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  1. A big thank you to Andy350, Barclay, and BearMX for organizing this ride. Andy, great job in leading the group with some sightseeing along the way and to top it off, a bbq at the end. Fantastic! Barclay making sure everyone’s ok with in the group and BearMX for sweeping and technical advice. Met some new blokes including Geoffro who gave away a few goodies and Trailz who took some footage. Let us know when you post it on utube. Thanks guy’s. To summarize, Top day! Top ride! Top blokes!
  2. This was my first ever ride with dritriderz and a big thank you to bear for organizing it, had a blast, loved it. Thanks to oldfossil for sweeping and giving a few pointers. Sorry for the dust. Haha To the gents in the group, great blokes. Great day! Thanks