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  1. Stay away from those ones that say "hard to start - just needs a tune" - especially 4 strokes
  2. So is that 6k in parts or half labor half parts
  3. Sounds like classic case of depression and anxiety motivation is the key
  4. Ebay will have alot of parts - postage will be the killer if you have to source overseas motorcycle wreckers as well i had the TT250G - first resto i ever did
  5. yeah i realize its a wall mount - just thinking of some support from the ceiling to take the weight
  6. anyway to support it from the ceiling as well as the wall ?
  7. How many are still running OI and how many have deleted it
  8. What about crank bearing failures Anyone had any issues?
  9. like i said its not stock - have taken it everywhere
  10. Yep I swapped mine out for a manual tensioner after mine failed on a dargo to Seaton run
  11. Mine isn't stock tho has a few mods RFS were good engines
  12. Nah I'm getting another 2 banger Sick of valves and shit
  13. Haha yeah that was a while ago I owned that My 2nd bike I owned back in NSW Back in about 82 1975 Bultaco 250 Frontera