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  1. Wombat 7th April pub run

    The old carbies don't like a fist full of throttle cold :/ I normally go on a pre ride warm up to avoid this but it got cold whilst undertaking lead duties....
  2. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Thanks guys for a great ride and putting up with my u-turns. I think some more pub rides are needed. Hats of to the guys who took the hard track up the hill! Some of whom ended up flipping their bikes - not something I'm going to try anytime soon. Hopefully there will be some videos surface soon
  3. Wombat L1+

    Great ride Andy! Was a great chilled ride to catch up with the boys. Have a blessed Easter everyone!
  4. Slide day - Broadford

    Great story dazz [emoji106] I tried speedway once as swinger on a side car. I thought it was great to start with we cleared out in front of the field and I was hanging so far out my helmet was clipping the gravel. Was all good until I couldn't pull myself up again in the straights. Safe to say no one passed us cos we were 8 foot wide [emoji23]
  5. Those push bikes are dangerous. Stick to the motorised kind - u can always throttle out of it...
  6. Level 2, Wombat East, 12/11/17

    Great ride mate! Wish I'd stuck around for the take 2... Was a bit dusty bringing up the tail. Thanks to Ian for taking up the orange mantle half way through
  7. Lal lal

    Glad you boys had fun. Sucks I couldn't join u.
  8. Stockmans rally weekend

    So it turns out I did the two loops with a broken ankle as well as bent bars. Hi-sided it just 1k from the start line. Shout out to Geoff, Al, the general and husaberg mark for your help on the weekend. Great weekend!
  9. Frankston Yamaha/ KTM

    The spare parts guy at city west yam knows his stuff. He's good to deal with
  10. Creswick East meets West

    Pric Hill - Thanks for the assistance fellas!
  11. Creswick East meets West

    Thanks for leading a great ride Scott! Here are a few highlights from the ride... I'll add another video of the hill I think we refer to as Pric Hill.
  12. Stockmans Rally

    Just measured mine using an app (not sure how accurate it is) 98db at idle at 108 above idle :/ I'll get some benefit out of a repack and taking it outside the garage... but prob not down to 94.
  13. Stockmans Rally

    On their website they talk about authorities sound level testing the bikes... is this something to worry about as I'm running a yz pipe?
  14. Spongey front brake

    Fork oil on the rotor can reduce your brakes to naught even when you pull the lever to the bar
  15. Stockmans Rally

    I'm up for this definately! Never done a rally! I'll camp sat night and maybe a ride on sat too.