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  2. Seaton L2 Stepup

    Sounds like a good ride - Seaton has it all
  3. The Walking Dead

    why ? its not like one of those series that start off good, then start learning about everyones personal lives and dramas like Days of Our Lives ?
  4. The Walking Dead

    never watched it - not much of a tv addict have watched every episode of GOT - now thats an awesome show i will check out TWD
  5. Tubeless tire sealants

    anyone tried those tire beads ?
  6. Is this legal?

    yeah its fine - number plates is clearly visible - not obstructing anything
  7. Probably just stole it
  8. My 14 model - i used to get around 100k on a full tank - about 75 on reserve what fuel ratio are you running ?
  9. Gypsys Tour De Wombat

    Aha - get it now
  10. Gypsys Tour De Wombat

    Whats this pornstar thing ? something ive obviously missed in the last 51 years
  11. Gypsys Tour De Wombat

    Looks like a similar hill near Woods Point thats a bitch to get up in the wet
  12. Radiators..

    Alot of riders have used the GPI and are more than happy with them and are cheap - not all chinese stuff is crap.
  13. Broken molded plastic

    arent the KTM ones the same ? part number 77141001000 few used ones on ebay
  14. My IT250K

  15. glasses problem or not?

    Use OTG goggles Use QuickStrap if you havent already - so much easier when stopped. Have used Catcrap -antifog - still fog up RainX i seem to get good results from - i use it on goggles and glasses. Still fog up sometimes - which is where the Quickstrap comes into play to let some air in.