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  1. Cheers Mick. Yeah got the ecu done. Big improvement! Runs much better. Cleaner all round. Less hesitation. (still not the same as a carby) When I ride my Carby around its very nice off idle but as mentioned before the mid range and got/suspension is very nice. Spurge out the pipe when idling around doing slow stuff... They only have a high comp head for the 150 (300 has low comp option) cheers
  2. Generally Fuel consumption is about the same as carby. I'm a goose mechanically but imho the implementation of tpi is not that great. Losing power off idle and off the top is a big compromise, its especially more noticeable on a small bore + The extra weight kinda mutes the benefits of a 150. The Mid range is Very good and usable, I think you would put that to good use! & like Ive mentioned before the linear power is nice in slippery chaos. The biggest advance of the '20+ models is the suspension improvements! Possibly a '21 with a Keihin carby would be a better bike. T
  3. hey Murdoch Riding you trail for the 2nd time was even more enjoyable, the 1st time you kinda wide eyed getting through it....I rode the 1st bit twice today, the obstacles you've left in and challenges are really fun to try to time right. It's like a trials corse. Very impressive effort!
  4. I was impressed with what I read in the description. Have contacted tsp with questions, all being well will get it done.
  5. About a year ago I heard Murdoch was working on something special. I'd ask other riders from time to time if any news on it, so it was awesome today to get to see it. I think the track should be called “Murdoch's Masterpiece”. Very impressive! Its the the type of riding I enjoy immensely, so really enjoyed the ride! The New Years Eve bbq was 1st class. Better food than I get at home & good chatting around the fire! Also good to ride with fella’s I haven’t ridden with in awhile! A ride I will not forget, Cheers Murdoch!
  6. After chasing my tail (& waiting for you to jump) I went & picked up a 150tpi with the thought I’d give it a go, if I couldn’t make it work I'd move it on. Initially I hated the tpi missing power off idle (⅛ throttle) but turning the power valve in a long way improved it. Ive also changed my throttle/clutch timing slightly to compensate. Today I rode the carby & tpi back to back. You should come by next time your over my way. Its taken me some time to begin to see the light.... The Benefit of the tpi's linear curve permits a lot of control in techy s
  7. Interesting Review Mick,, well until gets to his riding... bike seems to die like the stock one does. As far as I can tell the tsp mod improves the mid-top, not the off idle (⅛ throttle) be interested if it did fixed the tpi fluff. cheers
  8. And the big question, everyone is watching 'whats next for mick'
  9. Is the xc tpi map punchier than the exc for 21? Cheers
  10. not really. its down low! I just mentally knew it was there.. (150 behaves differently from when the tanks full or low. power to weight) "bring back the 200"
  11. Riding skills improved..haha no Sill dinging pipes Wasn’t happy with the fit. Every kg makes a diff on a 150 ... was just something I tried
  12. Gypsy I ran the Carapaks for awhile. It did not align very well, kinda bent it to mount. Not using it any more, you're welcome to it. Would need some reshaping for the '20 pipe.
  13. I'd be interested to hear the diff' also. Rider I had a chance to ride their '20 300 & 500 back to back, big bore 4st are not what the used to be, the 500 felt light, just a little more weight than the 300 with more bottom end, able to lug without stalling better than the 300 & obviously a lot more power overall. I liked it. I also jumped on the 300 2st, it was immediately more playful than either 4st. The 300 2st is very linear with a heavy flywheel, I kinda think on the tight track its got the best of what a 4st gives plus the best of a 2st. Anyway it'll be inte