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  1. Hi All, Not sure if this is in the right area of the forum , I'm looking for some advice regarding group accommodation in the Marysville, Buxton and Narbethong area, suitable for a group of 15 or so. Pub accommodation is great due to bar and meals access, but open to any suggestions. It doesn't have to be flash, have stayed at Woods Point, Jamieson and Licola to name a few, we haven't been to this area before, so just after some ideas. Every year a group of us from SA , in a club (AMTRASA) come to ride the High Country, obviously not last year !, I'm involved in the planning
  2. Trials Experience, Paul Bray, has a enduro/trials course, think the first one is today. Been a while, but it was excellent , very passionate about improving people’s riding , any discipline.👍