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  1. BenG

    Dissa on Wednesday

    Cheers Buzz for another Great day at dissa. We went on some tight trails I haven't seen before- Cheer to Brownballs! Big thanks to Crusty for capturing some of the fun….Sorry we didn’t video you Crusty, I need to take the time to video some moments, there always fun to watch!
  2. I was trying to get an ideal of how the 81's work in Aust' condition, the threads helpful. I'm getting a deal from a dealer on some 110/100 18 for $95. If anyone would like one or tow I'd be happy to grab extra. Cheers.
  3. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    I've been riding with Bubalu a lot recently - every single ride you step it up. Pretty cool how you & that beta get through the tough stuff.... Thank for the pic's, I should have taken the time to grab a couple...always fun to see.
  4. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    in the rain thats punishment, I know how Marginal Rd just keeps winding…..Well at least you were ‘flying' in your element on the tracks before you peeled off.
  5. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    Yeah it was warmish when pushing but a little shivery when flowing… Certainly were not hot. Wish you were there Cruiser!
  6. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    its good your as hard on yourself as you are on others..
  7. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    Winter conditions in February made for a good change. A solid rain set in around noon. Most of us had well seasoned summer tires on. The ride had some challenging stuff & took more energy than recent summer rides have. Much appreciated Liam for making it & sharing some of his trail knowledge. Also was cool watching Liam ride - quite simply next level. Good to have SimonJ along, been awhile, glad it wasn’t a walk in the park, whether he admits it or not he always enjoys a massive ride. One best parts of the day is chasing Gypsy, our speeds are similar so always fun. Gypsy's front washed out on one of those slippery roots on a corner - it was great how he tucked and rolled, popped straight up and back into it. My rigid body doesn’t tuck & roll so well anymore.. ahhh. Oh & a shoutout to the Sage Cluffie - On the last ride he suggested I try rotating my Carby to reduce the loading up…who would thought that would work...
  8. BenG

    Toolangi At It’s Best

    I think you can blame your bald rear tire.......Gypsy's pushing up the mother of slick hills was pretty impressive determination.
  9. BenG

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    354 Cheers
  10. Good subject! Its always a good thing to cleanup the trail’s. I’ll just go a little off topic, can I ask if you guys think there would be any benefit to working with the Department of Environment? When the recent election was happening there were some conversations that if the proposed 'Great national forest' was to go ahead we could loose the right to ride at Diss, Toolangi,,Dindi all the way up to Eldon In the State's we had a group called Stewards of sequoia, there was also some clubs that worked with their local Head ranger & manage to keep some really good trails open all year by maintaining them. Also the Sierra club got the petrol tax dollars the dirt bikes use assigned to trail maintenance Dirtriderz (& some other clubs) have enough members to have a regional voice. It would be Clean up, prevent erosion on the trails & get some things sorted like: -A permit for under 18 year olds to ride in the bush, something like a rec license. -Recognitions for trails that aren’t on a , it would be good if these trails were legit for insurance. Anyway no big deal, thought I’d ask. Like I wrote, I'd hate something radical to occur resulting in closures with big fines….
  11. BenG

    01-02-19 Kinglake with BenG

    you know secretly Gypsy's been dying to jump on one of those Italian machine.
  12. BenG

    01-02-19 Kinglake with BenG

    Here’s a couple of quick snaps, didn’t take many, too busy having fun.
  13. BenG

    01-02-19 Kinglake with BenG

    Cheers Gypsy for the report & suggesting the ride. Summer conditions transform Kinglake, for those who’ve tried it mid winter when the conditions are painfully boggy its worth a revisit. Everyone road solid so we covered a lot of ground, the morning my brain was linking up the tracks ok, by late arvo we were into my longterm brain cells, so we were stabbing in the dark a little. I enjoy tracks like Mr Log, I usually ride it both directions & skip those those tracks around the chicken shed side. Maybe next time we’ll run the loop in reverse. Its funny how sometimes when you ride with a bunch of riders theres often one or two in particular who are either on your tail or your chasing them, it was my 2nd time riding with Magenta, there were several times when I thought I was moving swiftly, I’d pull up & there was Magenta, Impressive speed dude! Gypsy’s like a little kid, awesome how much you loves to ride, we sure have that in common bro! Leading was cool but I didn’t get to race you enough. Crusty was looking clean hopping logs. I think you should hit up Glen at the shop & let him know ‘all your riding Z mates said Glen will look at that tpi under warranty’, that'll let him know his Rep’ is on the line. Bubalu rode solid as usual! Cheers to Cluffie for sharing some jetting wisdom & finishing out the ride with me, ‘the old guys lasted’!
  14. BenG

    Mt Dissa the 'Not’ Gentlemen's Ride

    Cheers Hoff. Look who's talking, you're Mr Humble. hey I was thinking about you when posting this ride, since your the only one who attended that esteemed secondary school for the gifted called Watsonia Tech. Did you wag or attend PE on Wednesday arvo's? I was going to call the ride 'Wag Wednesday' but thought you’d be the only one who'd catch on.