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    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    What a great weekender, started mid Friday morning when I caught up with egg and Geoffro at Seymour to convoy up the Hume to Beechworth. With plenty of banter over our UHF’s , we eventually arrived and met up with Geoffyboy and Coise. As we still had a few hours before we could check into our cabins, we decided to have lunch at the iconic Beechworth Bakery and then get some much needed supplies before we settled in at the caravan park to meet and greet the other attending members. Saturday morning, most of us met up all ready to ride from the caravan park to the unloading area where the other riders were waiting for us. A quick discussion on how they wanted the day to run and we were off through the pine plantation towards our first stop at a massive cave/ mine. From here the 45 of us followed the leads through some tracks which were dusty, rocky, flowing ,with the occasional slippery bits throughout the forest surrounding Beechworth. After about 50 odd km’s, we arrived back at the park for our BBQ lunch. After lunch a few of us decided to kick back and enjoy the afternoon with a few beverages while the afternoon riders were gone. Dinner and the night time giveaways were held at the Bridge Rd Brewery which had fantastic food and atmosphere. After the festivities were over a few of us returned back to the park while others kicked on till the early hours at the pubs in Beechworth. What a great weekend away, and this just doesn’t happen without the dedication of the Admins and other members who organise everything so a big thank you to you all. Also a massive thanks to Miranda ( dirt girlie) who volunteered to help organise everything and lead the rides . Awesome job.
  8. baz450

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

  9. baz450

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    I’ll get- 1 x kids size 14 1 x adult size XL Thanks heaps mate.
  10. baz450

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Just received mine today, they look and feel awesome. Thanks heaps for organising another great batch of hoodies Geoffro.
  11. baz450

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hey Geoffro, paid.