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  1. Well.. Morjef and I did an 11 hour epic adventure bike ride on Saturday (his first) and we were totally shagged last night. We saw that @jp426 had replied to the ride and as we rode bak through Romsey last night (late) I was thinking what would I say to warrant pulling the pin.. we really were shagged. We'd done Wombat Friday, Woods Point loop on the ADV Bikes Sat and had zero fuel left in the tank. So I checked drz and saw @MESS had jumped on as well. I said to Morjef.. looks like we're riding tomorrow 100% now - no pulling out. Rocked up (no pun!(Cobaw!)) at 9.23 and I was getting there why are you late signs from MESS and JP426.. wt? I'm 7 mins early. Quick kit up and we were off hitting the warm up loop. Morjef was on my 'Berg and I was on the tpi. We did most of the loop from last time that RIles took us on but added a few new sections in that we found.. one which I found a killer! --.. but, fun. Got to say.. twas such a good group. All solid riders - think I was the one holding the pace back! I put the Level at 3 as morjef is pretty accomplished and probably an L4 rider so wanted to try and keep him happy and challenged. Every time I looked back.. there were three bikes on my ass - nothing seemed to stop them in all reality. All in all a super good day out. 36km in 3 hours and I was well and truly shagged. Cobaw was just sensational.. soo much grip, so tractable - this is fast becoming my new playground and seems great for the skills.
  2. I heard the stories today!!! looks like you guys had a good ride. good to see some familiar faces and nice little pub you got there Harry
  3. so.. it was just us two.. smaller groups always good also, gives you a chance to actually chat and get to know people. Weather was just sensational.. home as I write this and I can see big rains coming so we literally got the best of the day. There is a nice warm up loop at the Start of Cobaw which was kind of our go to, we probably did that 4 or 5 times. It's easy at the bottom but pretty L3 around the back of the loop. We were keen to get better at logs so this was what we did.. just find good logs and practice.. as we headed off I said to PMAC, whilst pointing to a log(not the one in the video) .. "see, this is the goal - I want to be able to clear that" .. to which he said, looks easy enough. I was impressed.. then even more impressed when he flailed into it with what can only be described as exceptional skill and timing - haha, just joking. It set the scene for a few hours of what was to be quite tiring and somewhat humiliating practice. All in all good though.. I really need to do sessions more like this more often. I was a bit buggered after that few hours but I did feel my skills picked up so was happy with that. the final was a big log which I would always normally just look for a way around but instead I ended up quite comfortable just bouncing up and rolling over. Not quite Jarvis style - yet!!! Some video for some laughs..
  4. yes thanks @mrkiwimike for sweep... sorry mate .. I'm buggerrrred !
  5. What a day.. WHATT a day.. weather..Soo good.!! Tracks were awesome..thanks to Riles for leading most of the way.. can't beat local knowledge. 20 riders...18drz plus 2 ringins from the car park. All went well for such a big group. 1 bike ran out of fuel riiiggt towards the end..did someone forget to fill up.?? I'd write more...but, I'm well shagged and need food/sleep. Good to see yaz all and some new faces also
  6. picked up this very cool little meter - https://pokitmeter.com/
  7. that just looks good up there.! I drove up there rally car style years back and it was way fun. wish this weather would hurry up and passss...!
  8. https://youtu.be/Lk3HLMWM3Jc New sticker set.. plain orange was killing me
  9. Ive been out riding..ADV in this case..and come across sections of bush where all the trees have been blown over..like a mini tornado..crazy.. amazing to see. Can't imagine how strong the wind must have gotten.
  10. Pepperjack


    Ah ha, I always thought it meant 'by official decree' ..as in, it has value, for no other solid reason other than because I said so. Wanna watch something interesting... 'War by other means' ..
  11. Pepperjack


    Let what be done.?
  12. So far you're the only one interested Trailz.. ? Happy to program one up for you..grab a UV9R with Mic and programming cable(same as rwcfrank) and I'll easily get that sucker set up for you
  13. Pepperjack


    I'd love a dollar for everyone 'qualified financial advisor' that can't explain to me what FIAT currency is, of frac reserve Banking.. I was having lunch on st Kilda road last week..started up a convo.. he had no idea. Another $1.
  14. Pleasure man... I think we have a few more 2+ riders now.!! Keen to hear about your purchase...when it happens.
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