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  1. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    thanks petev
  2. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    The KLX150 seams to me to be a cracker of a deal for a learner and are seriously considering it. The 2016 SWM RS300 R for $8200 with 12 months rego is a contender with one downfall is the seat height at 963mm.
  3. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    Good adventure, and those pesty little klx riders1
  4. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    Considering the 2016 SWM RS 300 R as they are incredible value, lower maintenance intervals than the likes of KTM. Seat height is my only downer
  5. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    The weight of the WR is a downer to learn on. I hear it is top heavy making it even harder to learn the ropes. The Kawasaki 2017 KLX 150BF SE seems to be a safe choice for less than $5000 new.
  6. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    Lockyer National Park is one of the closest. Are you allowed to ride single tracks in these dirt bike permitted parks or only dirt roads?
  7. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    The seat height at 963 mm is I think too high for my confidence building
  8. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    Thanks PeteV, This KLX150 you recommended so far seems to be the safest and easiest to learn on. Was thinking of a Honda 230 but it cannot be registered. This could be the bike to cut my teeth on, thanks.
  9. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    I don't know anything about carbs, so when I read that seasoned riders and experts spend a couple of hours getting it right, what chance would I have?
  10. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    I have eliminated the ktm 250exc because I am not a mechanic and the write ups about those new carbs suggests you need to be incredibly patient. The Xtrainer low seat and cost is appealing but without a kick starter leans me towards the rr250. The plush suspension on the Xtrainer seems good for learning on, but can't one just dial the rr250 suspension down to give it very similar riding characteristics ? really?
  11. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    my bike is not going to look new for very long I know. Beta plastic seem to get a bad rap for their brittleness.
  12. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    I see your logic with learning on lower capacity.....probably learn faster too.
  13. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    I think the easy way
  14. New Dirt Bike for Beginner

    I get what your saying. My plan is to learn how to control slow 1st and slowly progress to faster once my ability grows. I don't think ill be roosting around fire trails for a long while. Will try and have a sensible approach.