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  1. Habs your description doesnt do your 1st attempt justice. I was right there when the bike whipped sideways, people approach that hill with speed but you were flying. I was thinking 'what the ****' I know they say 'you've got to commit to a hill' there was no doubt you were 100% committed!
  2. I had trouble with Swamp hill until Buzz past along his secret..
  3. That was an epic moment when Cruiser emerged out of the foliage at the top of swamp hill! You killed it!
  4. My 1st ride with Dusty had the perfect ingredients a bit of moisture in the dirt, Great group of solid riders & Chilled pace. Dusty knows the Mt well which made for a great flowing ride, he often pointed out options for riders to split off and then meet up at the next hilltop. Was great to meet some of the dirtriderz crew I’ve often seen on the forum. Awesome to ride with Marko & Cruiser again, always have a good time when they’re on. Glad we found the missing gear lever! Cheers to Marko & Magenta for letting me demo their rides. Super interesting checking out the different between bikes. Love the 250excf’s torque off idle. The 250exc is incredible, feels like a 300 to me. Well balanced ride, ktm refines each year But I’m just geeking out, when I see guys like Dann on the yz & Habs on the older 4st I’m reminded it’s 90%rider. Cheers Mr Noodle for kickin off the ride report & pics. I especially enjoyed this ride, recently I’ve been trying to figure out engine problems which put a damper on some rides...my thanks to Cluffie & Gypsy for their wisdom getting it ironed out. Great ride Dusty!
  5. hey Cluffie I should have mentioned there is no play in the shaft- (double check it again, rock solid) Contamination from dust over the summer could be the culprit. I'll proceed with installing the new seal. Thanks very much for your insight! Really appreciate your opinion.
  6. My 150xcw has been burning the gear oil out the pipe and also the gear oils has increased and gotten dirty, probably 2stroke mix is also going into the gearbox Could it be anything other than the main seal? I replaced it but because I’m an idiot I tapped it in too far (not flush with the case) which resulted in worse exchange of fluids So I’ve ordered another seal and will install flush. I saw a video where a guy put some lock tight around the edge of the seal, does anyone think it’s a good idea to ensure the seal is sealed around the edge? If there’s anything else I should explore this novice would appreciate the enlightenment Cheers
  7. hey Happy trails. I guess you name probably describes the kind of riding you want to do...but over the next year or so do you want to ride fire trails/flowing single. OR L3 sweaty single's with thick mud & rocky hills? Whats your weigh & height? Essentially your thinking to get away from the MX bike is spot on.(I had a cr250, it was harsh) You rode the 450SX, its also a MX bike, stay away form anything MX or version of bikes from the MX line..... Yamaha FX or KTM XC XC-f. Get a trail/ Enduro ride. exc exc-f wr.....etc KTM 250 exc-f you mentioned., Ask when the Valves were last checked. One telling point is if it starts immediately. A lot of good suggestions in this thread.
  8. at 14 stick with a 2stroke. You'll be able to ride the bike rather than it riding you. more fun!
  9. Hey bud. Dont buy a Mx bike. As mentioned above a 200 is good. I ride a 150xcw, it’s super easy to learn on. Decent torque. Very forgiving. The best hard enduro guys talk about being able to riding slow, balance is key Hit me up if you’re ever in Melbourne good luck
  10. Cheers Buzz for another Great day at dissa. We went on some tight trails I haven't seen before- Cheer to Brownballs! Big thanks to Crusty for capturing some of the fun….Sorry we didn’t video you Crusty, I need to take the time to video some moments, there always fun to watch!
  11. I was trying to get an ideal of how the 81's work in Aust' condition, the threads helpful. I'm getting a deal from a dealer on some 110/100 18 for $95. If anyone would like one or tow I'd be happy to grab extra. Cheers.
  12. I've been riding with Bubalu a lot recently - every single ride you step it up. Pretty cool how you & that beta get through the tough stuff.... Thank for the pic's, I should have taken the time to grab a couple...always fun to see.
  13. in the rain thats punishment, I know how Marginal Rd just keeps winding…..Well at least you were ‘flying' in your element on the tracks before you peeled off.
  14. Yeah it was warmish when pushing but a little shivery when flowing… Certainly were not hot. Wish you were there Cruiser!
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