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  1. Ok, and after much delay I thought I would give all you guys an update! The new Starter fitted by the previous Mechanic had a faulty armature, eventually not working at all. Be great if he would start to return my calls to discuss.... The reason it was so difficult to start when hot in particular, was due to a faulty injector. It was causing fuel to ‘pool’ and flood the engine. Thanks to all who gave advice and suggestions. Hopefully can jump on a ride with you Dirtriderz soon.
  2. Definitely improved starting during the bench test but I won’t really know until I take it out this weekend....fingers crossed but I’ll keep you informed. Thanks to all for advice and suggestions. Really do appreciate all the help and ideas, dirt bike community at its best.
  3. This is true, fault code would show and the orange light will flash.
  4. Cheers mate, of all the people I’ve spoken to, a common problem is the black and yellow kill switch wire and terminal. Exactly like you said, bad connection and corrosion.
  5. Yes, one of the first things, as I was concerned about it overheating. Running Evans now. Thankfully it has only ever done it the once previously and that was on a 38 degree day. Had a new stator put on it whilst it was in the shop.
  6. Cheers mate, this is another item I have yet to come across. I’ve put a new battery in and it’s worked amazing! For my own self preservation I’m going to have a qualified Mechanico go over all of these individual issues and let me know.
  7. Thanks for your lead, incredible but the new battery helped out! You wouldn’t read about it.
  8. I haven’t done so when it’s hot as it’s difficult to get to. I’ll take a look at it after I’ve run it and see how it goes.
  9. The battery in it was New a month ago with 160 CCA, minimum Required is 130 CCA, ive just purchased a new Lithium with 330 CCA and going to try this. Like you I think it could be more of an underlying issue. But it’s a starting point.
  10. Will not fire, I can hear the fuel priming and also has a new platinum plug.
  11. Yes, every time. But not when hot, it is only an electric start, so this new battery goes flat.
  12. This is a fresh one. I haven’t heard or come across this before. I’ve got the full manual so will look at what it’s involved. Thanks for your reply. Need all the options available to get this right. Cheers
  13. Hey Dirtriderz!! Am at the end of my tether! Had a whole lot of trouble with this ‘dream’ bike of mine. 2015 KTM 450 XC-F, 57.5 Hours and second ride after purchase the clutch burnt out. It came from a very loving, maintained and well looked after home prior. I’ve just had it at a dealer for 2 months to have a major issue fixed, in that it will not start easily or at all when hot. First time every time, cold but not after running. I had other things done also, fork seals Sprockets Chain new Clutch oil including Labour for a total of $950+ First ride back and the original issue came back to haunt me, 10 minutes in. I was stuck out at Neerim when this major fault occurred. I got it going again by rolling and using a portable jumper pack. Contacted the mechanic who’s answer was put the original pipe on and then ‘SELL IT’ Putting the KTM Pipe on, did nothing to fix the hot start issue. I need to have it fixed for my own preservation and morale compass...if and when it is sold but am currently out of avenues. I also have a pretty big attachment to it despite the heartache it’s caused me. I have inspected and checked: new Starter, New Stator, Throttle body sensor corrected, kill switch, fly wheel magnatisium, fuel mix (was rich), fuel pump & primer and lines, fuel filter (was dirty) auto hot de-compression, valves are all within Spec and talking to a dealer a new battery with a minimal of 130 CCA Lithium. After any advice or suggestions, I am totally stuck, do I just write the near thousand dollars spent off and take it elsewhere to someone that you guys could suggest, to please please help me! Thanks for any advice you may send my way. I’m in the South East suburbs of Melbourne, But I could travel anywhere to get this right. Cheers CRUZEE
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