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  1. Thanks Nathan I could tell you we’re enjoying your self, pace went up a notch for a while there [emoji6]
  2. Thanks for the review mate was great to have you guys along!
  3. Thanks for the great feed back lads I had fun!
  4. Yep cheers again Gypsy cracking ride and good to see another side of Wombat. The weather was perfect! May favourite part was when Sabo was leading (on a four stroke) and had 4no 300 2 strokes up his clackka! It was like a heard of lions circling the 4 stoke prey! [emoji881] Thanks Mev for sweeping!
  5. Thanks for the wrap boys, it really was a ride to remember conditions were amazing and the company was excellent [emoji108]
  6. Ive asked a lot of questions about that policy seems pretty legit
  7. Youi $310 per year market value REC reg ok full comp, covered in the trailer outside the pub[emoji869]
  8. Always impressed with the quality of the tracks that Mick comes up with out at Neerim, another bloke that puts in max time and effort into his tracks. Awesome ride and great conditions the sun even made an appearance. I really enjoyed myself. Will note that my Plus 1 (Hamish) gave me the roosting of a life time mud pie right in the face [emoji37] but that’s trail riding and wouldn’t have it any other way! Big thanks to Hoff, Nasty and I think Sabo for sweeping! Cheers Mick [emoji482]
  9. And on a side note, the effort the Buzz has put into those tracks is greatly appreciated! Cheers mate!
  10. Thought as one of the last 4 blokes remaining on Buzz’s Mt Dissa ride Sat 23 jun I should make the effort to post up a report! Was a great ride width some very technical creek sections and some great hills! Hats off to the boys earlier on in the ride who I think were definitely out of there comfort zone but hung in there and made a real go if it! Best way to describe this ride is something along the lines of Romaniacs! All those creek sections I really enjoyed and everything we did had a new challenge nothing was straight forward, the type of riding that really works on your skills! B
  11. Thanks gypsy was a good ride definitely feeling it today (Sunday), it's the heat! Not to noticeable on the bike you don't realise how much it saps out of you. The beer and Parma at the blacky pub afterwards was enough to make anyone weak at the knees! [emoji39] will have to do it again after some rain [emoji299]️ great day great blokes [emoji108]