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  1. Cheers for the ride Roland and all the blokes that attended, loved the loop and was a great day riding. Thanks for helping get my tubliss sorted and sorry about the bike pumps if I killed em haha. Did some investigating and no puncture whatsoever and the inner tube still has 85psi in it atm, which is basically what we got into it trailside. Turns out my inflator on the air compressor is no good and is only putting out 25 psi!! With 110 in the compressor. So I'm up to roughly 100hrs on tubliss with not 1 puncture [emoji106] As Rider said shinko 525 cheater but nothing wrong it.
  2. Even Wade young needs help at times little fella.
  3. Thanks Mick for a great ride and everyone involved, you've got some great tracks out there mate!
  4. Cheers for the ride today Simmo and everyone who came. Loved it! I'll be sure to post some footage if I've got anything decent[emoji106]
  5. Cheers for the ride Fab. Really enjoyed what I got to do, was spewing about the little mishap because it cut the ride short for me!! Knees a bit tender but dont think its anything too serious [emoji106]