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  1. Cool mate. I think dirt girlie might have something in the works for one of the weekends coming up.
  2. After seeing what you could do on that klx with road tyres at the beechworth ride i think you'd love any small enduro bike. From memory youre based in wodonga. More than welcome to try my bike - im sure dirtgirlie or i will get organised and post a ride soon.
  3. Jarvis doesnt need goggles. Roost just goes around him
  4. Thanks Miranda for putting on a great ride. Great bunch of folks - come back up this way anytime! Completely humbled by Lucy who not only conquered all the hills on a stock klx 250 with pretty worn road tyres but kept pace all day with bikes that had more than twice the power. I have to come clean - i did ride past the lead rider (because i thought he was on a corner) but i think i got away with it....
  5. This guy sounds like a dirtbikers version of the bigfoot or a malevolent bunyip - a mythical creature that makes for some cracking fireside tales to scare the youngins. But i am intrigued... Without a website, a registered business or any kind of contact info that comes up when you google Klaus Mueller, how on earth do you get on one of his tours in the first place? Or does he change form like a shapeshifter and lure one in under a different guise?
  6. Hey mate im over in Albury. Id be keen to have look over that way - always seem to go east north or south. Give us a shout next time your heading out.
  7. Hey bassman, hope the bike was an easy fix. Must say, my slow riding and balance has improved markedly since the weekend and i didnt even need to clean my air filter ...good to meet a great bunch of people and will be coming back to starglen next year for sure!
  8. Love the info and map on the video. How did you do that?
  9. Hey Tarz, where abouts in north east vic?
  10. Ive found another hundred odd k's of tracks inside woomargamah. Im sure there's more. At first i was worried they were walking tracks or something as i couldnt see a sign of tyre marks of any type and i couldnt find a map on google that listed the tracks. But theres no signage to indicate no vehicular traffic so i figure it must be all ok.
  11. Hey snowdog, i am on that forum. I used to have a husky 610, but riding on the road was boring and i was stuffed by the time i got to the interesting paths lesser travelled. I decided to make my adv setup a 4wd ute with a sherco 4t and a 2l fuel bottle. I feared scorn from the adv fraternity so i jumped on this forum(under a different moniker). If your up for a spin through woomargama on saturday,im heading there. In the process of mapping the whole area. Fun riding for any size bike.
  12. Let me know when you're up - buller to harrietvilles a decent ride. Ive been looking at doing the reverse for a while.
  13. Let me know when your up. Im out riding most weekends and happy to show you some of the stuff ive found. Happy to explore too - theres plenty to see up here.
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