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  1. I haven't been on it for a few weeks, was back on the 500 for the Don River Dash up in Bowen. Hopefully get some riding in the next few weekends
  2. I sold the stock 500 suspension with my 300, and kept my kashima coated forks ad a spare. Will drop the CC's in and see how they are . Yes they give you a 13t as well, which I'll try but I think 13/52 will be to short. Yep coolant is getting replaced with engine ice and I'd say a fan will be a coming in the future. Yeah I don't subscribe to that theory about weight forward or high bars/bar risers. In my opinion lower bars help lower centre of gravity and make a bike much easier to corner, as well as forcing your elbows up which gives a strong riding position. Plus the lower bend bars force you to bend more at hips and knees when getting in the attack position. It does take a bit to get used to but really worth it IMO. Got put onto this by Chris birch and then read more about it from some other high level riders. Makes sense as majority of pro riders including tall guys like David knight seems to run bars on the lower side of things. You still end up riding in the correct seat position and up the front of the bike, just lowers your arms and brings bars back towards you. It's worth trying if you haven't before, as it made a big difference to my riding once I made the changes. Some guys love it, some hate it, can always go back to what you run now.
  3. Just hunting through my spare gearing now and only have 49t or lower for the rear so may have to buy a sprocket, as I think 13/49 would be the same as 14/52? I just removed the inner cone from the muffler and it instantly sounds better and less restricted, will also be testing a desrestricted air box cover and air filter with screen removed to see if these are beneficial or not. Will put another few hours on the forks, I'm a bit lost a what to do with them. Not keen to dump money into them as I already have a set of kashima coated CC built forks, so may just get the shock resprung and revalved
  4. Episode 2 is out tomorrow night fellas, glad you enjoyed the first.
  5. First episode of the bike build / review on my new Gas Gas EC 350 F
  6. Thanks for getting it up, i have no idea why it wouldnt embed properly.
  7. https://youtu.be/wSz2URgOcW0 Unsure why but it won't embed in the post. Feature film of Mossmaniacs 2020
  8. Unless your racing, its not really worth it. The benefits aren't so much weight, but more freedom to move around the bike and things like that. All depends on your preference and what your use to.
  9. He was in the teams category, and got a pinch flat earlier with a tube and rode the bike to the pits, then fitted a old spare mousse. Pretty sure he cooked the bead on the way back to pits with the flat and it didnt have the strength to handle that fast corner when the mousse was fitted. They were chasing a class win, so after the flat tyre their race was basically done. We drove him back to pits to get tools and tube and he got going again after a fair while. A lot of the fast guys in teams dont bother with tools or camelbak as the lap times is only 30mins and if you have bike problems your race is essentially done.
  10. Short teaser trailer for an upcoming project on Mossman hard enduro.
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