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  1. So... I had this great idea of doing an explore ride and finding some new routes. We parked near Carroll's lane and headed south..i was keen to check out some of the tracks which have just been opened as a warm up...I thought they'd be boring but they were quite enjoyable.. challenging, flowing, pretty quick. It was a good crew ..just 4 of us which seemed to be a good size and dynamic. As we got south a bit I remembered I had a geocache stashed at a sacred site...so we vectored for that..a little overshoot , back to the parking spot then a short walk to GZ for the geocache. Bit of a story to it..I out it there years ago..and I kinda like that It just stays there..wind, rain, sun..always there.@MESS hadn't seen a geocache before so I have him the brief and he performed the mandatory log singing ceremony. Then we went and had a play in the 4wd training quarry which was cool and I had my first off for the day! We headed back north and some clown suggested we 'have a look down this track, pretty sure it goes somewhere' ..so..we headed down..4wd track...it goes steep, steep, shaily, steeper steeper...got to the point where I was walking the bike down... and thinking...what have we got ourselves into here! Once at the bottom we all agreed that wouldn't be a lot of fun to try and get back up...it was really loose and shaily. In the old days I'm sure the would have had a horse and cart down there.. mining..crazy. a quick break and we headed off for 'the way out' ..it got interesting quickly.. a short steep pinch then some more harder stuff which saw us all working as a team with straps to help each other..we were all totally shagged..don't think I've been that shagged on any ride I've done. Whoever the guy was that suggested we go down that track..I'm not listening to him again! This section was definitely a 3+ ..level 4 for me. Once we got up there we hightailed it for the cars along obriends road.. All in all a great day out!
  2. Nice wrote up and pics man...think I'll save that one for when the rivers are down a ways!!
  3. Thanks for doing the ride report Dan.. What a cool bunch of guys and an excellent day for a super loop. Soo love them trails and the 1910 loop is becoming a fav..seems a good mix of it all. Not so sure about that 'little bit I added on' between the top of lunchtime hill and the cars.. definitely not a winter option that section. So enjoyable seeing happy faces each time we stopped. I lay on the couch when I got home and just woke up..I'm shagged!! Some toast and off to bed..love being so shagged after a ride. Thanks again guys!
  4. I meant sew in the the gloves!!! some gloves (more these days) are already smart phone operable yea.. loving the 300 - soo good out there. Having said that.. I REALLY loved the berg down at Dargo.. OMG soo good.. the powa !!
  5. Pro tip....sew in some conductive thread to your finger tips.. perfect!
  6. This is the GPS (aka cheap rugged IP18 Android phone) I was using to guide us around yesterday... Blackview BV6000S Average price at the moment seems to be about $192 AUD. Locus Maps (AWESOME!!) No Sim, Bluetooth, Wifi turned off. just using GPS. I turn on Wifi at home if I want to transfer something or hotspot to my phone. I use a Ram Mount X Grip with an old Go Pro tether. I worked out that you need to have the ability for something to give, therefore a solid mount doesn't work - it will just break. On the very very odd occasion where my knee knocks it out of the X Grip.. the tether catches it well, I have it on a very short leash. Check out this Ruggedness test - amazing.
  7. what a day..! just amazing. Rained a bit in the morning.. we rode from 9.15 till 2.30 - 66km and just a boatload of fun. One of the more enjoyable days out in the wombat. Highlights... Nerb forgot his helmet .. thanks Trailz for having a spare.. life saver!!!! @Liammcguinness - did amazing for his first 2+ ride.. it was solid.. we tested him out for sure. Hope we see you out there again Liam! @Tricky Micky retired with a sore ankle - hope you're good there mate @TRAILZ didn't seem to be able to keep his bike up!? I think it had a horizontal penchant @Danielc was no fuss all day.. great rider. Some leccy problems on the gas gas.. hope you solve those! @MESS was a superb sweep - keeping us all together This loop is known known as the 1910 loop.. i'll be doing that again!!
  8. What resolution did you upload? I think in reality anything less than 1080p is just a no go. I'm a big fan of 4k videos...so good to watch. Take a while to upload I know..but..just set and forget and let it go.
  9. that ride looks good.. said it before.. I need to get up there some time! I could only get real low res footage @TRAILZ - not sure what res you uploaded but I was lucky to get 240p .. sadly. Looks so good from what I saw.
  10. not exactly sure that is what paradise looks like!!!! - but great pics :-)
  11. Both good ideas.! Any others..?
  12. I'm looking for a way to fill my bike from those big awkward 20ltr red Jerry can. Sure we all know it...heavy, wierd angle, fuel dripping, flick the yellow spout..etc etc . For a while I've thought..these suck..need to get something else. I know about those fast flow race ones etc. But...I now have to solve this for my 76yo mum and her rider mower. Anyone came up with good viable relatively simple solution to this.? I'm thinking..put container higher than fill point, use hose...will flow from higher to lower.. Or.. Perhaps small electric pump.? Ideas..? This must work with your standard 10/20ltr red plastic Jerry..using a different fuel container, in this case.. is not the solution.
  13. I usually make sure I have a ride buddy..for example in the Strathbogie ranges ride I asked Harry daggers .. so he knew I was carrying an epirb, where the keys to my car were and how to get my NOK out of my phone etc..
  14. Woah...back at camp Dargo Check out Billy goats bluff track day 2 on Relive! https://www.relive.cc/view/vNOPnnNjy2q
  15. Well, day 2...what a day. Started off doing some work on the laptop by the river..temp was getting up.. thought I best be getting on the Berg and blasting back up this sensational track. Did the same track/route as yesterday..but quicker. Not stopping taking video etc. Arms bugggggered..or maybe more to the point BERGerrred from just holding on for so long. This track is just so epic..it's well worth it just for this return loop alone. New owners at the Dargo general store make a great bacon and egg brekky roll plus really nice people. The guy there is a 300exc rider and knows this area pretty well. Doesn't get much better than this for high country riding. When I'm getting into this track I just keep Thinking to myself..wtf was I doing riding down this on a fully loaded 990adv ... Never again! Current location: http://maps.google.com/maps?z=15&mrt=loc&t=p&q=-37.442770%2C147.038781 .
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