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  1. Stephen V

    Wombat L1+

    A big thank you to Andy350, Barclay, and BearMX for organizing this ride. Andy, great job in leading the group with some sightseeing along the way and to top it off, a bbq at the end. Fantastic! Barclay making sure everyone’s ok with in the group and BearMX for sweeping and technical advice. Met some new blokes including Geoffro who gave away a few goodies and Trailz who took some footage. Let us know when you post it on utube. Thanks guy’s. To summarize, Top day! Top ride! Top blokes!
  2. Stephen V

    Anglesea L1+ Monday 12/3

    This was my first ever ride with dritriderz and a big thank you to bear for organizing it, had a blast, loved it. Thanks to oldfossil for sweeping and giving a few pointers. Sorry for the dust. Haha To the gents in the group, great blokes. Great day! Thanks