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  1. We ended up staying at Charnwood, east Lima road...right at the end. No 5 star retreat..but shower was great.., bunks were good..plenty of heaters..log fire..and you could not be closer to the bush..out the gate and boom, you're there. I'd recommend it if starglen not an option. Auscamp: Charnwood.
  2. That's awesome guys... just what I was after...many thanks
  3. Thanks man.. appreciate the detail.
  4. Thanks. No I just mean in general. Do they have warm showers etc? So bloody cold. I'm comparing star glen to a motel.. loving the idea of a good bed and warm shower. Trying to get a picture of whether it's more like camping or..a motel kn private property
  5. Anyone stayed there recently..? What's it like..?
  6. Delete please mods. Thanks
  7. Good inputs guys...thanks...looks like I'll keep my Berg [emoji2]
  8. What's 'the downsides' to running a 2T up there..?
  9. [emoji2] Speaking from experience here or theory?
  10. Have a KTM 300tpi 2t and a Berg 501 4 banger. I keep the 501 just for high country stuff. For a few reasons... contemplating doing some mods to the 300 2t to make it a viable high country cruiser.. What I'm wondering is...has anyone done it..does it it viable etc. I'm not after advice on how to make it work..mods to do etc..more so hoping someone can speak from actual experience.
  11. Got invited to an off forum ride at Dargo on the weekend with some non dirtriderz. Just sharing an update on Dargo etc. We stayed at the Dargo River in...wierd..the whole place is shut...there was literally just 4 of us staying in the Wentworth cabin..which as awesome..plenty of hot water and heaters etc..nice n warm. Dargo pub... interesting! You have to book and it's 100% table service, drinks, everything. You take your sear..and don't move until you're leaving the pub. Actually, it was a great setup. They're really working well with all the covid19 stuff, impressive. Meals
  12. Looks like Yaz all had a super ride... I'm just tucking into Indian and it's 28°C in da house. Someone has a nice Rooftop tent tho..#envy
  13. I saw a video about a guy making gears out of nylon...strong as..still no good?
  14. Thanks man...can you ask him what forum/chat group etc he finds most helpful. It's a bit like being sent in to space with a hammer and a toothpick and trying to work out how to make cheery pie..and whilst you know tons of people have done it're like..well where are they all.!
  15. wondering if anyone else on here has gotten or is planning to get in to 3D printing..? recently picked myself up a Ender 5 Pro - want to use to make little brackets and such nik naks.