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  1. Is the xc tpi map punchier than the exc for 21? Cheers
  2. not really. its down low! I just mentally knew it was there.. (150 behaves differently from when the tanks full or low. power to weight) "bring back the 200"
  3. Riding skills improved..haha no Sill dinging pipes Wasn’t happy with the fit. Every kg makes a diff on a 150 ... was just something I tried
  4. Gypsy I ran the Carapaks for awhile. It did not align very well, kinda bent it to mount. Not using it any more, you're welcome to it. Would need some reshaping for the '20 pipe.
  5. I'd be interested to hear the diff' also. Rider I had a chance to ride their '20 300 & 500 back to back, big bore 4st are not what the used to be, the 500 felt light, just a little more weight than the 300 with more bottom end, able to lug without stalling better than the 300 & obviously a lot more power overall. I liked it. I also jumped on the 300 2st, it was immediately more playful than either 4st. The 300 2st is very linear with a heavy flywheel, I kinda think on the tight track its got the best of what a 4st gives plus the best of a 2st. Anyway it'll be inte
  6. hey gents. Still need to put it through its paces...maybe this will give a bit of a 1st impression perspective .
  7. I just watch the end. Even with the ECU map it still kinda dies off idle
  8. adjusting the power value you can soften the kick.
  9. Cheers Cluffie. Hey I need to pull out the Bendix as I think its slipping on its spline, because the starter turns over slow then pauses then turns slow ... Its a new starter and Ive directly connected the car battery with the same result. Do you know if the Bendix will come out without pulling the flywheel off? It heard it does with the 300 but I can't seem to wiggle it out, Wanted to check before disturbing the flywheel.
  10. stopped counting. Xmas was 300. Gearbox kinda grinds now. yeah I know it’s about time...had a beta200 demo lined up to take for couple of days last wk. was some confusion, got sold. Friday rode a xtrainer sherco300 ktm250i up the same hill. They were all fine. Nothing to run off with.
  11. I believe I need to replace/fix slipping gear on my Bendix. Just wanted to confirming I need to remove the flywheel? And to do so I should buy a flywheel puller? (I've tried a diff battery contacted directly. Its a New starter with plenty of torque but turns mover slow, pause, slow....) getting there fella's, almost ready to buy a Keihin carby
  12. Kyb. betas ship them stiff. Suspension guys like them bc there’s synch a wide tuning range. Bandi’s the expert with kyb! Excf -not enough seat time in the Bush.