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  1. Pepperjack

    Can I ride in reserves?

    I know that area..quite interesting! As long as it's not private land..I would just ride it. If it's not private and it's clearly NOT marked saying no go etc...and your registered.. I can't see any problem. Police police police matters..road law, criminal law... Park for parks matters...etc .. question I would ask myself..if you were doing something wrong, who would stop you and what would the offence be.?
  2. Hey, I usually have been using Motul air filter oil.. I completely immerse the filter in the oil.. completely, in a small bucket..then squeeze out as much as I can. Messy job..but the filter always ends up well oiled. local bike shop man put me on to a different is much runnier..almost like petrol..goes on super easy then 'goes off' becomes tacky etc. But..I just don't feel I have enough on the filter, though I pretty well saturated fact some dripped I can't see how I could have gotten any more on. See attached pics.. A is the new stuff...and B is the older Motul stuff. Big question filter A well oiled enough such that nothing gets through??? I don't think it is, but open to comments. Last thing I want is a dusted engine. Not looking for a religious debate on methods or A done well enough...if so maybe B is overoiled.? These pics are taken a day after application A should be well and truly tacky/gone off etc.
  3. Pepperjack

    Don't fence me in

    So..I was up around the bush out there..and Southern Tablelands..Cooma way etc. I just love it, I was always perplexed to know why, then I realised that the places I like are places where the roads meander through areas without roadside fences. Kiandra would be a classic example. Are there many places in Vic like no fences?
  4. Pepperjack

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro

    My stock Berg Speedo is just junk... I'm so over it. Can the trail tech remind you of the need for service..based on hours or KM etc.? might grab one and take a love my gadgets
  5. Pepperjack worn.?

    Thanks guys... appreciate the input. Just dropped it at my local shop for some new bits.! Nothing more annoying than being the guy that holds everyone up.
  6. Pepperjack worn.?

    Cleaning the bike today and noticed a worn front sprocket.. and rear a bit also. Would appreciate some advice on how worn out would you say they are... - 0% worn : being like brand new.. - 70% worn : being change time and - 100% worn : being - don't ride one more ride without changing!! Front.? Rear.?
  7. Pepperjack

    Peppa3009 loop

    Yep..almost at that exact same spot. We had one of those guys that was obviously picked on at school. For the most part they're pretty good. Had quite an interesting chat to one of them about whether he felt they were actually making an impact. He said they definitely were.(he was quite passionate actually)..they're really just after guys with no rego or licence. I just hate the anxiety of this guy gonna show me how tough he is by pinging me for not having a mirror etc. But..98% of the time..they're just doing licence and rego..and for my mind..if they're stopping the deckhands that give us a bad name then thats cool with me.
  8. Pepperjack

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro

    Who was doing the service/warranty mate..the Aussie distributor or the US company? Good story..
  9. Pepperjack

    Peppa3009 loop

    wombat area. What a day for a scoot with badbadger! Weather started off a bit fresh from the carpark st Greendale. Quickly set and we're off. Scooted up Greenhills then we're into it. I had a stationary off checking to see if badger was with me..doh. we explored lots of 4wd trails.. they were sensational. We upped the pace a bit to ham it up and increase he fun factor. Over and down to the struck oil mine shaft.. time for a drink and a few piccys. We can accross a MTB rider who came to say hello. The MTBer then took off up the ST in the direction we were headed...serious respect! We never caught him..until we were back on the main road...the guy must have been smoking it, love to be that fit! Back over to the west side and trail after trail.. we were in exploring mode but we're setting a good pace. found some really sweet hidden away camps and a dam with nice camping around it. Over to paradise track...last time I did that it was boulder mayhem.. along the way came across some toolz that had drowned their pisbucket and we're winching out. We left before their redneck rope snapped.! Badger's bark busters had a bit of a moment so some trackside repairs were the order of the day. Track was all in all pretty awesome with a few pretty hairy bits in there.. definately not one for winter.! Over through Blackwood then badger says let's head home. Along the way we spotted JeffS(MrPink) and we're put through the usual checks by the cops on 501s. Nice guys this time around. All up we did 89km, had lunch on the trail and we're in the saddle for about 5 hours with minimal stops - couldn't ask for a better day.! The BV6000s was excellent for mapping out my track and getting bearing etc We took UHF radios also...super helpful, I'll be doing that again. Badger is now in love with his new stegspegs.. every time we stopped..Maaaaatey, these things are amayzing.. LoL
  10. Seems I keep getting half my nose cut up or some trees branch trying to slice the underside of my nose open..drives me roost. What do you guys use.?? Getting a smaller nose doesn't seem to be an option [emoji16]
  11. Ok..I'm loving the Ogio vest..and it has good storage..but if you need to add to do you do it.? Is let's say I want to carry one of those fuel bladders on my back for the high country ride etc. Just interested to see if anyone has done any mods etc to the ogio for adding more space as an 'add on' for some rides. Appreciate I could wear two over the Ogio..not looking at that option.
  12. Pepperjack

    Which GPS ?

    Blackview BV6000s running LocusPro. Use for creating tracks etc. Works a treat. See some conductive thread into your finger tips if required (cheap, easy).
  13. Pepperjack

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro

    I've looked into these a fair bit. I've heard only bad things, from people I trust and respect, first hand. Seems all their units have issues with water ingress. I've also heard that the local Australian distributor is not very helpful if you have any issues. I do think their tech looks good tho..I was keen to get one. I'm still kinda keen but I just think(and fear) the reality verses the marketing etc are quite real. My thoughts..go with the BV6000s and a UHF handheld.
  14. Man, I reckon that Clarke gear is gooooood. Take a look at this one, think it is what you want : I would also recommend emailing Clarke..I found them to be very helpful with their advice. Noting I don't have Clake, but if I do anything on this line of thought, it will be the Clake. My left index finger is missing its end (MTB accident) so that kinda restricts me a little.
  15. Pepperjack

    New to me Husaberg

    Frank was showing me pics at the GF Dissa ride...sweet machine. I have the same but 2 years earlier... Man, I LOVE it. Recently..been telling myself I'd sell it and get a 2T plus a Husky701...cover both end..BUT.. yesterday I re-aquanted my love for the big 'Berg.. love the power, love the sound. I also really like the no exposed bits PDS linkage system. I just Iike rolling over logs etc knowing I'm not possibly dragging the exposed linkage..BUT..Ive never known that to be an issue tbh. Love the look of the 'Berg lines, nice colours.