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  1. I didn't know anyone was filming me that day!! (In my dreams haha)
  2. I'm watching Connor McGregor make a knob of himself Makes me laugh.. he is a weapon tho, no doubt. Was funny to watch him against Floyd M.. yappy and snappy in the beginning then beaten down in the end. Then I watched this.. aside from all the team America Ra Ra at the end.. there's something in it for my mind : I have the Berg sitting nicely in the loungeroom with me also...keeping me company.
  3. That just clicked...derrr
  4. Yep, I saw that also..and..your answers? [emoji854]
  5. Suppose I should answer myself..! 1. I'd say 21 days 2. We had an exec coming from USA HQ to visit our customers. Our country manager told him not to come as he wouldn't be welcome/no one would want to meet him. 3. No 4. I suspect the panic buying will morph into other areas..like water and fuel with toilet paper being the biggest indicator of panic buying.. reckon the shelves will keep up with demand(or demand will drop) around 1 April. 5. Friend drove to Wangaratta (from Melbourne) to stock up on toilet paper 6. The endless question.. it would not surprise me if this was a biological warfare incident gone wrong.. I'm sure the Rothschild's of the world will be buying up the S&P500 for sure.. 7. I don't have a plan.!
  6. Oops...sorry mods.. somehow managed to post this thread 3 times! Can you please roll into one
  7. Ok..all jokes aside..this coronavirus situation is crazy.. panic buying is rife Toilet paper, wipes, sanitary gel, pasta, cooking oil, noodles, meats, canned fruit, canned veggies..even Harvey Norman has sold out of freezers..! Poll... 1. How many days worth of toilet paper do you have currently? 2. Is your work practically affected yet..ie less work or working remotely perhaps? 3. Are you being asked to take leave? 4. When do you think the worst of the panic buying will end..ie when supplies will flow again. 5. What's the craziest panic behaviour you're personally aware of (versus media) 6. Do you think it was released 'accidentally' to drive markets down such that the rich can buy up big on stocks and cash in mega.. or some other conspiracy? 7. What's your plan if you do run out of food?
  8. There is no perfect..but I would go ram.. with tether. Think I did a video on it and posted somewhere
  9. So..after using my baofeng a fair bit now in rides I've decided in going away from the cheep Chinese baofeng. Essentially what's made me go there is the quality of the remote mic. It's just not that good..I've had them failing and intermittent. I also had a ride recently in the cobaw where I was leading and I could hear the sweep calling me but he couldn't hear me. The baofeng is a pain in the ass to program...I can do it, bit I have to pull my hair our each time. So I'm just going to grab a GME TX6160 5watt with remote mic. See them in packs for around $270. My thoughts are... - stick with anything GME or Uniden - make sure you have 80 channels (some don't!) - remote mic is great..radio in pack and mic clipped to your pack strap. - 5 watts is best but 1 watt is also quite ok. - it's better to have a 1watt unit for circa $80 than NOT have a 5watt unit for $180+ - learn how to enable CTCSS ..so handy
  10. Yep..just combine tracks. I usually take ALL the individual tracks I've ridden.. and combine them into one big ALL_TRACKS file.. I usually have that not displaying but if I am somewhere, and looking to go somewhere else..I'll switch that file on to see all possible tracks I've done before. For my mind one of the key skills with locus maps is track management. Generally the less showing the better I reckon.
  11. I would go the 6000s model...be good to catch you oñ the next ride!
  12. Crew : Pepperjack, @BearMX @Clarkey450 Audio Ride Report : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pwoEuzViAQftVU010pty2r2nHtfAMvKz VIdeo link to the route : https://www.relive.cc/view/veqzD4LorBO Pics to follow. Awesome ride..!!!
  13. I heard a bit of the word on the street that they will end up being a Suzuki dealer..and perhaps Holden parts and service etc as suggested. .. interesting..
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