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    Hey mick. interested to know if you ended up doing something with the lights and if so what and how you find it.
  2. Tallarook - Oct 29 - level 2+

    Thanks for putting the ride on Toby. Been a long time since I’ve been out to Tallarook and enjoyed it. Good group of guys. Thanks for the company. Thanks Dazz for doing a great job sweeping and Toby for leading us around. Was a bit unfortunate to be going through the same tracks as the vinduro guys in reverse but all in all a great day out on the bikes.
  3. Any sparkies on here in Melb - Western Subs ?

    No worries. If you need anything just let me know.
  4. Any sparkies on here in Melb - Western Subs ?

    I’m in northern suburbs. Will be in hillside on Friday arvo.
  5. I think that i could do most saturday mornings. cant commit to every saturday morning but would be able to make it for most of them. if your happy to have me along let me know and ill pm you my phone number to organise. cheers
  6. Snow today.

    Was out at dissa today and snowed there as well in the morning.
  7. Tube selection

    Hey bud. I running Uhd tubes and never had had a puncture yet. Sometimes running as low as 6-7 psi. In high country I would probably be runnng a bit higher then that though. Others here may be able to guide you on this I don't do much high country stuff Iv had a tire roll off the rim from low psi but still didn't get a puncture As for spare tubes just carry the one 21 inch standard tube. It will work in 18-19 inch rear as well.
  8. NEERIM SAT 19th

    Thanks for the ride today guys. 2nd time Iv been out there and neerim hasn't disappointed yet. Thanks ripperz for putting this one together. Hopefully next time we get to complete the whole loop. Will be keeping my eye out for any future rides you put on. Thanks to the rest of you guys that made the trip out there today. Great group of guys to ride with. See you guys on the next one. Cruiser. Great write up.
  9. Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    So at how many hours do you beleive a 250f should get a top end rebuild? my 16 wrf is sitting on 75 hours at the moment and i was planning on doing it at about 100 hour mark. i know that yamaha has been having issues with parts so i have already ordered everything i need for the rebuild earlier this week. They reckon about 1-2 weeks but iv been hearing anywhere from 4-6 weeks from others.
  10. Lower seat = lower Bars ??

    Dazz. You can have a go of the 2016 wr250f next time we on a ride together. And don't worry about dropping it if you wanted to try it out on the tighter stuff I do that enough on my own already so wouldn't be any different then if it was me riding it.
  11. Rear disc guard - advice welcome

    They mount to existing brake caliper mount where the standard plastic ones mount. The force(mine is gytr but it is exactly the same, must be made by force but different branding) ones are crap imo. I was just now giving the bike A quick look over and noticed that the disk guard looked awfully close to the disk. Tried by hand to pull it away and immediately realised that the tab it mounts to on the caliper mount has been broken. Any decent side impact will push the guard towards the disk and may break the mounting tab on the caliper mount. I will now be getting one similar to micks that actually replace the caliper mount. Design seems to look a lot stronger.
  12. Whats in your riding kit?

    Pete. I also like this idea. But unless your riding with the same blokes week in week out it's to hard to organise what tools everyone should bring. Your bound to leave the one thing you need behind. I always carry as much as I think I need to get me out of a tricky situation. Id rather rely on myself and help someone if I can then have to rely on others who may or may not be able to help me in the way of tools.
  13. Lower seat = lower Bars ??

    Dazz. I have ridden behind you a few times now. I notice that you are standing most of the time. By lowering your bars will you compromise your comfort while standing?? Maybe if you can borrow a spare set of flatter bars from someone and try these before you go out wasting cash on a new set.
  14. Whats in your riding kit?

    Put your tissues in this bag. Save them from possibly getting wet while riding. The tissues are useless if they get wet.
  15. Whats in your riding kit?

    a few chain links(2 or 3) and another master link. Maybe also a chain breaker. You may need to cut a few links out use some of those spare links and join chain in 2 spots. Duct tape. Bit of tie wire Some quick steel or similar product in case you crack or put a hole in something Big ass cable ties for tieing the tire to rim. Make sure they wrap all the way around. it will get you back to the car in case you can't make repairs to tire/tube on the trail. Maybe a few little spanners. 8/10/12/14mm should be ok for the Yamaha screwdriver flat and Phillips head I also don't carry a spark plug tool but i carry a spare plug. I know a 14mm spanner will fit on my plug in case I need to get it off. And possibly a bit of old soap. Helps with putting tire back on. Rope. 3-5 meters. I tie this around my forks stays there permanently these are just some ideas. Hope they help. Ultimately it's up to you how much or little you carry. What I do is when tinkering around with the bike I try to use only the kit I carry on the trails. This way you will sooner or later find out what tools you need to make minor trailside repairs.