the bike from cold popped it into gear and all was good as gold. Moved the bike forward 10 meters and pulled clutch in and all good. However while sitting there with the clutch in suddenly the clutch gripped and significant clutch drag. I stopped the bike, pumped the clutch and started again. Same thing happened. All good and then after 10 seconds the clutch suddenly started to drag. I replicated this 3 or 4 times so seems there is a loss of pressure somewhere. So may be a leaking slave cylinder into the gearbox as flagged by Bear MX early in the piece as can not see any leaks at the master. I assume this is simply an o-ring replacement senario. Again thanks everyone for the advice and support. Need to fix this so I can get out riding again.
  10. OK.........while I wait for my new clutch pack to show up I decided to strip down the master cylinder and clean it all out as per Eagles suggestion above. Stripped it all down and cleaned it with carby cleaner before drying out and putting back together. Once reverse bled and pumping the clutch lever to ensure no air in the line it seemed better the first change but then seemed to get worse again. Is better than it was but not like it was. before the Hamburger indecent. Worried there might be a leak somewhere as if pumping the clutch it is better but then seems to get worse again. Have new clutch pack hopefully arriving today and picked up a set of half washers as read that if these get pressed they will cause clutch drag. Hard to believe that a simple washer cut in half would cost $14. Guess I should be happy that I can get parts for a 12 year old bike. will update next week once new clutch and half washer installed. Cheers
  11. Thanks BearMX for the great resources and advice. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos and along with the manuals and parts lists above. Looks fairly straight forward however in the videos it showed a set of rubber dampers inside the clutch pack but the parts list / exploded diagram does not show these for my bike. I therefore assume that these are a more recent addition and not something I need to worry about. Also great advice MrNoodle on the cardboard template as I saw that all the bolts are different lengths on one of the videos. Will let you know how I go next weekend. Cheers
  12. OK........have ordered a new set of plates and will test my mechanical skills replacing as well as looking at master cylinder. If I this does not work then I will hand it over to the professionals. What could possibly go wrong. Thanks for the advice from the forum members.
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