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  1. Thanks to all the boys for coming on the ride snowman for organising and riles and kmatt for sweeping duty and help thru the ride and also my crash over the massive vertical drop it could of been or turned worst than what I thought it was too late within seconds
  2. Yes dazz more than level 2 and that was me that had the off that boulder caught me out paying the price for it today she is still swollen up like a sausage
  3. Thanks for the great ride Andy and also to Kenny for the sweeping duty all day hopefully see u on the next one
  4. Once again, what a turnout, and thanks to andy 350 for organising the great ride day and the rest of all the great bunch of bloke good to make some new friends part of the dirtriderz club, and thanks so much also to trailz and lindon for leading and sweeping dutys, and Geoffro good to meet you in person and what a great Job you do for this dirtriderz forum/club once again thanks to everyone for coming and as they say on the next one boys and girls/lady's
  5. Hello dazz and were was our pm invites
  6. Thanks to Roland for your great effort of organising the loop I had to get back to the car towards the end as I was starting to struggle muscle fatigue had kicked in for specially the fact that I was crook for the past week thanking to all the rest of the crew that rode I'm so sorry for slowing down a few riders towards the end like gypsy big bear and also babalu until next one have a good Christmas and safe new year
  7. Thanks to everyone for the ride and Harry for the lead ride once again what a top top bunch of blokes and of course till next time
  8. Hi thete everyone i have ktm exc the fuel tank screw holes have widened up because of taking shourds out went and put a new bigger screw that was slightly longer and went thuru to the inside of the tank has anyone used epoxy glue will it work any suggestions dont really want to go buy new tank
  9. Once again thanks to bear and snow man for awesome ride and good bunch of blokes
  10. Thanks habs for organising the great ride and yes that was me that lost my brakes and gone so to next ride hopefully thanks to every one else what a great bunch
  11. Thanks to bear for organising the day and what a good bunch of guys till the next one
  12. Thanks to all the boys and Harry for organising the great ride loop
  13. When and where dazz I can't see on the video sorry officer lol
  14. Well done pepper jack for organising the great ride loop what a awesome crew bunch of bloke and again on the next one thanks to Ian and stinky as sweeps as well all day as they all like to call me now citrus Dave lol