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  1. Incase any '18 150 carby owners are in the dark as I ws heres a update... Going to a 42-74 needle fixed the loading up issue. Clip 2nd from top. (tried 3 from the top = did a plug) Because it occurred during idle I was changing pilot's which did not help. For around Melbourne's local hills the 30 pilot seems to be the go during winter. Also using Motorex, It does burn the cleanest.. I lug a lot, so also I went to a cooler plug BR8EIX 5044. Anyway, maybe help any novices like me...Thanks to those who helped me!
  2. Buzz awesome to read your post- really gives perspective on how challenging it is. Running ‘52nd’ is incredible!
  3. Good on yah Buzz. Your doing Australia proud. Remember ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’ Dont let Javis intimidate you. We’re all at the pub praying for you!
  4. Right-on, 85th is great! We'll be looking out for you. Go Buzz!
  5. "thats just a scratch" but Good to see you're human- Ive seen you bounce up un scathed so many times was beginning to wonder. stick to technical stuff, slow and steady.
  6. Unfortunately The Gypsy is probably right. Unless you’re a guru like Cluffie, Carby’s are a hit and miss pain. Ive only found 1 hands-on review of the 150tpi, they do say there is more & smoother low end power. Could make for a really good combination Timid how’d you do with jetting? did you have the slide mod or swap your carb to a Klein ?
  7. i completely agree with Cluffie’s comments regarding the 150 strength and weakness As he wrote you being light weight Is key for a good match. Its interesting to see the new prices you posted I’ve been waiting to see where it would land I saw Peter Stevens selling a 19 150xcw for 10500 i think the 19 husky and ktm are similar geometry 2020 they both have new geo but the husky has a lower backend/lower seat. I’m interested in the husky Picking a new bike is tough. I’m often 2nd guessing my decision....Any opportunity I get I jump on buddies bikes.....I find it really interesting..(all bikes are awesome)... anyway if trying a 150 would help you’re welcome to demo mine . Cheers.
  8. Helpful to hear. Been trying to sort it out, Tried re jetting again. . Mix 70:1. Running motorex Arrr..
  9. Cruiser We missed you out there today!
  10. Couple of moments..
  11. Thanks heaps Toby for a ripper of a loop. Appreciate all the work you’ve done nutting it out! Was cool following you. You’ve got really good technically .skills Incredible hill climbs. Best part of the day was riding the large rocks - something different. Funniest part of the day was my bike on its side sliding down a rock face interconnected with Buzz’s bike also on its side…not seen than happen before...what a mess. Buzz as always good to go out and destroy our bikes together.. I am glad you’re working on your aggressive riding skill. Thanks for pushing me.
  12. Great you got a ride! Your question raised a lot of interesting comments. I guess its that age old question - 2st or 4 any ride is good but all things considered I think a 2st was probably the best bet. Enjoy.
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