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  1. Thanks for the ride fellas. Not many kms in the end but every km took a certain level of effort and by the end i was ready to finish up for the day. Thanks dusty and hayden for putting this loop together. Will definately be venturing to that side of dissa a bit more frequently from now on.
  2. Yes jay. I forgot about this. The vapes are good for getting the nicotine into the body during breaks. But if you follow my dietry recomendations you probably wont need breaks.
  3. Jay, my routine is a red bull as soon as i wake up then a mighty muffin meal with a coke while im travelling to the ride, quickly followed by 3 ciggies. 1 ciggie while bike warms up and a ultimate zinger box on the way home Is my go to. Hope this helps.
  4. Just read earlier that enduro will be illegal in romania as of september 1. Apparently enduro events like romaniacs will be allowed to continue using approved routes but the scouting of new tracks will not be permitted as scouting is not considered an event in itself therfore killing the events themselves. Has anyone else heard anything or is this just ppl making up bullshit. Apparently something to do with EU laws.
  5. Nice job. Amazing transformation.
  6. @BearMX we urgently require your input on this matter please.
  7. Fab, maccastrewth, bearmx,tricky micky and myself headed out to dissa on a last minute wednesday ride to get 1 last ride in before the lockdown and a possible 6 weeks or more off the bikes. At about 9.30am Fabs gps took the lead and the rest of us eagerly follwed. Bearmx took an early exit a few hours in after running out of steam.(this is unlike him) The rest of us continued for another hour so before getting back to the cars for a rest and some lunch. Bearmx was there waiting for us to have a half time chat. Maccastrewth and tricky micky were contemplating calling it a day at this poin
  8. @2t4me. Yes. Conditions were great out there today. And it was bustling with 4wd and bikes everywhere. Im assuming (hoping mostly) that your going to have some fresh tracks worked into your loop for the next ride you post. Me and bushy also noticed and quickly investigated some freshies not to far from the regular meeting spot which will need further exploration in the very near future.
  9. Good to hear it was nothing serious.
  10. @Husaberg501 Was it something to do with the electrics
  11. Yes. That would be a more fitting name considering im usually leaving that place more then satisfied. It was a good ride. Thanks bushy for taking the lead. Finishing the ride just before the rain was good although it was about 2 minutes too late for husaberg 501. Poor guy had to be towed the last km or so due to his engine dying. This was the only dIssapointing part of the day. Hope you can get it sorted with not too much effort. Thanks to bushy and macca for leading and sweeping and husaberg501 for making the effort to come out.
  12. Ok geoffro. Pm me bank details. I grab a beanie and a set of fender stickers as well.
  13. Easy. Option 1. Build a carport for the car. Keep your bike in the garage. If no room for a carport move to option 2. park it in the driveway and tell her the garage dosnt fit her car. Trick is to keep enough shit in your garage and messy enough that she wont attempt cleaning it. When she has done your head in enough to tidy it up to get her car in that you actually do it, make sure before she gets to used to it that you bring more shit home to fill it with. The bringing shit home part should be done while she is not home. This has always worked for me. You get used to the nagg
  14. Thanks for leading us around for the day Roland. Nice loop you put together out there. Will definately be keen to jump on next time you post up. Think its fair to say that everyone had fun out there. Well i did anyway. Mess. awesome job sweeping.