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  1. Motorepairs


    Its either 27 or 29nm..i know its one of the two
  2. Motorepairs

    KTM 300 Piston Type

    Yes mate.go a B piston
  3. Motorepairs

    TE 250 - bogging down problem

    If she's been dunked all that grits gone through ya mains and ya big end,and prob scuffed up the cylinder over could need a piston,it could need more than just a piston..check absolutely everything while its apart
  4. Motorepairs

    Brake Pads

    Genuine are second mortgage material.. any half decent sinterd pad will be fine.
  5. Motorepairs

    Thermo fan

    Id set the fan to 95
  6. Motorepairs

    Drz 400e carb

    It should be a relitave minor try get it looked at first.
  7. Motorepairs

    Bike Suspension

    I see this alot on ktm’s.just space the muffler’ll only need 2-3mm..the muffler brackets bend(there weak).and dont run crazy wide tyres.
  8. Motorepairs

    Drz 400e carb

    What do u mean by it wont play ball?
  9. Motorepairs

    2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Sold heaps of TPI models at complaints so far. i believe we have only sold the 1 carby model since the TPI models arrived
  10. Motorepairs

    Stokie fatal accident

    Shocking news.
  11. Cant put the mx rear guard on it and just fit an after market tail light to it? parts for these old huskies are just getting harder and harder to get now
  12. Motorepairs

    Sag & click

    A setting in regards to clickers?
  13. Motorepairs

    Seat step ups or humps?

    Fair enough lean towards getting a pleated seat cover from topline.humps and bumps will end up annoying you and getting in the way
  14. Motorepairs

    Tips on adjusting KTM spokes

    I think its 6.8 from memory mate..
  15. Motorepairs

    Seat step ups or humps?

    Why do you need to keep forward?