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  1. Rode down to Mum's place for good Friday... thought..I'll take the big girl and my Ham radio setup. I had a new antenna which I haven't used yet...turns out it works well. For those that are wondering.. it's like old school CB Radio on steroids. I was talking to Aub, his callsign is VK5QD and he's in Mount Compass, SA. 497Km away. We were on 7.130Mhz.. the signals are bouncing off the ionosphere between us. We chatted for a good 45 mins..clear as anything. Love a bit of geek factor on the ADV bike Vid :
  2. Dammit...oil leaking out of forks ..just slowly. What's the deal.? I will try cleaning them with feeler gauges etc..but I've forgotten what the deal is usually with this situation? Safe to ride this weekend? Or .???
  3. I just watched your footage and thought the same mate..I'd like to loan you my go pro to see what difference there is between your ming yang and the go ho. I know trailZ and Andy340s footage always seems to come up well with good audio quality also..what do they run.? GOPRO share price today..$6.71 a go pro, better still, but the company! Product still seems good though
  4. Fixed... reloadIt was....@andy350 in the pic.!
  5. Pepperjack


    It's Easter guys ... We all know it, often times Easter and XMAS period can be very hard on guys... especially those that are living on their own. Sooo...if you know a mate and they're solo over Easter..give em a buzz or better still invite yourself over for a cuppa. Whilst a beer seems like the perfect drop..I'd suggest a cuppa tea/coffee and a mint slice outa the fridge as alcohol is essentially a depressant so the cuppa is going to leave you and your mate in a better state of mind. RUOK [emoji108][emoji3577] If anyone has any good recent docos or dirtbike vids them here.
  6. Driving out of the city at 3.30 and I'm thinking...what a day.!!! I'm gonna get home..get the hear on the take either the 12hundy GSA or the 1290supa out for a late arvo the sunset. There is a spectacular road loop up around Pyalong.. it's just sealed back roads..but there are these huge boulders up there, hard to explain but it's really quite something. The paddocks become open.. short grass..very treeless, undulating but littered with these enormous rocks...there is something so nice about it..just cruising around ..and the sunrise and sunsets over these hills are just amazing IMHO. Thought to myself...I know a DRZ matey that would LOVE this..and he lives close enough by to be able to seize the weekday moment. Gave him a buzz..sure enough, he's keen. This guy is a through and through dirt biker..pretty well known here. NOT a road biker and doesn't own an ADV bike...yet. I've given him a ride on my GSA 1200 before..ear to ear grins..think he liked it.! So..we headed up the road from Sunbury to Lancfield...then off along the road to pyalong...then loop around back to Lancfield. Stopped to fill-up the thirsty Kato and it turned into a photo opp outside the Lancefield ex pub.. Guess who it is..???
  7. Gawd, that's a bit scary. I always carry a satellite tracker and EPIRB.. plus let someone know where I'm going. Few hundred bucks ...well worth it. Garmin InReach mini and Rescueme PLB1
  8. Hey man..looks good..I'm thinking you're on those fire trails just north of Bawden Rd.? I've done some of them on my 1290.. definitely interesting on the big sucker!! If you're heading up for a play .ping me..I'm in Sunbury and have been thinking of doing the same..good playground. Might even find a dead body laying around.!!!!
  9. SO.. I put this down as L1++ ... meaning it would be quite cruisey and perhaps some hard bits, maybe. Arrived EARLY (for once) and no sign of @Roland or @BearMX .. I was early. but I often arrive on time and feel like I'm late so I got there early. anyways.. not long after Roland rocks up with a schmicko lookin' Sherco.. and then so does BearMX in the Avalon with the Yellow Fever on the back. chit chat.. on the pegs. off down nuggety, slight diversion along the way to warm up.. down a more challenging track.. we're hardly warmed up at this time! .. it went down down down.. rutted.. rocky, worse.. one of those hills where you think.. do I have to come back up this..?? anyways.. Roland said he knew it and there was an end in sight with a nice view so we headed up to that. This was NOT L1 at all.. I'm going for L2/3.. quite challenging - but fun. then we stopped to enjoy the view.. back down and up that bruddy hill.. a few new clutch plates later we were at the top. some more nuggety then up to blue gum - BearMX says.. jees, my back is a bit wishy washy.. FLAT tyre. His alibi was that everything on his bike was Jap the only Euro thing was the tube and therefore that was the issue.... yeah, right. Took us ages, Micheal worked up a nice sweat while Roland and I added little value aside from humor and lever passing. Put it all back together and there was another hole.. the decision was made to just limp back to the cars and tbh I was more shagged in a shorter time that I had thought I would be.. that hill.. was a workout for sure. Plus.. I had two solid ADV ride days Fri/Sat .. that's my story anyways and I'm sticking with it. always good to ride with the BearMX and great to meet another local in @Roland hope to see you more mate. Pics...
  10. Awesome ride today thanks@andy350 and@ianm..after we spent an hour tooling around before getting going.! Bike prep being the order of the day. Dusty as all hell but I really enjoyed it..such a good bunch of guys..good to see you all and meet a few new faesces.! Nothing like a pray in words eh Mr Pell..I'll be buggered. Awesome BBQ put on by Andy even though the onion to snag ratio was a little out and no Marg.... C'mon!! Loved the mini comps chasing trailz, passing bearMX (!) And my endless hunt for Nic Cage(aka bad badger).. hey badger.. you seemed so close behind me but them I realised...(see pic) you appeared closer than you were.! Big thanks also to BearMX for bleeding Ouzo's brakes...and IanM / Bear for puncture repair!!! One of my most enjoyable rides...thanks Guyz.
  11. sorry Trailz.. I hate it when I post a question - hey, thinking about X and someone says.. nah, you need Y & Z and my thread goes al over the place - that's what I did - appols! ok... space blanket. I do think they are good and yes they are light. I carried one for years, always there as a life insurance type of thing. one day I decided, stuff it, I'm going to use this thing.. (for fun) and I opened it up. it would have been like 5-10 years old. it was folded mega tight and vacuum sealed. When I opened it, it did no unfold.. instead it turned into a million playing card sizes pieces of alfoil type stuff - it was useless. I thought to myself, glad I didn't NEED to use it! the lesson I learned from above was, replace often, I would say every year. I learnt also that they are quite small on size - by default, UNLESS you make a point of buying a bigger one, which you can do. they are way cheap. I don't think they handle poor treatment very well - this creates the problem when they move around and break at the fold points. I went down the path of looking at an emergency bivvy - which is the same concept but big enough to get inside, with riding gear on, just like a sleeping bag - but yes, it is bigger. there are options which are NOT a bivvy but are bigger than the standard el cheapo space blanket.. I would settle on one of those if I was going to carry something. Hope that helps.. let us know what you decide on.
  12. Maaaaate...that's a longer discussion. For my mind, you're best to carry an EPIRB/PLB and a set of matches/lighter.
  13. I'm after places close to Melbourne mate..! Tell him he's dreamin eh
  14. and one video :