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  1. Hey all, Does anyone have any feedback in Mo-tow style crowbar bike carriers? I'm considering one due to the take of storage space I have and lack of use for a full trailer. Do you have one? Do you like it? Pros/Cons? The family cars are a Commodore and Prado so no issues with weight etc. But I have concerns over how stable they are etc. Does anyone have one I might be able able to borrow/hire to try out or a used one they don't want that they might sell? Thanks, Troy
  2. Sorry, after all my searching and then asking for help now I find it. Last sentence of step 1 on the link if you're interested
  3. I'm after some help regarding RWCs for Rec Reg in Vic. I believe Rec Reg bikes are exempt, they don't go on the road and dont need to have indicators etc. They should be exempt from RWC however I've just submitted transfer paperwork for a used bike and have gotten an written response demanding an RWC. Does anyone have a reg clause confirming it is exempt as I now need to write back to tell Vicroads how to do their own job. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the invite, would love to, but like the best plans as a parent, everything turned to custard this morning when one of the kids spewed! I dont think im going anywhere this weekend!
  5. Hey all, Troy here, I'm just getting into dirt bikes. Beem riding other peoples bikes around farms for year, buy only just got my own bike. I'm late 30s, family man Md reaky just here to meet others to go for a ride with. I'm based im SE Melbourne. Hi.....