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  1. Selling my gen 3 spot tracker folks...a good buy if your in the market Happy to negotiate of course
  2. Pepperjack

    Ultimate ADV trails

    got to say.. I've done quite a few ADV trails.. my area is mostly SE NSW and VIC... and, this week just gone I did a few trails and was saying to myself.. these are just amazing trails - I have to share them!! . Now.. to set the scene.. they are really L1 fun on a dirt bike but sooo much fun on an ADV bike that has a few twin pot powered herbs to offer - fast, powersliding out of corners ,, backing into the next etc etc. Serious grin factor. On their own, perhaps not THAT exciting but when you are riding them, at pace, all day.. woah, it doesn't get a lot better IMHO. My ride was.. Day 1 - Sunbury to Khancoban Day 2 - Khancoban to Canberra Day 3 - Canberra to Bega Day 4 - Bega to Sunbury they were all awesome days.. but the best would have been day 3 and 4. Tracks here : if you do them please let me know what you thought.! I'll likely be doing these again 26-30Dec - pm if you're keen to join! Day 4 was my absolute fav.. blasting all that way in one day.. the track out of Candelo - soooo much fun! was on my 1290saR - granted this bike does make even gravy trails seem like a spicey asian stir fry :-)
  3. Pepperjack

    E bikes

    went MTBing with a mate last weekend.. his Mrs has a Giant eBike.. was pretty cool. Seemed to work very well... they overspeed a little once you stop peddling - hard to explain, just wierd. Might get one myself at some point.. quite heavy.. not sure how it would go pedlling with a flat battery!!!
  4. Pepperjack

    EPIRB..PLB..why haven't you got one.?

    Hmm, this topic can be both simple or it can be hard - I think in all honesty, the people that would take the most from this thread care the least for details of this, that, the other etc. So I'll just say a few things and be a little vague on the detail. I'm going to suggest also, that when it comes to this stuff - I do know what I'm talking about. Not many people understand exactly how they work at a technical level but have also actually spoken to the IERCC in Houston or RCC Canberra or chopper pilots who attend these jobs. Its one thing to watch YT vids and do some googling versus having an in depth understanding with real world experience - you can be the judge :-) For the conversation - ELT/EPIRB/PLB are all essentially the same, just different form factors and specs - they connect to and send their signal via a non commercial government military grade system of satellites and ground stations called COSPAS/SARSAT. This system IS 'the shiit'. ELT - goes into AirCraft EPIRB - For Boats/Ships PLB - for bushwalkers, dirtbikers etc. Pepp's simple rules.. If you ride solo - you are nuts if you're not carrying a PLB. - Carry a PLB - I got my PLB1 for $286.50 from Johnny appleseed - they price matched ebay. - Have a Telstra Phone Service. If you are Voda or Optus etc HAVE a telstra pre-paid SIM as backup and stick in your phone if needed. If you have a loved one at home who is keeping an eye on you and cares etc.. AND you are riding in a group - have a Spot OR InReach tracker - Have a Telstra SIM or Service. If unsure - carry a PLB..!!!!!! $286 .. why are we even having this discussion :-) Having owned 2 Spot's and 2 Inreach's I can say InReach is now the better choice - IMHO it never use to be. - InReach is two way - that's cool. - InReach Mini is very cool - new device. Those Cable guys, in Warrnambool.. they would have pressed the button on the PLB (if they had one) and I would say in about 25-60 mins they would have had HEMS4 ( ) overhead with a guy coming down on a winch cable with a stokes litter. if HEMS4 wasn't available they'd like use a Police 4wd coming to them or failing that SES would come out. Moral of the story.. get a PLB.
  5. Just picked this up from Johnny Appleseed in St Kilda..$286.50 It's tiny. They used to be, a VERY cheap, ultimate lifeline. Stop admiring my surgeons hands(ok, IT geeks hands) .. added for scale
  6. Pepperjack

    Free to good home : ELIRB/PLB(2nd hand)

    PLB gone now..that was quick.! Congratulations@lockheed
  7. Pepperjack

    Free to good home : ELIRB/PLB(2nd hand)

    Hahaha..!!! I'm taking off for 4days on it tomorrow.. weapon.! :-)
  8. I've got a PLB (kannard safelink solo) which has passed its expiry. This means the batteries are no longer within spec. I was going to get a battery exchange service done..$150 but I've decided I'm going to buy a new unit. ~$300 So..I'm giving this older unit away on the following terms..: - people who actually ride preferred - people who ride solo preferred - whilst this unit is out of spec it will still work fine : of course, not as good as a fresh/new one. - if you already have one..clearly this is not for you - you'll need to register it with AMSA - if you ride solo at the moment..having a 'not perfect EPIRB' is much better than none. Case in point - the cable guys. - you could just get the battery service done for $150 and you effectively have yourself a new EPIRB. - even if AMSA say you can't use it because it's too me, you press the button in genuine emergency they'll be a coming. - I would feel comfortable that this will work well for another year at least. - pickup from my place in Sunbury...can't be assed posting it. Note : EPIRB/PLB are effectively the same thing.. just form factor. No lectures or commentary thanks. Just PM if interested. First come first served.
  9. Yep...when I'm leading a ride I always ask for NOK details or where they're hidden at etc. When you buy a Klim jacket they have a service(free) where they make up a plastic NOK card..pretty cool. Came across this a while ago..pretty cool
  10. Just on that...if You are the person carrying one...tell someone that you have it and how to activate! In case you get knocked out etc..
  11. The biiiiig question is..where were they..? I'm from a place near Warrnambool..I can't think of many dirt biking place..but I can think of one wild area of that area..ALL sorts of wierd stuff goes on Surely someone knows someone who knows where it happened???
  12. Where were they..??? Framlingham? I could see that happening out there. Why do so many dirt bikers NOT carry a PLB...shiit press the button and stress. $286... Cheap for what it is.
  13. Pepperjack


    @trailz..!!!!! Would have to be yours man.. LoL
  14. Pepperjack

    Dirtbike riders busted Herald/Sun

    What a load of Mum sent it to me also. Just BS and hype designed to scare people off. Keep doing what you love..stuff the authorities. We're moving head on into a world where no one can do anything accept become a debt slave and a drone in society. +1 red pill. The fact that they took a photo and put it in the media..shows what the real intent was. Can we delete this thread..if we give it airtime...we are giving them what they want..
  15. Pepperjack

    L1+. Adventure Bike Ride. Vic . 19-23 Oct

    The pics..