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  1. to be honest mate I haven't really ever used the standard WP suspension setup, My first proper bike was a 350exc and it came with the WP A level suspension and I've been using them ever since. So I'm not really sure how they compare to the standard suspension.
  2. Ok thanks, i've got talon rims that suit my current forks so I shouldn't have to get different wheel bearings, but the rear shock is a bit of a bummer. thanks for the help really appreciate it
  3. Hi guys, I'm planning on buying a 2017 ktm 300exc but before I do I just want to check if my 2015 300exc trax shock will fit on it? I know that the 2017 has a new frame design but are the shocks still the same? I'm guessing that the 2015 300exc cone valve forks will work on it?
  4. The frame was a little bent around the front so good thing I did leave it. cheers
  5. Yeah all good then, it ended up selling for $7k, plus the courier fee. Way to bigger risk, thanks heaps for the help though really appreciate it.
  6. Ok great, thanks for the help mate, in your opinion do you reckon the engine would be busted? Or would there still be hope once I've done all that? I'll need full new triple clamp and front wheel, maybe forks looks like he hit a wall or something
  7. Unfortunately I don't get to start it, hence the big question will it work?
  8. Hi, i'm planning on buying a Husqvarna fe350 2017, the triple clamp bolt has snapped completely but didn't mess up the frame but the bike has been lying down on a crate for ages now and I'm just wondering if you guys reckon the engine would still be fine? Would I have to disassemble the head to get the oil out or would it be completely locked up? also does any body have a spare triple clamp that they would want to sell?
  9. They moved it up to the 11th and they may even cancel the auction, sorry about this mate.
  10. awesome, Ill have a think about it mate, the bikes end on the 27th so if i do win i'll let you know asap.
  11. it's all a big maybe mate, they will be coming from an auction so i'm not even sure if i"ll get them but i need to be prepared. If i do win them would you possibly be able to pick them up around the 27th 28th? delivery wise it doesn't really bother me it could be a week. you would need to bring straps as well. I'll keep in touch about it. as i said it's all a maybe
  12. $600 that's a new pair of sidi boots or a peewee 50
  13. Hi, i"m planning on buying some new ktm bikes ( 2017 sixday 500excf, and 2016 sixday 350excf ) from QLD and i'm just wondering if anybody would want to pick them up and bring them down to my place? it's about a 9ish hour drive I think, I would normally just get a courier but they will cost about $1500.. so if anybody wants to make an easy $600 let me know. it would be around the end of June. cheers Mike. ( I wasn't to sure where to post this hence the reason its in " sell " )
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