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  1. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Sold heaps of TPI models at complaints so far. i believe we have only sold the 1 carby model since the TPI models arrived
  2. Stokie fatal accident

    Shocking news.
  3. Cant put the mx rear guard on it and just fit an after market tail light to it? parts for these old huskies are just getting harder and harder to get now
  4. Sag & click

    A setting in regards to clickers?
  5. Seat step ups or humps?

    Fair enough lean towards getting a pleated seat cover from topline.humps and bumps will end up annoying you and getting in the way
  6. Tips on adjusting KTM spokes

    I think its 6.8 from memory mate..
  7. Seat step ups or humps?

    Why do you need to keep forward?
  8. Flipping a rear tyre.

    I never flip rear tyres as I find it effects my braking can flip it if you like.
  9. Ill be there,ill pay $40'for a nights entertainment anytime..bikes even more so leave the misses home,she'll get bored
  10. These are a steel basket as opposed to your honda was a cast.these steel baskets last for ever
  11. Clutch recomendations?

    ProX is a good quality alternative
  12. Beginner deciding on a trail bike

    Crf250x would be a good fit for you and they are cheap as chips,and pretty reliable.good luck
  13. What Battery

    Yeah i agree a motobatt will be more the capable
  14. Wr450f loose valve

    Nice work mate.well done
  15. Wr450f loose valve

    To be to much clearance by that much someone has shimmed it wrong!ive seen it plenty of times..did you inspect the bucket for any damage?usally the middle inlet closers up