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  1. I set my yz 2 stroke up last year for rec reg. Had everything working after stuffing around and trying to get different globes working for the headlight. Finially had it all ready to go ,even the licence plate light even though i was putting it on the back guard after it passed. The night before the big appointment i started it up to check everything was still working (only works when its going) the # plate light wasnt working . I couldnt get it working . I figured after reading online id try my luck and hopefully get someone that wouldn't really go over it by the book. Loaded it up after leaving work early, i parked out the back and went in, talked to someone that didnt really know anything about rec rego. They said go out the back and I'll be out in a minute. I was waiting near the bike on the trailor when they come out with a folder and torch lol They got me to unload it and fire it up as they checked everything and ticked it off. After id turned it off and thought I'd passed they said " oh i just need to check the licence plate light to" . I told them i had to fire it back up because nothing works unless its going ..okgreat im thinking ive just wasted 50 bucks and a few hrs stuffing around . i fired it up and they had to get down low near the guard and muffler to try see it because of the angle ..... right next to the exhaust that was giving off some nice 2 stroke smoke. They tried to see it but gave up and said that will be fine after getting a few lungs full of smoke lol... I was rapted. Had a smile ear to ear as i walked out with my new rec reg plate.
  2. dep pipe and muffler...... was a major b***th fitting the muffler. had to get the dremal and grin /sand inside muffler to get it to join the pipe .
  3. Just wondering if anyone is going to watch this when its on ? I've been to the motorcross track when I've been out that way to have a look ,but theres no seating and im guessing the park area will be the pit area on the night. I'm thinking of going with the girlfriend, but at $40 a ticket i just dont know how well its going to be organized -viewing areas ect unless the tracks going to be bulldozed and its tightened up alot so the crowd can be closer. https://www.australiansupercross.com.au/events/round-2-bacchus-marsh-14th-october/ http://www.bmmxc.org/
  4. Sounds good. I dont know the area that good myself yet. But I'd be keen to find somewhere like that. We might have to keep a eye out for a ride out that way. btw im in hoppers crossing.
  5. I fitted a 3 gallon zipty tank and a wr400 fuel tap with reserve and also a 11oz flywheel weight. Im looking forward to seeing the difference the weight makes
  6. I have these on my bike i got to replace a bent one when i bought it. I've only done a few rides but they seem pretty good for the price. I'd buy them again. I have a bigger tank on its way over. I just hope it fits with the bigger radiators
  7. Thanks for the welcomes. I'm Looking forward to getting out there and meeting some of you on a ride soon. I'm glad i found this site ,so many cool rides posted and reasonably close.
  8. Hi . New to the forums and getting back into off road riding after a few years break. Only trouble is I'm having a hard time getting people to actually go riding with lol. Ive been out to greendale a few times but since I've been on my own I've taken it pretty easy and not explored as much as I'd like. I picked up a 2014 yz250 ive got rec rego'd so hopefully I'll beable to tag along on a ride soon
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