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  1. ray.g.35

    Goldentyre 216AA

    Thanks guys contacted illusion and is hooking me up and will fit [emoji106]
  2. ray.g.35

    Goldentyre 216AA

    Reviving this thread... I recently replaced the rear and refitted the Mich star cross soft on my Kate 350, been happy with the star Ross Now the front needs replacing and considering fitting the GT fatty Where in Melbournes west or north can I buy and fit this TYRE?
  3. ray.g.35

    Forma boots sale

    That’s definitely a big win for you, good on ya What was the issue with the 1.0?
  4. I’m with QBE and have cover with rec reg, they were the best deal I found Full comp around $360/an
  5. ray.g.35

    Will Max graphics

    Nice guys too btw, did a custom set of side shrouds for me and quality of film and print is awesome
  6. ray.g.35

    Tapatalk login problem

    Damn I thought it was my poor memory of log in dets as to why I could get back on Anyway good to know it wasn’t me and thanks for the efforts in getting it back to biz Now I’ve joined up the FB page too [emoji869]
  7. ray.g.35

    350 riders

    Get the ECU remap done which helps with flame outs, mine doesn’t flame out at all since and still managing 120k’s from a tank with a 1/4 tank of fuel still left
  8. Buxton hotel a week ago
  9. ray.g.35

    New knee braces.

  10. ray.g.35

    New knee braces.

    What brand are the pods? Anyone have a pic?
  11. This stuff, this has worked pretty well for me and also contains magnesium
  12. ray.g.35

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Great that's what I had thought but thanks for the tip
  13. ray.g.35

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Picked up a slightly used pair of Asterisk ultra cell braces, the fit is good but is there anything particular in adjustments to make sure it works how it should?
  14. ray.g.35

    In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Saw these in FB today Seem low priced and wonder how they perform against other more expensive brands Anyone have any experience or info on these?
  15. ray.g.35

    X-lite Ultra Carbon X502

    Not the lite but grabbed a N53 today and a great feel helmet I'm always wanting a light weight helmet, but this at 1200g feels light At $245 pretty happy and a pressy from my boys for Father's Day, so it didn't cost me a cent [emoji57]