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  1. keyfinance

    ADV riding

    What did you get..? I got a SWM Superdual x. Absolutely rappt! Juat been riding it around the burbs. Can't wait to ride it out in yhe bush.
  2. keyfinance

    ADV riding

    I just sold my dirtbike and bought an ADV bike. Looking forward to getting out on it. It's like my old dirtbike, just a bit heavier and a lot more flexible.
  3. keyfinance

    Enduro coaching in Victoria

    So I did the Academy of Offroad riding course. It's a 2 day course. 1st day there were 8 of us doing the dirtbike course (2 doing adventure bikes) and the 2nd day there were 5 of us. 2 trainers. All in all I'm happy that I went. I learned a lot of basics that I need to practice. Speed will come later as long as I don't forget and get back into bad habbits. If you haven't done it I'd give it a go.
  4. keyfinance

    Enduro coaching in Victoria

    Doing the academy of offroad riding course tomorrow and Sunday. Will report back after.
  5. keyfinance

    Kinglake L2

    Those pics just do not do justice to the hill.
  6. keyfinance

    Kinglake L2

    Hey everyone. Was great to meet you all. Had an absolutely fantastic ride! Cheers. Can't wait for the next one
  7. keyfinance

    Enduro coaching in Victoria

    I've just booked for the course! Will pm you. Daniel.
  8. keyfinance

    Enduro coaching in Victoria

    I'm thinking about going along to this. Tom, are you going? Is anyone else going and would want to share a cabin?
  9. keyfinance

    Wombat winter wonderland

    Looks like it was a great ride! I was the no-show. I do apologise. I buggered up my dates, times and everything else. Worked on the bike Saturday and loaded it and everything up for what i thought was a sunday ride. I know i know, clearly says saturday. I must be working too much. If it wasn't for Fab's PM that I saw Saturday night i would have happily driven off at 6:30 Sunday morning so thanks Fab! Glad you all had a ripper time and sorry you waited on me. Daniel.
  10. keyfinance

    Rain x for plastic

    In addition this stuff might be good to spray inside the rear wheel arch to reduce mud sticking.
  11. keyfinance

    Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    Hey Fab. How's the bike doing?
  12. keyfinance

    New to me Sherco

    Hey mate. Any updates? How do you like it? How does it compare to your 350? Thinking of getting one myself. Cheers
  13. keyfinance

    07 WR450f Elec Start Problem

    I lent my bike to a mate and when I got it back it didn't start. But nearly back on! Toe fracture has healed. I need to get a new pair of boots, then will go for a very gentle ride. [emoji3] Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  14. keyfinance

    07 WR450f Elec Start Problem

    Yes! That's it! Hooked up another battery and it starts fine. Looks like the battery is cactus. Thanks! Really happy because I thought it was a starter problem! Cheers.
  15. Hey everyone. Hope someone can help. Have 07 (alloy frame) WR450. Starter has always worked and battery is good. The starter now doesn't work. When I press on the starter button, there is a loud and very quick tick-tick-tick-tick-tick noise coming from under the seat. (like when you're playing war with your friends and making a machine-gun noises with your mouth) It starts fine with the kick starter. Won't start with the electric starter cold or hot. Does the ticking thing. Can anyone help please? Cheers, Daniel