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  1. This is for the 14 model which run the same cylinder etc as the 16
  2. Who's doing the Kenda rally

    If the bike is going - possibly - did it 3 years ago - slippery as f#$k - make sure you have heavy duty tubes or better - very sharp rocky terrain. Still had a blast. Dont know why the idiots sit there 10 mins b4 the start line gunning there bikes - nearly died from the fumes.
  3. Dirt bike tours meets Hunger Games? Ooh yes bring on Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Not quite a barn find.

    Noooooooo thats sacrilege
  5. Not quite a barn find.

    That would have helped - you could have thrown out the old tv's and vcr units & made space for it
  6. Not quite a barn find.

    Funny - havent seen any DT1's on the track lately Seen heaps of old TV's & Beta VCR's at the local rubbish tip tho
  7. Not quite a barn find.

    Yeah because theyre worth so much nowadays - and in the future will be worth even less
  8. Probably did a runner from all the death threats
  9. Fark that - now that i know i will let others know He should have at least given you a refund I wouldnt be happy if someone dragged my bike - & broke something without asking What a crook Im actually reading some horror stories about Klaus Hitler right now - from way back in 2006 This one from DBW "Yep ,Ive been on a High Country Ride with him,I thought Klaus was a knob and would never go on another tour with him,this is why 1. He has no communication between lead and sweep 2.He dosn't carry a sat phone or eperp 3.He will ride off while everyone is getting there gear on and leave everyone behind 4.On the ride I was on two of the guys was suffering fron heat exhaustion because Klaus dosn't pre ride any tracks and got us stuck on a track where a storm had come through and had to lift 12 bikes over at least 60 large trees. 5.He dosn't give a shit about his clients and was happy to leave the guy with heat exhaustion behind. 6.Another guy I know went on a ride with him when they came across another trail bike rider broken down,the guy I know stops to help and Klaus tells everyone to leave him because his not with us. 7.His a arogant **** head Have Fun"
  10. Rec Reg.

    Bit like the mirror - as soon as you get rec reg - watch that baby fly
  11. Rec Reg.

    Probably wiring up a new light as we speak
  12. Rec Reg.

    Is this a new thing "white number plate lamp" ? never had one on any bike ive rec reg'd - usually they dont even look at the bike or ask you to start it up
  13. Dargo ride

    Dunlop mx51 med rear are good
  14. RM50 resto

    I wish someone would reproduce 78 rm50 plastics - rare as rocking horse doo doo
  15. You can get replacement patellas