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  1. Na gypsy I don't think I have, it doesn't have 2 hills beside it does it ?
  2. The wall at wombat ? Yes, perfect example of angle, not much of a wall when you look at it for the bottom
  3. Just all camera angle on that hill. I wouldn't be that bad
  4. Thanks for the ride boys, it's definitely worth the drive for a solid days riding, good job leading and sweeping buzz and gypsy both legends
  5. Never been on a flowing ride with people going off a phone. Garmin all the way in my eyes, plus with the Basecamp program it's awesome
  6. Why are you getting help pussy
  7. This isn't happen on a stache ride in the otways did it ?
  8. Thanks fab, as the day went on the tracks definitely got harder, Turned out to be a great ride
  9. Hey guys, if anyone has the JD Jetting kit instructions sheet for a 36mm keihin (2008-2016) could you plus send me a photo of the sheet ?
  10. Thinking of getting my suspension done soon, most likely be going to chads off-road. Any reviews ect ?
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