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  1. Yep it was hot & dusty ride well led by Greg. He showed us some nice tracks that linked well. Thanks for leading. Andy thanks for putting ride up, and sweeping copping our dust all day. other than a slight corner man mix up no real issues for the day. Good crew of guys, enjoyable ride. Thanks
  2. What a ride! Great solid small crew up for anything so I got 2 throw in a few ripper tracks to push the ride rating and distance a touch however it also added a few k’s which got Frank running on fumes by the end, but he made it back so no worries there. Really enjoyed the day. Grant, frank solid riding companions, thanks for coming. First ride with cruiser and he is up for some honourable mentions of the ride. For delivering a masterclass up c**thill but I feel it should be mentioned falling off coming back down over the log/tree at the bottom, wasn’t his fault apparently. Hijacking th
  3. Hi mate, bucket hat size seems to have dropped off first post. L for me. Cheers
  4. Thanks for organising tb and all the other crew. Had a great ride in a new spot.
  5. Black with orange bucket hat please. Large.
  6. A hat and singlet would be great, thanks
  7. Thanks Bear for answering my call and leading a great day out on the bike. Good riding, epic lunch stop! Thanks for sweeping baz. Thanks all for coming.
  8. Thanks Coggs for putting together an awesome set of trails to ride. Riding down the stream bed was the fav. Thanks to all the helpers. Ripper way to spend a public holiday!