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  1. adjusting the power value you can soften the kick.
  2. Cheers Cluffie. Hey I need to pull out the Bendix as I think its slipping on its spline, because the starter turns over slow then pauses then turns slow ... Its a new starter and Ive directly connected the car battery with the same result. Do you know if the Bendix will come out without pulling the flywheel off? It heard it does with the 300 but I can't seem to wiggle it out, Wanted to check before disturbing the flywheel.
  3. stopped counting. Xmas was 300. Gearbox kinda grinds now. yeah I know it’s about time...had a beta200 demo lined up to take for couple of days last wk. was some confusion, got sold. Friday rode a xtrainer sherco300 ktm250i up the same hill. They were all fine. Nothing to run off with.
  4. I believe I need to replace/fix slipping gear on my Bendix. Just wanted to confirming I need to remove the flywheel? And to do so I should buy a flywheel puller? (I've tried a diff battery contacted directly. Its a New starter with plenty of torque but turns mover slow, pause, slow....) getting there fella's, almost ready to buy a Keihin carby
  5. Kyb. betas ship them stiff. Suspension guys like them bc there’s synch a wide tuning range. Bandi’s the expert with kyb! Excf -not enough seat time in the Bush.
  6. you prob' seen this: for what its worth....
  7. Yeah rode Crusty's new bike, has a strong hit more wild than controllable. Injection wows are only an issue for me with the 150. Cluffies thoughts on he's 300tpi go a long way. Pretty much what I wrote last time about the kyb is about all I know. Clearly KTM/WP have for a while been developing their forks, Lightness is a big plus. Looks like they've got them in a good place for '20
  8. I gather its a negative of injection, even Javis was saying in 18 his injected bike has less but he said it got better traction on hills.. Its not an issue for me on a 250/300 but is very noticeable on the smaller 150. Like Cluffy mentioned they probably went conservative on the mapping to ensure reliability for the 1st year, which I get- word spread quickly if bikes are blowing up. The 150tpi is fine thought out the reset of the rev range. Maybe I could learn to anticipate the lag & recalibrate my wrist. God knows I'd love the benefit of a always clean running motor. Jump on a Sherco300 in a steep rocky switch back, float/pivot the front wheel around, pretty amazing motor. (yes it vibrates) But hey in the end a riders abilities, fitness & determination tump this manoosha.
  9. Hey Mick. I guess your up on the difference. The main thing I noticed Riding was the 20 forks are an improvement. plush and forgiving but don’t blow through (with my weight) helpful in aggressive terrain. I rode a 20 150 injected over the weekend, it reminded me again of the suspension benefits But the poor off idle torque and Extra weight suck.
  10. Hey Riles. be great to hear your thoughts when you have a moment. Torque, weight. Suspension. cheers!
  11. Thanks very much Bear, Riles & Mick! Great to get these perspective! Ill Try all steel.
  12. Hi Guys. I've confused myself a little on the order of the clutch plates Steel vs Alloy. Is the attached diagram correct The Steel plates go where '4' depicts, the Inner 2 plates? Buzz was saying over the weekend Steel go on the outside, we're aware exc's are a different clutch design. Last time I replaced only the Alloy plates, because the fibre measured spec @ 3mm.(& Im cheap).. but I have worn through these replacement Alloy plates quickly so thinking I should replace all the plates...? The basket looks fine. Any advice is appreciated! Cheers!
  13. After my reply, I saw your Utah vid. Good to see! I was in the Western U.S The Forest Service here doesn't maintain the trails like over there. I guess thats one reason there are so many slippery obstacles here. Plus I had to learn how to ride slick mud too. Yeah see what happens.
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