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  1. Sabre

    bash plate needed

    Try Hyde as well
  2. Sabre

    bash plate needed
  3. Sabre

    KTM Rubbish

    Yep theyre shit - its all rider
  4. Sabre

    Wr450 08 clutch actuating arm

    Should only be the circlip holding it in - might pay to release the clutch spring pressure
  5. Sabre

    Who can name these two riders?

  6. Sabre

    What brand fork seals?

    Rebuilt my 48 wp with pyramid parts and all-balls - no issues yet
  7. Sabre

    1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Any bits youre struggling to find ?
  8. Sabre

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    If it was a KTM - everything
  9. Sabre

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    Yeah they sound like Radio controlled cars
  10. Sabre

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    Definitely be watching this one - would throw a spanner in the works for sure
  11. Sabre

    KX Paint

    One of my pastimes - restoring dirt bikes - i did that when i worked for Sale Honda many moons ago
  12. Sabre

    KX Paint

    This KX65 i did with a Supercheap Lime Green - Export rattle can
  13. Sabre

    KX Paint

    Depends if youre after OEM colour or not which is Lime Green KAW002
  14. Sabre

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Didnt know KTM made their own tyres
  15. Sabre

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    yep bugger them - obviously crooks