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  1. Yeah mine arrive today also. I was worried it would need to come from the States. I'll install tonight. Got stuff on Sat morning but will take it for a spin in the arvo. I chased my tail trying to jet my 150, particularly the pilot. The info you’ve uncovered is massive.. My Jet Block Gasket is a mess like yours. Its astounding KTM or Mikuni have not issued a recall or free replacement kit I’m sure once the jetting gets balanced I’ll be mixing my fuel richer, it concerned me that you and Cluffie were around 40:1 and I am so lean & still getting oil out the pipe. After pulling the carb' on and off for days and not getting it crisp I just surrended - Glad you have the resolve to dig deep. Appreciate you sharing the info.
  2. Thanks Mate. 'hope they have more than 2 in Australia'
  3. A lot of helpful info. Thanks for sharing it!
  4. Awesome stuff Mick! Super impressive. (oh and thanks for the JD jet block gasket tip)!!
  5. You’d have eaten it up Cruiser!
  6. The singing 200!
  7. Sometimes the conversation comes up Small Bore vs the Grunt of a Bigger Bores on hills, out yesterday this little vid gives some perspective. Yeah its a bit bias but 200 is singing.
  8. Couple of photos from the day..
  9. We headed off around 9, back to the cars after 5. At one time there was 6 of us, 3 at end. Hit all the fun stuff, been a step-up plenty of pauses before challenging section with advice from the Man. We played around on sections, Buzz would give his 2cents on what he see's, & of course we'd give each other shit. Buzz did take a stick to the eye, it looked like it was going to blowup, I thought for sure he'd be off work for a week or so... after an hour is so in typical Buzz fashion he somehow miraculously healed. The mild mannered Bubalu putting on the speed, made to the end of the day. Usually when someone hasn't been down a new track they don't know the lines and naturally take a little longer, Bubalu was rock'n it. Trying to catch him I got to see a couple of slow speed get offs too. Was great to have Mile23 along, the dude rides with heart and gives it everything. His Beta was cooked after lunch, so he emptied his hydration pack into the radiator and called it. It was a really great day.
  10. Awesome to hear Mick! Mine runs clean but still has that sponge.. When riding solo, idling in slow stuff I'll run it a lean as 70:1. Yeah I'm very curious to see how the injected runs. It would have to be notably better for me to jump. cheers!
  11. Ripper day riding with Buzz and Simon. (Super bummer for Doug to show up and bike not start!!!! after we checked the plug, spark and fuel filter..I was at my mechanical limit....made me think twice about tpi xxxx.... Best part was picking our way thru an area that was a maze of logs. At one point I looked around and couldn’t believe the web is sown. Each time I ride with Buzz I seem to find a opportunity to demonstrate my front flip over the handlebars trick, well maybe it’s not intentional. Anyway I should probably stop making a habit of doing that. OH we ran into some other riders who were excited when they realised they were in the presence of ‘The Famous Buzz.’ I waited patiently while he told dissa track stories....again Anyway glad the day worked out!
  12. The 150 teaches you a lot about manipulating the bike, kinda like how some guys buy trials bikes to develop their skills. Though there must be a reason why the Pro hard enduro crew exclusively ride 300. Having 2 bikes would be sweet. They both have terrain they're amazing on. As Cluffie noted Rider weight has to be a consideration too, for better or worse I seem to be on the shirking road so the 150 is a good fit. I have notices when the piston gets due the loss in bottom doesn't help. It'll be interesting to compare a tpi, If the difference is not significant, I'll be looking for a '19 (Light weight & simple). I have a few pipes and stuff for this Gen now... the 2020 has a sensor in the new pipe that cost $600 to replace. Awesome reading the wealth of knowledge!
  13. Hmm. Cluffie noted they left the kick start on it. I imagine they'll update the 150's starter in a year or so, it seems to follow the 250/300 updates. Be interesting if they improved is for 2020.
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