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  1. Weekenders.

    Yep, I’ve got 7 of them. Great times indeed.
  2. Four Word Game

    To retrieve the broken
  3. Four Word Game

    At the beach swimming
  4. Tallarook Bliss

    What a great day for a ride, weather and track conditions were almost perfect with minimal dust. Firstly I would like thank Antmor for getting this ride kicked off and to Bear for offering to lead us all around. With 10 of us in tow, Bear lead us around a great mix of tracks throughout the Tallarook's without to many issues. The group flowed really well with only a couple of obstacles giving a few some problems but on the most part they all rode very well which made my job as the sweep rider a breeze. A couple of bike issues were sorted by the hands of Bear which ensured we all got back. Had an awesome day and it was great to ride with a few again and also to meet a some other dirtriderz .
  5. New to the forum

    Welcome to dirtriderz Tim, where abouts in north central vic do you live as there is a few of us who live in that region of vic.
  6. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    I'll get 1 x XL. Thanks mate.
  7. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    Looks awesome, I'll grab 1 again.
  8. Hello

    Welcome Brenden, be great to have you on a ride one day.
  9. Tallarook

    Totally agree with what Rider said, Flatrock is a better area to park as it's a lot larger but as another option try freemans. You will find there is quite a few gates/ tracks closed off up there due to seasonal closures. Still plenty of tracks to check out though.
  10. Tallarook

    Flat rock car park could be closed this time of year but about a km further on is Freemans camp area. It has a drop toilet and plenty of room to park.
  11. New rider

    Welcome, what part of the GV do you come from?
  12. dirtriderZ 7 Years Old

    Happy birthday Dirtriderz, thanks to Geoffro and all admin for running this awesome forum.
  13. I bumped into Rider a week ago at motorcycles shop at Epping.
  14. Biggie gets a smoker!

    Congrats Biggie, nice choice.