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  1. Thanks greasa for another great ride on Sunday !!. ..a good mix of trails & glad to get thru some of it better than last time ..thanks to all the gentleman that helped with my bike & the weird way it seems to just fall over!! . & everyone's patience waiting for me ...great hill challenges & nice open trails....look forward to the next one. Cheers Melissa
  2. What mongrels! !..karma will get them..so disappointing
  3. Thanks Macca for organising a L2 ride, it was awesome !!. Although i was probably out of my depth most of the day, everyone was patient & helpful & I really appreciated it. Was good to be pushed out of my comfort zone & take on some fun hills. Had a pretty big kangaroo come out to join me on the track, he looked me in the eye before I screamed & he turned back ... lots of help by all the guys & apologies again for holding you up. Was a really fun day Macca, hope to see you again soon
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