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  1. Yes jay. I forgot about this. The vapes are good for getting the nicotine into the body during breaks. But if you follow my dietry recomendations you probably wont need breaks.
  2. Jay, my routine is a red bull as soon as i wake up then a mighty muffin meal with a coke while im travelling to the ride, quickly followed by 3 ciggies. 1 ciggie while bike warms up and a ultimate zinger box on the way home Is my go to. Hope this helps.
  3. Just read earlier that enduro will be illegal in romania as of september 1. Apparently enduro events like romaniacs will be allowed to continue using approved routes but the scouting of new tracks will not be permitted as scouting is not considered an event in itself therfore killing the events themselves. Has anyone else heard anything or is this just ppl making up bullshit. Apparently something to do with EU laws.
  4. Nice job. Amazing transformation.
  5. @BearMX we urgently require your input on this matter please.
  6. Ok geoffro. Pm me bank details. I grab a beanie and a set of fender stickers as well.
  7. Easy. Option 1. Build a carport for the car. Keep your bike in the garage. If no room for a carport move to option 2. park it in the driveway and tell her the garage dosnt fit her car. Trick is to keep enough shit in your garage and messy enough that she wont attempt cleaning it. When she has done your head in enough to tidy it up to get her car in that you actually do it, make sure before she gets to used to it that you bring more shit home to fill it with. The bringing shit home part should be done while she is not home. This has always worked for me. You get used to the nagging pretty quick and after a few years of repeating this process shell give up.
  8. I'll grab 1 x black/orange in medium thanks.
  9. Well hopefully you don't break to many parts. All the best over there, hope you get a finishers medal and most importantly have some fun.
  10. I'm assuming these bikes are later sold off. I'd also assume there would be a lot of bikes with broken bits. Does the organiser cover this in the package or is the entrant liable to pay for any damage to the bike on top of the package price. Just curious to know how this works.
  11. 99percent


    I'd get one if they became available
  12. Don't think anyone was really comparing 350/450. It sounds to me like most of the negative comments you got were more or less relating to mx bike for enduro type riding. Like cluffie said if your a gun you will make anybike work but for the majority of us trail hacks it's just easier and more fun to have a bike already suited to the type of riding we like. It sounds as if you've already made up your mind anyway and just fishing for positives to reinforce your decision. Either way I hope you enjoy whatever bike you ride. Nothing worse then having a bike that you end up hating.
  13. Pretty sure bearmx has a 350sxf. Just ask him how much he likes it for trail riding.
  14. I thought of that to. If your stationary the mesh would fill up for sure but I was of the thinking that the airflow while moving should push it through or away. I might need to do a bit of experimenting to see if this works or not.
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