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  1. I’m hoping the weather holds out. I would like to still go even if it’s raining as long as it’s not really bad/heavy rain
  2. Any chicks like me have small feet and find it hard the reach the foot brake lever when standing? What do you do to help? Tips? Aftermarket parts/brake tips which helped.
  3. I am unless it’s thunderstorms lol
  4. Hey Liz, Another chick rider looking for fellow riders let me know if you want to go for a ride
  5. I’m in Seza. Can’t wait.
  6. I will go wherever for a ride with the girls!
  7. Hope you were ok. I thought the armour was comfy but I have the same problem with all the men’s armour, it’s slightly too big and kids is slightly to small.
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to see thoughts on recommended accessories you must have on a new bike
  9. I read that on one of the reviews, have you stack it with the armour
  10. Just wanted to see what you thought, I tried it on the other day, still wasn’t sure
  11. I thought it was just me being picky, I thought it was tiny too. Did you see the one I think tootimid said. The fly one
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