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  1. Dannoxx

    Hi everyone

  2. Dannoxx

    Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Sounds good to me!
  3. Dannoxx

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    I thought I may as well chime in here as I had a close call as a few of you know about a while back, rode into a rather large drop off and had to bail off my bike but landed badly on my right thigh which hyper extended my knee, luckly no major damage but its still sore 6 weeks down the track, although I now have purchased some POD k8s, they are very comfortable, but not cheap, i guess as others have said, I'd rather try to prevent as much damage as possible if I do have another lapse in judgement when it comes to large dropoffs and trying to fly
  4. Dannoxx

    Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    I'll be there
  5. Dannoxx

    Wr450f loose valve

    So tonight it got the better of me and I re opened her up, and measured the can lobes to make sure that wasent the culprit I also re measured and shimmed every valve from the lower end or slightly below, as you said middle inlet was .08, guess I missed this last night, they are now all gapped the more larger end of the specs. I did notice some strange marks on one of the exhaust buckets, like swirls but I couldn't feel any pitting or grooves. The intake buckets are all the same, spotless and look brand new.
  6. So I jumped in the deep end, well deep end for me, with my bike last night to do a valve clearance check, all were within spec apart from one intake, supposed to be within .10 to .15, this was .33, .2 over! Now I double and triple checked this and then adjusted accordingly and checked again, all the shims were around the same thickness so its not like someone grabbed the wrong one by mistake and put it in, something has shrunk in my valve train, which is the opposite of what usually happens from what I have read, of note may be my bike (wr450f 07) was very rattley before I did this, now it sounds very smooth, haven't had a chance to ride as its raining/snowing, am I gonna have problems further down the track with my valves, I'll prolly check again in 500kms just to make sure, has anyone got any ideas or suggestions on what happened with the one valve?
  7. Dannoxx

    Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    See you fellas soon
  8. Dannoxx

    Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    I'll be there
  9. If you don't mind a few trees there's plenty of rocks in cobaws, (near Lancefield)
  10. Dannoxx

    Lal lal 1 more time

    thanks mate
  11. Dannoxx

    Lal lal 1 more time

  12. Dannoxx

    Lal lal 1 more time

    Videos are incoming, im no movie director but ive tried to edit out the boring bits, theres quiet a few videos most of them fairly short, watch this space
  13. Dannoxx

    Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Sure is! Very wet atm though