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  1. Sabre

    Peak hour traffic

    Most of the time i stick to the speed limit - lets face it we all speed - and even when im doing 100 i still get overtaken When i check the GPS im actually doing between 3 & 5k less I've been good lately - been getting over to the left to let the right lane pass me - let them speed and get caught But are they actually speeding if my speedo isnt accurate - mmmmmmm Or is the GPS not accurate ?
  2. Sabre

    Wr450 08 clutch actuating arm

    looks good to me - cant see any wear where the push rod touches the shaft
  3. Sabre

    2013 rmz 250

    they do tanks for the earlier models - cant see anything for the new models you always have the handlebar fuel tank option
  4. Sabre

    Peak hour traffic

    Haha im one of those ones that sit in the right - just to see the reactions i get - when all im doing is preventing ****heads from speeding - i dont move by the way - no matter how close you get. [emoji14]
  5. Sabre

    Peak hour traffic

    Fark that - i would be GPSing all the back roads just to make up that extra minute
  6. exactly - a few teeth missing at least
  7. Why thankyou - yes i am a bit of a bike nut
  8. Sabre

    2000 Yamaha RT 100 Tires

    Try Shinko
  9. Sabre

    KTM Rubbish

    You can have it
  10. Sabre

    bash plate needed

    Try Hyde as well
  11. Sabre

    bash plate needed
  12. Sabre

    KTM Rubbish

    Yep theyre shit - its all rider