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  1. Thanks once again to papa bear for leading another pyrenees ride never to disappoint and pace much quicker than last time thanks to all the crew that was there until next time
  2. And what a ride tallarook you never disappoint a and Pappa bear leading and getting us around thanks once again to all the crew that was until next time for me maybe lay low for a couple of weeks let the ktm xc300 2 stroke recover 8'5 hours since full engine rebuild and spend some time with family
  3. Awesome ride thanks everyone and special thanks to bear for a great day organized and leading us into some nice tracks that the pyrenees has to offer
  4. Thanks Jay a lot for putting on the ride mate and all the rest of the crew and what an amazing terrain to explore
  5. Hi there does anyone know of any very good clutch fibres and plates and springs kit need to do my clutch
  6. Thanks boys and what a great bunch of blokes once again
  7. To all the boys thanks for the great ride excellent boys to meet and cruiser thanks for posting and organizing the ride till next time
  8. Thanks to coggs nick for organizing the the ride and once again top bunch of blokes on the next one guys
  9. Thanks to all the crew and bear and noodle for organizing bear for the leading and also the sweeps and noodle for organizing the ride and barbacue until then on the next ride have a very happy Christmas and new year
  10. Do u know what jetting set up u have
  11. Power delivery very snappy in 1st gear up hills and logs thru tight single trail
  12. Hi there anyone's suggestions I want to put a 5oz flywheel weight on it to take the snappy power out of it a little 8as I cant with the yellow spring
  13. Thanks once again to Barclay for the loop ride and good bunch of blokes
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