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  1. I use Locus maps. Android only but does a great job
  2. No problem. If in Mernda you should join our dissa ride tomorrow [emoji3]
  3. Was at max in Epping today as needed new pants after burning thought last pair and my leg in the exhaust. I was interested in the Fly Patrol over the boot pants. I am a size 40-42 and the biggest they had online at max was 40. However I store they had up to 48 in these Cheers
  4. Given the riders were all capable we had a go at a couple of harder obstacles. Most was L2 or L2+ and even the rock in question is L2 if the easier line is taken which was not the one in the videos but further around to the left. Would never want to lead anyone into anything harder than they were up for.
  5. Was a good day on the bikes despite a couple of minor incidents and a couple of sore bodies. 5 of us started on a planned loop but given Riles knew the area well we took a few detours and a couple of new tracks on the day. I personally had one of those days where I rode like a muppet with half a dozen stupid offs while Riles and Kmatt showed us how it was done. Ride flowed well until we got to a couple of harder hill climbs that slowed us down a little as Riles helped forge a few new lines to help us get to the top. Excitement of the day came when we were traversing some larger rocks a
  6. thanks Just4Fun for a great day out. Started with some great flowing tracks and with a small group all flowed quiet well. Was a little worried when you said "when you see the clothes in the tree on the right of the track stop and take a sharp right. The main track goes straight on over a cliff!!!!!" Thanks for stopping as I would have ridden straight on to my presumed death :). Second half of the day the pace slowed down as the temp warmed up. Got to a couple of play hills and Seano and I watched as Just4Fun and BarryT made it look fairly easy. Just4Fun even a]had 3 or 4 goes at th
  7. Just a reminder to the bloke with the Ute who left his boots and jumper leads behind to pm me to arrange to collect. Cheers
  8. Well the weather was kind to use today and despite the forecast we rode until 1330 got back to cars, loaded bikes and ate some great BBQ food before the ran came at 2ish. First of all thanks to Bear for leading, sweeps for eating lots of dust all day and all who made arrangements, brought BBQs and shelters. Was a fun day with a great bunch of guys and girls. With 40+ riders it was a little stop start but generally flowed OK. Extremely dusty and at time were riding completely blind just watching the taillights of the riders ahead. Bear put on a great mix of flowing trails and a cou
  9. Welcome Barry. Similar to you I needed to find riding buddies and Dirtriderz has been awesome. Check out the rider grading videos and jump on a ride .
  10. Mick............what a day - total riding distance about 900m. I am so sad to hear about the level of you injuries and I really hope you have a quick recovery and then we can try Tallarook again one day. Thanks to all on the ride for supporting Mick and helping with the extraction of man and bike (shattered top triple clamp). Like has been said already Dirtriderz members are awesome and pull together when needed.
  11. Yep I followed pepperjacks advice and got the blackview android phone. Has been great and just find using it so much more intuitive and easy to use vs my gps.
  12. Found forum when first started riding dirt bikes and was looking for advice and tips. Have always found people on this forum awesome.
  13. There a place in Derrimut selling the smaller ones quite cheap. No idea of quality though.