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  1. Only thing I'm worried about is premature wear or knobs tearing off on the harder dirt (dirt roads, and dirt in trails nearby) and on transport sections on pavement. How have they been regarding these?
  2. Far out, I keep getting mixed up between soft compound and soft terrain tyres... 🥶
  3. Alright... Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'm leaning towards the GT Fatty front as I've heard a lot of praise elsewhere other than here and I'm kind of wanting to try them out and looking at either the GT GT516KE 140/80 or the Dunlops AT81 or MX53 for the rear? Not too sure on the MX33.
  4. Even with the sand riding you think go the soft? We'll be riding every so often on pure sound like out in Pt Victoria (sand dunes, some good hill climbs in the sandy stuff etc). Then with Ariel we'll be doing all types of riding really.. Check out my posts in the video section if you're curious of types of riding. Like tomorrow me and @Woody982 are going out Port Victoria again and then in two weeks we are going to Acusa Park with the Ariel club (open just for Ariel club that weekend).
  5. Yeah I want to go medium because of the normal trail riding I'll be doing to on dirt and some pavement and dirt roads too, so want it to last.
  6. Would you guys run them in front and rear or just one and another tyre in the other? Found quite a lot of people run different front and rear.
  7. Hello again everyone, I'm looking for tyre recommendations for my 300 TPI... Thinking of swapping both tyres out sometime soon. I'll be running mousse tubes in front and rear. The bike came with Motoz Enduro 6 front and Motoz Tractionator on the rear, they seem alright for my riding.... My riding is VERY varied, about the only thing I haven't ridden in yet is mud and clay, we ride in beach type sand, mallee sand, bull dust, roadside trail dirt, etc, so probably looking at intermediate tyres that are good all rounders. Looking for something that will last and has good traction and c
  8. If they're at the wreckers, I'd assume it's bashed up, or been written off... A scratch on the frame is supposedly written off, so it's not necessarily the bike itself the reason it's there. I have a 2019 300 TPI atm, at 110 hours now. Plenty more to go, I think I'll get to 500 hours in a year or two at this rate 😅🤣🤣 Although I'd likely upgrade to a newer model before then... (used)
  9. Finally got this video done, only highlights this time for the ride... Running behind (about 3 weeks behind lol) so I thought I'd just do this and get started on the Ariel trail ride just past. Enjoy! Around near Burra on private property this time, was a good time with @Woody982 and my eldest brother too. Although looking back at footage, I can't help but feel i was going slow 🤣🤣
  10. G'day all! My brother @Woody982 and I went out down Port Victoria here in SA for a ride last Saturday.... First time out there, all I can say is it was a bloody blast! Video of last Ariel ride still to come within a day or 2... (I know, I've been slack lol) I'm getting better at cutting bits out, so not so long this time. Shortest video yet 🤣🤣
  11. Yeah it's been great riding and a great experience! Never ridden with anyone outside of my family and a couple mates, been self taught kinda thing with riding too. It's good to push yourself to try and keep up, and with just two weekends worth of riding I think I've already improved quite a lot! It's definitely a nice change riding with others and with a group etc. Great group of people in the club too! Some bloody good riders in there! You'll see in about half way through the video a younger rider in there, he's fast! Faster and more skilled than me anyway for sure!
  12. Hey guys, another video from me, this time as a member of Ariel MCC and on a private property ride up at New Well. Some very good riding there! @Woody982 with me as usual on his 300 too! Also have another video from a couple weeks ago that was my first ride as an Ariel MCC member! Also on private property, very good riding there too.
  13. I think it could be the shock absorber or something (no brand on it), as I'm 81Kg fully geared which is right in the middle of the standard spring weight. 75-85Kg I believe is the standard springs weighting.
  14. The measurements on the first page were with the heavy spring in and changes in preload, I've now put the standard rear spring and standard fork springs in. With standard springs after changing spring preload in my measurements were - On stand - 643mm On Ground- 616mm Race sag - 526mm AFAIK the race sag in the book refers to the difference between having the bike on the stand and race sag not the difference between no rider and with a rider?