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  1. Welcome Barry. Similar to you I needed to find riding buddies and Dirtriderz has been awesome. Check out the rider grading videos and jump on a ride .
  2. Mick............what a day - total riding distance about 900m. I am so sad to hear about the level of you injuries and I really hope you have a quick recovery and then we can try Tallarook again one day. Thanks to all on the ride for supporting Mick and helping with the extraction of man and bike (shattered top triple clamp). Like has been said already Dirtriderz members are awesome and pull together when needed.
  3. Yep I followed pepperjacks advice and got the blackview android phone. Has been great and just find using it so much more intuitive and easy to use vs my gps.
  4. Found forum when first started riding dirt bikes and was looking for advice and tips. Have always found people on this forum awesome.
  5. There a place in Derrimut selling the smaller ones quite cheap. No idea of quality though.
  6. Sold me on this - Ordered one today from MXstore.
  7. Yep Happy Birthday and congrats to the Admins and Moderators that keep it going.
  8. Great post. I have started riding with my girls recently who are 14 & 16. Other than private property is there any good places to ride bush type trails? Was thinking of going to try out Starglen lodge.