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  1. Dirt Bike Trailer

    Stop yelling lol!
  2. New rider from Sunbury VIC

    Went to BCF yesterday and grabbed the 2l hydro for $20, thanks for the tip : )
  3. New rider from Sunbury VIC

    Thanks Pete, I watched the grading video and id like to start on a lvl1 just so I don't hold anyone up whilst learning to ride on dirt. How far down should the tyres move when pushed down with your thumb? Do you know what pressure to run cause I'll get a pressure thingy. I'll get together a riding backpack with tools, water etc this weekend
  4. New rider from Sunbury VIC

    I'm actually in Diggers Rest as well. I just put down Sunbury cause no one has heard of Diggers Rest lol.
  5. New rider from Sunbury VIC

    Thanks mate sounds good, I haven't heard of TRAILZ or Wildwood I'll have to look into it.
  6. Hey guys, Just bought my first dirt bike (2010 CRF250R) after being on road bikes for a few years. Will be getting out on some tracks and learning to ride as the bike has rec/reg. Looking to join some beginner rides around my area. Cheers from Dave