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  1. Getting there bushy ever so slow in saying that I'm hanging the boots up mate it was a very bad scary crash
  2. Hello there dirtriderz crew and members I'm actually moved into rehabilitation hospital now starting with physio feeling tiny better day by day still not allowed no weight on my broken leg but up and about with help lost all my muscle memory will come back lost a lot of weight from 80kg to now being 67kg we will get there il try keep u all posted at times very tired still take care all dirtriderz crew members that I ride with
  3. Thanks for comments to all the boys from the dirriderz crew and Egg that I am slowly getting to work out who you were Buddy even though we never rode much together so goes for all the rest of crew lives u all I hope il get thru this hurdle it wS very very scary I thought I was going to leave my young family behind
  4. Hi thete everyone i have ktm exc the fuel tank screw holes have widened up because of taking shourds out went and put a new bigger screw that was slightly longer and went thuru to the inside of the tank has anyone used epoxy glue will it work any suggestions dont really want to go buy new tank
  5. Hi there does anyone know of any very good clutch fibres and plates and springs kit need to do my clutch
  6. Power delivery very snappy in 1st gear up hills and logs thru tight single trail
  7. Hi there anyone's suggestions I want to put a 5oz flywheel weight on it to take the snappy power out of it a little 8as I cant with the yellow spring
  8. Hi there people can anyone recommend a expansion chamber aftermarket that has the same bend as factory because ive got the force all in one bashplate and exhaust protector which fits perfect with the factory expansion chamber but new factory ktm is 600 dollars was hoping someone can help
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