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  1. Pepperjack

    Sweet as GPS with offline maps free.!

    Haha . So the story goes like this.. - the spot tracker..set n forget. - the BMW GPS... useless (Garmin crappy unit) ..just got it because is reads info from the bike ..speed, temps etc. $1100 ... robbery! Never again - the unit top let is my main phone ... Before I got back into dirt bikes...I would use locus maps on that. Galaxy note 8. - got the blackview BV8000s because it is rugged and cheap and maps. If I had my time over .I wouldn't have got the framing GPS with the bike..and the blackview Android phone would be where the Garmin is. Easy [emoji16]
  2. Pepperjack

    Sweet as GPS with offline maps free.!

    Maybe a slight overkill but....
  3. Pepperjack

    ADV riding

    Fe501 Upshift... Yeah baby.. I've taken the 1290saR up some knarly tracks.. maybe that is the go. That weapon is a amazing and in a way the weight works for you if you work with it. I'm really liking the fe501 Upshift...hmmm... Good to need to seriously ponder this over some Woodend snot blocks!!!
  4. Pepperjack

    ADV riding

    That's a sweet looking machine, can you out up some more details and maybe some pics. I've been fantasizing about making my Berg501 a bit ADV.. thinking... Cush drive front sprocket, bigger tank, heated grips...tkc80s or Mitas e07s, better headlight, seat concepts seat. Love just riding trails... endlessly, flowwwwww...sooo goooooood. I used to ride my XR640 with a 15ltr Acerbis tank from Canberra to Batemans bay.. stop overnight, do it again backwards. Captains flat, majors creek, Araluen, turlte fire trail..mericumbene (?) ... Really good stuff. I see a few guys from time to time on back roads on DRZs.. I know DRZ guys love those bikes but for me they're too bland. Not knocking them..just not for me. I reckon these seem all right ...good specs and good price : Really got me thinking about ADVing up the Berg. Hmmm...
  5. Pepperjack

    Sweet as GPS with offline maps free.!

    Blackview BV6000. Currently selling for $182 on eBay. Brand new. Update : I actually got the BV6000s for $194 delivered.
  6. Pepperjack

    Thanks to the Ride Leaders and Sweeps

    I need to get on one of those Hazelwood rides...
  7. I've ridden ADV a LOT .. and whilst I love it(!) one thing I love more about Dirt Bikes is how social it is, how supportive riders are (getting up that hard hill) and how many rides are organized each weekend. All too often we take Ride leaders AND Sweeps for granted so lets take a moment to thank our Fav ride leaders. for me.. big thanks to @IanM he's been like my coach and friend, always inviting me to join him and Scott etc. Jeff from Torquay (aka Mr Pink). Such a nice and helpful guy, always up for a ride and knows LOADS of tracks. @Bear - often organizing rides - good rides, well planned and no stupid stuff beyond the level of the riders. I don't recall the sweeps (sorry) but they're super handy and, lets be honest.. it's always nice to know they're following along and there to help if you get in the sh!t ! Take a moment to thank your fav ride leaders gents, they deserve a hand
  8. Pepperjack

    Bears whippin it at whipstix

    good on ya @Bear for organising another ride.!
  9. Pepperjack

    Sweet as GPS with offline maps free.!

    Google Play > locus maps. Easy There is a pro version which has no ads...well worth it. There is no iPhone equivalent or anything like it. If you have an a cheap android to use just for maps. I don't know how carmine and Tom Tom are still in business when you come late costs and features.
  10. Pepperjack

    ADV riding

    That is a damn sexyass bike..!
  11. Pepperjack

    ADV riding

    I was talking with@andy350 today re this subject. I reckon there are two main types of ADV riders with two sub groups. Not always like this..just my ideas.! ::Twin cylinder:: 1a - guys that can ride 1b - guys that can't ride ::Single cylinder:: 2a - guys that can ride and love trick - the racehorse type 2b - guys that love the KLR/DR thing.. the Clydesdale type. River crossings and snotty tracks.. - 1a. Yes, bit prefer not. - 1b. unsealed? Is there no bridge.?? - 2a. All day, every day. They carry fuel or have a slightly larger tank so they can do it more without stopping. On the pegs. - 2b. Sure. No worries, unexciting, paddle away but yeah, can. The ideal bike.? - 1a. KTM1290saR - 1b. BMWr1200gsA or BMW F800gsA - 2a. Husky 701 Rally raid - 2b. DR650 or KLR650 But then there are always who is always pushing me, on my 1290saR on his DR650.! Just a bit of a ramble there.. what are your thoughts on the ideal bikes for each category?
  12. I'll go first 14 riders if I recall Single cornerman Don't recall the issue.?! Wombat Yes. Thumbed was ride leader and he had comms with sweep. Waited about 20 mins, I was first corner behind leader. The ride spread was about 3 km from leader to sweep by the time we realised there was an issue.
  13. Question... Just trying to explain the merits of the "cornerman system" etc to a friend. The question arose...what is the longest you've ever had to wait on a corner, when there has been an issue.? So, what IS the longest you've had to wait .? Post : - how long did you wait - how many riders on the ride? - single, double or triple corner man system? - what was the issue.? - where riding? - did the leader and sweep have UHF comms.?
  14. So I decided to get a brand new rugged (IP68) android phone. Blackview is the brand. Cost me about $180 delivered. No need for Sim ..use wifi to phone hotspot if required but not need as all maps are offline using LocusMaps. Was using a ram mount but just changed to quadlock..let's see how that goes.! The ram mount worked quite well but was a bit bulky for my liking.
  15. Pepperjack

    garmin etrex 30

    pretty sure it is this : show on map etc..