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  1. On UHF radios (UHF handhelds as many of us have).. let's say we pick a channel - like on the weekend at Strathbogie, it was channel 12. All works well, but if there is a 4WD group on that channel or it just happened to be the local farmers channel also... as we're riding, or high up on a lookout... we get bleed over - of their conversation into our radios(crosstalk) - pain in the a$$. This is where CTCSS comes in. It's an option you can set - as well as channel, squelch and volume etc. think if it as a non audible tone which gets sent ALONG WITH your transmission.. (if enabled) and the other people on the channel (i.e. other dirtriderz riderz with CTCSS enabled) will ONLY hear transmissions FROM others with CTCSS enabled. It's super good, and stops interference, others, etc. No, the channel is not your private channel now but you can only hear people who have the same CTCSS as you set. So - for example, we'd all say - UHF Channel 25, with CTCSS '8'. Practically speaking - all Riderz would need this set. Us Riderz would ONLY hear people sending CTCSS tone 8 on channel 12 - no one else. If this is of interest I'll make up a simple video showing it in action and how to enable on your radio etc. If you reckon it's worthwhile please like this post. Tech Detail : Actually, the radio has a CODEC which takes the input from your voice in the microphone, human voices ranges from 200hz to 20,000Hz (Hi-Fi) but for a good quality conversation like a GSM phone call we only need to sample(encode) the frequencies between 300Hz to 3000Hz(Low-Fi). Using CTCSS inserts a tone below this 300hz, from 67 - 250.3Hz and this is what the receiving radio looks for. The receiving rider does not ever hear that CTCSS tone to his ear - it is stripped off the signal before the audio goes out to the speaker.
  2. Awesome videos@andy350 ..! That was Moi chasing the @badbadger ...was thinking...hope he doesn't come off...then..bam, down her goes...poor old badger, clear track and no obstacles..mateyyy @trailz ... This is the thing we were discussing about avoiding false neutrals..method 3 :
  3. I don't know mate...seems everyone has one but you and I... Ping@geoffro I'd say
  4. Too shagged to write much.. - sensational weather - superb grip on the trails..even the ones which looked greasy were good - camped the night that was awesome - BBQ lunch provided at half way point..super! - thanks so much to the ride leader, sweeps, assistants and lunch crew. - great views from big rock hill - many good laughs - a huge group but all flowed well..24 riders!! - few new faces..good to see you guys, welcome - hope I said hello to everyone if not..hello and hope to ride with you again.! - some piccys.. Where are we riding tomorrow!.???????? [emoji106][emoji106][emoji51][emoji51]
  5. Guess it goes way back to early days riding around Canberra in my 20's .. we would essentially just ride fire trails in the Brindys.. Power Line trail, Webbs ridge trail, waterfall trail, McIntyres trail.. the longer the climb, the more erosion drains.. the more endless, the better. These days I'm an ST lover on the 2T but banging along up Conway on the 4T is quite something for sure. Was chatting with a mate re Billy Goats Bluff track and Conway track - he said German spur is excellent.! so.. some math was involved.. ovcawse. climb 745 Mtrs in 3.74km - Conway track — Gradient 0.19 climb 1048 Mtrs in 6.52km - Billygoats bluff track — Gradient 0.16 climb 860 Mtrs in 9.53km - Turtle Firetrail — Gradient 0.09 climb 721 Mtrs in 13.45km - German Spur track — Gradient 0.05 To work out the gradient I took the highest point, minus the lowest point - this is X (the climb in Mtrs). Then the distance of the descent this is Y, in Mtrs. Then the gradient is X div Y. Not an exact science but interesting.. Conway then to Billy Goats bluff is my fav for this I think. what's your fav epic hill climb/descent - whats the distance and gradient.? Please post maps link if you have.
  6. Pepperjack


    massive greed and corporate crime does pay, for sure - 100% - it's just a matter of whether you can live with yourself. The dirty money series on netflix is quite good - I liked the 'payday' episode with the Scott Tucker story - nice to see him get put away, dawg.
  7. Pepperjack


    The only people allowed to launder money are the big banks.. see Netflix:"HSBC dirty money"
  8. Noooooooo....now mine is not working again. Just looked up the dissa ride report..no good for images, sad day in hell it seems [emoji13]
  9. yah, sheet happens man, happen's to all of us!
  10. sorry to hear that man - hope you're better soon! Was calling 000 or setting your EPIRB off not an option.? We rode the Wombat on the weekend.. the logs very slippery as - even little tiny ones I was not taking any chances with them, crossing every one at close to 90deg just to be sure. Going down off a log on an angle.. is just so unceremonious.. :-(
  11. Jun 2019 : We've ridden the wombat a few times and scooted in to the Blackwood Pub only to find that meals weren't on.. or we got turned away etc. We were there on the weekend and I had a chat with the new owner (Darren) re the situation. Turns out they had their chef leave recently and have found it hard to get a replacement chef(due to location) so they have a staff member chef'n who can cook quite well as long as the menu is restricted to the things everyone loves - parma etc. We had lunch there ourselves this Sunday just gone and it was good. More importantly, I was impressed with Darren's candour and approach. He gave me his mobile number and said that anytime we're planning on dropping in for lunch I can txt or call to make sure that we'll be right. I don't feel right about posting his moby here without asking him but if anyone is going and wants to check they'll be right just PM me and I'll ask for you np.
  12. hey guys. - .. some of the forums, have lots of sticky posts at the top. Wondering, if they are 'eternally sticky' perhaps the could be combined into just one post.? no issue.. just a thought, remove clutter. new members who post rides.. if they get it wrong others usually correct them either on the thread or via PM etc
  13. Was an update available now...did it..and.. working for me now. Haven't tested extensively but looked at a ride report and all the images loaded fine..so, for me, seems to be fixed. Yay. Thanks all that worked on it !
  14. Damn .. not working for me still..I seem to be running the latest version as I have auto updates.. PM sent geoffro with my deets
  15. Pepperjack


    this is really interesting... especially when you consider the interrelationships between it all
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