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  1. Ah well all good, next time. Did you take the guys up Carters Track? Next year we'll need to have a go at the Vic Range Fire-line.
  2. I had a great time riding with you guys on the Saturday. I have a heap of great footage of the riding, and I hope to have an edit finished in the next week or so. I'll post it here when I'm done If anyone is ever coming up to the area and needs a bit of local knowledge, I'm always keen to head out on a ride.
  3. I ran into the guys on the Collarbone Rally on Carters Track on Saturday. Lots of local crew I ride with also - but on Saturday I was on a mountain bike. I haven't done an edit yet, but here is a few short clips from Saturday : And here is the descent. I was trying my best to beat the dirt bikes down the hill . . . I am going to sit down sometime later this week and make an edit of the footage and put it up as a public video. These are on my Youtube channel but aren't public, but I don't mind you guys passing the links on to anyone who might be pictured in the ride. Thanks also to Macca and all the gang for having me along on Sunday for that ripper blast. It was good to fire up the 2-stroke for a ride with good crew. Cheers Tori
  4. Good stuff Great pictures! Plenty of good lines to explore in there Yep for sure. Only had one ride there with Polso when I was test riding some Betas. I'm heading to the Flinders Ranges next weekend for 7-10 days riding, but I will be up for a Ballarat mission when I get back
  5. Went for a short ride with Macka yesterday; was incredible weather for it in the Grampians. Didn't take long to organise something through this forum, and he even gave me some Dirtriderz.com stickers
  6. Hey guys. Thought I'd pop on and check out the smokers lounge. I'm on a Beta 300RR. I love it; I don't even ride my 4-stroke anymore . . . Trailz - I like the look of that Husky. Where'd you get her from?
  7. Hey Macca. Yeah I reckon that sounds good. Mind if I give you a call sometime to discuss? Knee isn't too bad. Grade 2 MCL tear, but I'm still riding on it - it's healing nicely and I just make sure I use zinc tape and wear my knee brace.
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. Be good to ride with some new folks. I saw the posting for the Big Desert ride - I don't think I can make it this weekend, we were up a little north of there last weekend riding in Murray Sunset country. If things change I might try to pop over on Sunday for a short ride. Biggie: I removed the pic from my first post due to one of the stickied threads....
  9. Thanks guys. Was a great day for a blast today; went and did a couple of my favourite trails this morning. Will look forward to riding with you guys sometime in the future.
  10. Hi guys. I am relatively new to this forum; I joined a while back but this is my first post. I'm not new to dirt-biking. I grew up in the Wimmera and started riding when I was 10. Anyway; I took a long break from riding and am back into it now. I currently ride a Beta 300RR. I'm riding most weekends and often during the week. Local riding spots are : Grampians, Black Range and Little Desert. I often go exploring though and the past few weekends I was up in the Murray Sunset and the Pyrenees. I have a few local riding buddies but they can't always make it out and I tend to be riding solo a lot of the time. I'm keen to find a few other riders in the area that would like a riding buddy from time to time. Anyway hi all, this looks like a great site and community. Safe and happy trails
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