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  1. Just wanted to wish you all a safe, healthy, and exciting new year to come with plenty of riding and time with family and good friends. All the best to all
  2. Well done BenG, a lot of relieved people thanks to your efforts and local knowledge.
  3. 1 x XL Black Thanks Fro, they look great [emoji106]
  4. I’d be keen on a jacket If not, a couple of hoodies .
  5. I’d be keen’ if you get enough interest.
  6. The chance of attending this year’s ride presented itself at about 6.45am in the morning, so I quickly loaded up the bike and gear and I headed off. I Arrived at about 7.45am and was greeted by Miranda and Heidi before the rest of the L2 riders started trickling in. The 32 of us headed off in a cloud of dust which pretty much set the tone for the day. Everyone ride well and my concerns about some riders might struggle on some of the tracks were gone. One hill caught a few out and it was decided that Bear would go back and bring those who wanted too out another way. A quick regroup and we wer
  7. Got mine today, thanks heaps Geoffro they look great.
  8. Hey fro, I’m happy to keep my order. I’m sure it will still look good.
  9. I’ll get : 1 x small 1 x XL Thanks mate
  10. We had a great time at the Annual thanks to all who made it happen and to all who attended. Thanks heaps... Myself and son Liam ( aka Bob) arrived before lunch to get a bit of riding in on the property before the planned ride on the Saturday. Pit stop at Yea to get some lunch. Liam enjoying the afternoon riding.awesome trails for kids. The Saturday ride was very dusty but all made it to the lookout safely and in good spirits. Egg and myself selfie. The Saturday night started off a bit wet but by the time the raffles and silent auctions had finished, the rain decided to stop too enabling us t
  11. Welcome to Dirtriderz Tim. I’m sure you will find many new people to ride with. Check out the rider grading thread and decide which best describes your ability and jump on a ride of that level. Let us know where you’re from and or where you prefer to ride and I’m sure a possible ride will turn up for you to jump on.