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  1. Irish_newbie

    New rider looking for riding buddies

    Thanks guys . And yes I'll try that mister noodles and if I'm ever in Victoria il hit you up
  2. Hey guys ! My names Lee I'm 24 Irish and I'm just after recently getting my first bike a husqy wr300 which I know probably isn't an ideals "learners bike" but it fell to me at a good price and I have always wanted a bike so just went for it. Iv got all my gear and am keen to get out there and give it a go only problem is I don't know anyone that rides bikes or any local trails etc here (Orange Nsw) as I haven't been here for long, anyone willing to show me the ropes would be much appreciated. I'd be interested in anything really eventually I would like to get into the racing but want to get some riding under my belt first probably trails or some track day riding I'm easy going and am don't mind doing a bit of traveling if needs be cheers in advance Here some pics of the bike I picked up