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  1. ktm3002t

    Australia Day. Ride the Spur and BBQ

    Thanks boys and what a great bunch of blokes once again
  2. ktm3002t

    Australia Day. Ride the Spur and BBQ

    To all the boys thanks for the great ride excellent boys to meet and cruiser thanks for posting and organizing the ride till next time
  3. ktm3002t

    Not to disappoint 30/12

    Thanks to coggs nick for organizing the the ride and once again top bunch of blokes on the next one guys
  4. ktm3002t

    dirtriderZ 2018 Christmas stacks at Tallarook

    Thanks to all the crew and bear and noodle for organizing bear for the leading and also the sweeps and noodle for organizing the ride and barbacue until then on the next ride have a very happy Christmas and new year
  5. ktm3002t

    Ktm xc 300 2stroke

    Do u know what jetting set up u have
  6. ktm3002t

    Ktm xc 300 2stroke

    Power delivery very snappy in 1st gear up hills and logs thru tight single trail
  7. Hi there anyone's suggestions I want to put a 5oz flywheel weight on it to take the snappy power out of it a little 8as I cant with the yellow spring
  8. ktm3002t

    Sailors Falls

    No buddy all good
  9. ktm3002t

    Sailors Falls

    Thanks once again to Barclay for the loop ride and good bunch of blokes
  10. ktm3002t

    Hello Sailor

    Nice loop looks different a bit more open that time boys
  11. ktm3002t

    Sailers Flows

    Thanks to all the comments on me saying well done for keeping at it awesome bunch of guys definitely doing it again good ride
  12. ktm3002t

    Sailers Flows

    Thanks to all the boys and thanks to Barclay once again organizing the loop even when I struggled at times
  13. ktm3002t

    Level 1 Ballarat 28/9.

    Good ride tom definitely doing again and thanks for posting the ride got to clean bike now still haven't washed it and try to fix rear brake master cylinder Should post up video footage if u can
  14. Thanks for the day Tom will definitely be in on your next rides as level 2