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  1. Cheers mate! After posting I realised the track there had its opening day today and so going to have a ride tomorrow.
  2. Does any one ride with kids at the open track area at Lawrie Emmins reserve (not the mx track)? There are often bikes on there but not sure if it’s legit or if the cops give trouble.
  3. Thanks for putting on a great ride bear! Hope to do it again soon!
  4. So I was joined by a Chap "Floody" and we headed out with a suspect sky. Old mate's user name should have been a sign. It wasn't long before the skies opened up and we were trying to get up clay slopes which had literally torrents of water running down them - We should have changed the bikes for white water rafting. After much punishment we managed to defeat 2 hills and were on our way with water covering the track but none of this phased Floody who was keen to keep going. In the end it was the GPS which could no longer deal with the rain and heavy cloud and the best accuracy I could must
  5. The 'soft' westies were out riding Wombat in the torrential rain! I've never seen Wombat washed out like this. We were trying to ride up hills that looked like we should be going down in a raft - it would have been much easier.
  6. Go straight to the financial ombudsman. You fill out a form online in 5 mins and they have to resolve it through the ombudsman. It so much better than spending time on the phone talking to people who don't have the authority to help you anyway. You'll always get a better result through official dispute resolution than on the phone.
  7. Thanks for the great ride fellas! It was a quick pace for the wet. Every time I looked over my shoulder it seemed like someone was always there!
  8. Looking for recommendations Preferably a unit without annual subscription Looking at KTI and Spot units. The spot requires annual fees don't know about the KTI.
  9. 7 news story where police seize gopro footage and use it against the riders. Do any of you guys run passwords or pins on your video cameras?
  10. The old carbies don't like a fist full of throttle cold :/ I normally go on a pre ride warm up to avoid this but it got cold whilst undertaking lead duties....
  11. Thanks guys for a great ride and putting up with my u-turns. I think some more pub rides are needed. Hats of to the guys who took the hard track up the hill! Some of whom ended up flipping their bikes - not something I'm going to try anytime soon. Hopefully there will be some videos surface soon
  12. Great ride Andy! Was a great chilled ride to catch up with the boys. Have a blessed Easter everyone!
  13. Great story dazz [emoji106] I tried speedway once as swinger on a side car. I thought it was great to start with we cleared out in front of the field and I was hanging so far out my helmet was clipping the gravel. Was all good until I couldn't pull myself up again in the straights. Safe to say no one passed us cos we were 8 foot wide [emoji23]
  14. Those push bikes are dangerous. Stick to the motorised kind - u can always throttle out of it...
  15. Great ride mate! Wish I'd stuck around for the take 2... Was a bit dusty bringing up the tail. Thanks to Ian for taking up the orange mantle half way through