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  1. BenG

    2018 TE 150

    hey Deb. i think I can help you have a little ride of a 250 4st & 150 2st bake to back. PM me.
  2. BenG

    Murrindindi with BenG = magic

    Thanks Marko. Yeah it is Magic out there! Awesome to see the action picts! Glad Simon & I had a chance to take you on a some trails. - your Cobaw ride was a highlight, lets look for a day in a few weeks to return there (after Aug 19th..)
  3. BenG

    KTM 150 XCW '18 Jetting

    Thanks Huski! Will keep at it.
  4. Has anyone figured the best jetting for around Victoria? I road 55km today hit reserve, used 10 litres. Float seems correct. Jetting is as per the manual recommends for Elevation 300-850meters: Air 2 turns ij30 Needle 43-74 Pos2 MJ470 Much appreciate any info!
  5. BenG

    Cobaw in search for Dakota`s tracks

    Marko. Thanks for putting on an awesome ride! Fun to see the Picts. Great landscape out there.
  6. I've got a ktm 250 xc-f 2016, I'm bringing home from the States. I'll put lighting & horn on it. Do I need a roadworthy before taking it to Vic Roads? Appreciate any help!